*New partnership*

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*Ashley P.O.V*

So after the scream fest and me almost breaking my foot with jack hitting his head and shawn getting turned into the sand man here we all are wondering off 2 collect some wood and fruits and stuff...I'm paired up with JC and matt right now o yeah and Shawn ...Nydeen who I desperately begged 2 come with me chose Nash's group her excuses was they needed a brain....why she said that I don't know last I checked she is still looking for hers but oh well.....I was walking far behind in my own world till I heard rustling noises behind me so I ran and jumped on shawn's Back "WoaW there spider monkey"

"Sorry Shawn thought I heard something"

"Nah I don't mind if you wanted a piggy back ride its fine by me just don't bite me or kick ..."

"I won't I promise"

"Good I already look like the sand man don't wanna look like purple Barney 2"

We walked for a while till JC and Matt went in another direction 2 get some woods while we headed for the fruit tree

"ssssoooo about Taylor ey??!!"

"What about baboon boy"

"Do you like him"


"Are you sure you can tell me ash I won't tell anyone"

"No I don't "

"Mmm sure"

I jumped of his back "how are we can carry all this??"Shawn looked around like he is doing some instruction buildings in his head and said "We could just dump it all on Matt"..I looked down at my shirt "we could use my shirt ?"

Shawn looked shocked "WHAT"

"Relax I have a swimsuit underneath well a bikini that is we where on a cruise ship after all you know"I quickly pulled my shirt off putting all the fruit in it and tying it tight "BaBoooon is the bomb.CoM!!! there is my masterpiece "shawn looked at me strangely"You staring at me because I make milk jealous with this pale skin of mine and polar bears think I'm family while popped popcorn always sing we are family 2 me whenever I stare at them..."Shawn Quickly replied "No No its Just usually girls have these fake tans and stuff especially blonds......"

"Uhm yeah I don't wanna look like a rotten apple so I'm all good no fake tans for me" I quickly picked up my master piece and walked off but my master piece was stolen by matt who came out of nowhere but tripped because we all know my foot has a mind of its own "ill take that 'ooompf' owwww think I fell on a rock....who puts rocks in woods anyways"

"Mattttttt!what are you a wanna be ninja and they put rocks in the woods for idiots like you 2 fall on"

"I'm not any ninja Ash I'm an asian ninja!" I stared at him "uhmm yeah and I'm inlove with JC"JC came out of nowhere "thought that you love Tay...." But he quickly stop when Taylor and his group appeared he quickly replied with"Titans" I looked at him with an eyebrow raised "uhm yeah titans love those ..."Taylor went 2 walk next 2 shawn and whisper yelled"Matt is a wanna be ninja turtle"matt yelled"no I am not!!!!"I quickly got tired of walking so I remember about shawn's Earlier words so I jumped on his back on surprise but he quickly grabbed onto my tights "Taxi Shawn at your service madam BaBooon .Com" I patted him on the head "Thank you my good man but don't expect payment I only pay in violence"

"No payment required Barney doesn't need an assistant so soon "

Taylor looked at Shawn weirdly and I really dunno why but I'm to lazy 2 play investigator right now unless schooby-Doo is in town..matt appeared next 2 Shawn "shawwwwwn why don't you ever carry me around????I'm skinnier then her ??"I looked at him "sorry I take food very serious you loser and I bet its because I'm prettier and more Charming"

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