*Team Fangirls*

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*Ashley P.O.V*

JC ran to the Hotdog stand with me following I almost tripped over the stand the guy rose an Eyebrow"Young Lady I won't run away with the hotdog's Slow down"He said smiling I smiled back "Sorry I'm just so hungry..."I said "Girls and that over there is a wild hippo getting her Daily fat in....let's not be like that....."Someone said from behind I turned around a great Cake face "and that over there people are why most girls are hated ......"I said "please people love and adore and wish to be me "Cake face said...

"I don't know I would really want to run you over with an ice-Cream truck cake face get a napkin and wipe some cake of your face will ya...."I said she Glared at me "who do you think you are you low life piece of of of ....I'm so much richer then you will ever be " cake face said

"Okay whatever you say Run along now...."I said

"You know he will never love you or look at you....."Cake face said I froze "what who are you talking about....?"I asked

"Taylor ....His standards are so much higher and your not even pretty...."She said and looked at Taylor who was with a group of girls taking photos and signing things aaaw his fans ....she walked right up to face "Your worthless to him ...."That kind of hurt....I looked up to her I think I've had enough of this piece of shit cake...I pushed her she tripped and fell down "You Think breaking me down is gonna stop me from trying huh???I got news for you sister I am not someone you push around I will fight back okay so shut the Fudge up and sit the fudge down and even if he never loves me back at least I had him as a friend!!!!!! ....."I yelled Jc dropped his Hotdog while the Hotdog stand guy had popcorn whatching us where did he even get the popcorn ???Jc grabbed a handful of Popcorn I lunged at her but Jc threw the popcorn in the air holding me back she got up and Smirked she walked up to me and slowly said "He will Never Love Trash like you ..."She smiled and walked of while her minions laughed like she just told the funniest joke ever in mankind's History .... I struggled to get loose from JC "Let me go JC let go !!!!!!"I yelled "No Ash come down don't listen to her she wrong Ash Calm down ..."Jc whispered I got loose from him I was about to run after her when I was tackled to ground Jack G was ontop of me "fancy seeing you here Ash ???"Jack J said walking up to us

I glared at them "Jack and Jack please let me teach her some tricks ...."I said

"We would love you to .....but your way to mad you might kill

Her "Jack G said

"And there is no place that's save to hide a body around here "Jack J said looking around I started laughing "Okay guys you two should defiantly start acting ."I said "we do a lot of acting on the internet ...!"Jack G said he got up pulling me up by my hand then the rest of the boys came Taylor was first "What happened Ash you okay???"He asked "yeah I'm good " I said I smiled and we headed of into a mall "WoW that's so pretty "I said looking at a Cocktail dress ......"To bad you to ugly for it ....."Cake face said walking by NyNy grabbed her back by her hair o dear....."Say that Again ....."NyNy said .

"She's ugly ...."Cake face said NyNy was about to go kung fu on her when Asshead came along pushing her she fell right on her butt "did you just push a girl????" I asked I helped NyNy up where's the guys when you need them o yeah in the sports wear store leaving us here....NyNy walked up to him and he pushed her again she fell Backwards and I saw her foot twisting why are they such bullies NyNy yelp that's it I grabbed him by surprise but a group of girls joined me he fell ontop me with them all around us they started beating with signs and posters one girl even smacked him with her shoe "Leave them Alone !!!!!"They yelled I got a look at one poster "Magcon " omg they fans of the boys ........they girl with the shoe grabbed him by his feet and one of the girls grabbed his other foot dragging him of me but he grabbed my foot so they ended up dragging both of us around they started running I tried to get my foot loose they yelled "For Narnia!!!!!!!" The other girls ran infront of them while to stayed behind helping NyNy I yelled "aaah let go let go "I tried kicking him but he would let go

*Carter P.O.V*

We where busy checking out some sick shoes when a bunch of girls ran by with posters and shoes and two of them where dragging something o wait its a person is that Asshead all of us turned our head sideways wait is that "Ash???"Everybody asked the girls where dragging Asshead with Ash she tried kicking him to let go I presume.....what is she doing "Hey guys" she screamed waving when she passed the shop....Okay not even gonna ask "that girl always finds Trouble ..."Matt said "wait where is NyNy??" Nash asked just then 2 girls came up to she shop helping NyNy who was half limping "What happened and thanks for helping her girls "Nash said after NyNy told us the story Nash looked like a fire bomb we also took some Photos with the girls and NyNy invited them to spend the day with us which was awesome because I love our Fans now to find Ash then those girls ran by the shop faster with Ash ontop of Asshead and they where still dragging him Ash was Bumping a ride on his back

*Ashley P.O.V*

"Go girls Go they're coming "I yelled then the 4 Securities ran behind us "Catch this HaH!!!"The one yelled throwing a shoe at them it hit the one right in the face "Goal!!"We all yelled and I gave her a high five I looked behind us and after the securities came Hayes Cam Matt Taylor and Jack and Jack "we are coming to save you girls Ash jump of the douche and girls let go..."Cam yelled people around us started staring one girl even dropped her ice-Cream while one boy yelled "Wicked dude's this mall is the shit!!!!" I jumped off tripping I fell face first omg that hurts a security was about to tackle me but Taylor Tackled him there where only five girls so each boy grabbed a girl and Taylor grabbed me and we all sped of like Turbo!!!!o yeah this day just got fun I love fangirls what am I talking about I am in the fangirl club from on Go team Fangirls!!!!!

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