Scary what ....Part 1

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Shawn p.o.v

"Okay okay I will tell you please put me down I swear I will tell you everything"the security guy begged "are you sure you will love " Jack G asked "Yes Yes please I beg you !" He begged again the Jack's turned to the rest of us ..."Boys???"Jack J asked we all shook our heads pretending like we didn't know if we wanted the poor soul to go yet "I don't know I mean how many times did you and your girlfriends throw us into carrots office ...."Matt asked him "I di...wait who is Carrot???"The security asked confused "your boss duh even I got that one"Hayes said looking proud so let's fill you guys in at this very moment the Jack's has this poor soul hanging from the ship making him spill the beans where Ash and Tay is and well he is spilling the beans so far..."Okay wateva they at the lower section of the ship like the lowest creepiest part but only securities are allowed in there they made it so creepy that well it is creepy some say that ...that part of the shit is haunted man some crazy shiz ...."We all looked at him bored "okay ill take you there ..." He said "that's the spirit..."Jc said the Jacks pulled him up but he slipped and drowned ...kidding kidding he made it up he gasped for air and fell on the ground "Land !" He yelled "uh no man that's ship..."Carter said "well that was fun now let's go "Aaron said dragging the security...let's call him Jeff by the collar .... NyNy jumped on Nash's Back...."Let's go donkey...."She yelled Nash pulled a face "feeling the love ..."He said walking with NyNy we all followed behind then a big looking guy stopped us ..."Where are yall taking this man bro's this ain't cool picking on securities nah man nah " he said acting all gansta like Jack g cracked his knuckles I held him back and gave a fake smile to mister cheese cake "look sure we are in a very bad mood and if you want to taste ya own knuckles please continue because I will shove your knuckles so far up your behind you will taste them and so will your ancestors ...."I said....the guy froze "I'm kidding man kidding yall continue now...." He said and ran off "wow shawn you sure are scary..."NyNy said I shrugged ....we pushed past people "move !!!!"JC yelled because at some point we got stuck in the middle "O my !!!!"Matt yelled "are you people zombies !!?"Hayes yelled then the old couple bumped into us "kidsssss!"The old lady yelled we all greeted her and the old man "so what's up with all the frozen people ?"I asked "well dear they making an announcement or something...."She said then we heard a voice "Attention all passengers ...."
"Please don't tell me we sinking like titanic ...."Cam said looking scared..
"We will be finding some land soon because..."
"What are we pirates now ..."Nash said
"Maybe we will find treasure"matt said excited
"We are having some problems but its nothing to serious so no need to panic ..."
"Defiantly sounds like we need to panic ..."Cam said people around us heard Cam's comment and turned 2 us looking really scared now
"As soon as we find land we will fix it ...."
"Let's hope they don't break it "Matt said
"So please stay calm thank you ...."
"When you asked us to stay calm doesn't he think that its a sign we should be going crazy ...."Nash said jeff turned to Nash "Man I don't mean to freak you guys out but this doesn't sound good ..."Jeff said"Listen here Jeff if this boat sinks you going down with us even if it means drowning we will find our friends ..."I said he shook his head "my names not jeff its Jeffrey.. "He said "I DON'T. CARE JEFF !!!!!!" Matt yelled "fine let's just hurry " jeff said we followed him ....
*Part 1 of scary what?*
Still Shaws P.O.V (saxy thing )
We are nearly at the lowest part of the ship and we've been getting weird looks because at some point jeff tried 2 escape and JC is pulling him at his feet at this moment "I'm sorry !!!" Jeff yelled "I don't care you insensitive D..i don't even run like that at home accept if I see the ice-cream truck.... "Jc yelled and he dragged him harder "Ouch!take a left here" Jeff yelled Jc turned the corner extra fast making Jeff hit is head "can you be any more violent...."Jeff asked "I wouldn't say that if I where you"I said Jeff looked at me scared "wait wait guys where the hell is Cam and Matt" Aaron asked we all looked around the we heard a girl scream o wait that was Jeff then we followed his eyes and there came a running Cam and Matt looking Pale "run everybody run " Cam yelled officially we didn't run and stood there being the badasses we are then from the corner we saw something emerging like it had white hair "woa bad hair day...."Hayes said then the thing looked at him and Hayes screamed like a girl and pointed at Nash "he said it not me " Hayes said and ran off "wonder who invited jack frost ugly niece..."Carter said "well every man for himself"JC said and threw Jeff's feet down"no no don't leave me"Jeff yelled"sorry Jeff...."We yelled and we where off
*20 min later*
"How many corners does this ship have !!!"Aaron yelled "where did you find bad hair day???"JC yelled to Cam and Matt "in a corner !" Matt yelled while the jack's yelled "wtf...?"
"No we are serious look okay we got separated from you guys while we where arguing about Matt's face and my face....and then we saw this thing in the corner and Matt started yelling at what a bad hair day it must be having and how terrible this things fashion sense was and when it turned around we both almost pooped our pants we did the best we could....... we ran..."Cam said in a fast tone "seriously you guys couldn't just leave it alone ...."Nash said .."Guys look a door wait lots of doors what is this I need my lawyer now this is madness and that niece of jack frost I'm taking her ass to court....."Carter yelled

*Ash P.O.V*
After I said yes to Tay me and him well we have been trying 2 find a way out of here ...but we had no luck I pretend to faint "this is so hard why would they lock us up in this creepy room anyways ..." I said Tay fell down on top of me "I don't know and it so dam cold in here not that I'm freezing but you can feel it .... !"Tay said we heard yelling something about a ass to court .."Is that .."Tay said but I interrupted him and threw him off me "Carter in here !!!!!"I yelled banging the door ...then Tay joined me "Bro its us !!!!" Tay yelled
"Aaah this door knows my name " Carter screamed like a girl we heard more footsteps "what do you mean it knows your name ..."Aaron asked "Aaron I am you're father..."Tay said making a tick voice and we heard Aaron scream 2 "it knows me to " then we heard a smacking sound "idiots ..."Shawn said "OMG SHAWN!!!" I screamed "Ash and Tay guys step away from the door please....Jacks do the honors"Shawn said and Aaron yelled "Father no....."And in no time the door was busted open by the Jacks I jumped on both them kissing they're cheeks "about time !!!" Taylor said
"get in get in fix the door or make an invisible shield do something !!!!!!!!"Matt yelled pushing everyone inside the room and in a flash there was a figure at the door frame with white hair ...."Talk about looking old ..."I said and it looked right at me I shrugged "no need for the look she was just stating the truth "Tay said the thing sized us all up and it was kind off freaky so we all screamed and Hayes started saying something like "I can't hold it I'm to scared ..." And we all heard a Fart "Hayes eeeewww" we all yelled and the thing looked liked it was just shot or something it literally ran away like a scared girl ...we even heard a loud squeak as it probably turned the corner"Well I always knew your farts would be handy someday..."Nash said and everybody gave has a group hug "we love you Hayes ..."Carter had tears in his eyes
"you okay???"Hayes asked "no the smell I can't see next time please look at who is behind you on they're knee fixing they're shoes ....I felt it and tasted it man ...."Carter said crying "who fixes they're shoes in a time like this !"Aaron said "well obviously me I want to run with swag not blehb ...okay .."Carter said "what's blehb"NyNy asked "someone with bad taste of style ..."Carter said "o you mean like whitey ..."Matt said

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