*Hayes Force Field*

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*Ashley P.O.V*

*ToooooooT*"HAYES "everybody yelled and jumped up from they're amazing sleep "Dammit Hayes We talked about this"Nash said"No farting when we are all here couldn't you go behind the bushes "he said again

"ewwww ewww ewwww I need detol or soap omg now I have Hayes stink all over me "Cameron said

"it wasn't me you guys I swear "Carter slapped him and said "Liar I felt that fart like a dammmm earthquake"

"I didn't do it" I lazying got up pulled Taylor of me "Okay Okay Hayes are you guilty ????!" I asked "No" he yelled while everybody yelled "yes" I looked at Hayes and he really looked innocent "guys let's just go back to sleep please "Taylor begged half asleep Hayes went to lay next to Taylor "don't fart or I will damaged you"Taylor warned "won't ..." We all went back to sleep Taylor slowly moved towards me but he was moving to slow for my liking so I pulled him to me I heard a chuckle from him .........Nash got up stepping on me on purposes and wiggled his eyebrows "is getting hot in here .....wait what's that omg I am going crazy that's one big cloud or shark or if we lucky it could be a Burger ...."We all ignored Nash..."Guys I mean it something is out there omg its a fairy aaaaaah no no tinker bell is here guysssss!"

Taylor groaned from behind me "shut your mouth Nash or I will be kicking your ass to Nashville.....okay !!!!"Taylor said

Nash started screaming like a girl "she's moving closer guys!!!!!!!!!Guys Come on stand up we have to all stand together and scare her away in one force we could use Hayes awesome ability to fart as a force field for protection for all we know she has a entire fairy army behind her"

Hayes yelled "what?????Noooo Nash go to sleep"

"Nooooo you guys just loook"

matt yelled "omg" before he got up then there was a Gasp "Hayes Hayes Bro get your Fart force field ready now omg someone make him fart hurry"

Taylor got very frustrated next to me then got up and said "That's it I'm beating both you asses up and then I'm feeding you to that shark that's waiting out there with his spices ready to have a barbecue"he walked up to them about to slap them but stopped "Guys there really is something there get up "we all jumped up and I of course tripped but Taylor grabbed me quick I looked and sure enough there was something then JC yelled "Its a Ship guys look"

"Everybody make noise "Jack G yelled we all screamed and jumped up and down running Matt even broke down into a song "we are here we are here"he sang

Soon enough the light moved towards us "yessssss" we all yelled all of us quickly grabbed our belongings and stuff we got ........we got the old man and lady she grabbed all of her new babies that poor Taylor had to drag all the way here....it was already early morning so the sun was coming up we all got everything and made sure we didn't leave anyone behind and we waited we all sat on the beach waiting.....and Waiting ....."Dayummm its slow ...."Carter Complained

"I know right my grandma moves faster then that "Jack J said the old lady smacked him "Grandma and Grandpa next to you "

"Ooops "Jack J said

"Hurry your asses up man Gosh bunch of snails I want food!!!"I yelled what I'm hungry...


2 hours later

"Well ...."NyNy said but then the ship finally reached the shore I got up storming to the 'Captain' "YoU!!" He looked Frightened "Me" he asked

"Yessss you let us out here for days!!!!and we had to go all savior camp on this paradise!!!!!!what type of Captain does that ...."I was gonna Continue but Nyny beat me to it "your are selfish and unbelievable you big oak if pirates had you as they're Captain they'd be goner's in no time "

the boys all started yelling not so very nice words to the Captain he held his hand up everybody went silent but Hayes walked up to him "I wanna fart you away so bad right now but my ass won't allow that"and the old lady threw a coconut at him "beat his as my baby" he looked frightened now "okay okay ladies and Gentleman and uhhhhm Coconuts I am truly sorry for what happened it was a very big mistake and I assure you it was never meant to happen dew to this you all get V.I.P rooms and the rest of the cruise will be free and Anything that is include in the cruise ...."

We all gave him poker faces the old lady pushed him out of the way "blah blah get out of our way someone show us our rooms!!"She said

"Yes madam right guys show them they're rooms .....have a wonderful morning sleep "the Captain said we all pushed past him Cameron bumped him in the water "ooops mate watch out for Shark tale down there "the Captain scrambled out of the water while everybody looked around scared around the captain ...

We all got taken took our rooms our rooms was on the top floor the boys room was across ours we got this entire Top floor to ourselves since it was way to expensive for anyone to afford "whàt about about our stuff??" Nash asked

"We moved everything into your new room sir "

"Ooh thanks "we all went into our rooms while Nash and NynY had a quick face eating contest.....

I walked into the room but was so shocked it was like an entire house I started squealing "omg omg omg no way aaaaah" NyNy came running in but she Gasped "Holy mother of cheese balls wow!" The guy that walked us here came in "we gave you lady's the smaller part of the VIP house as we like to call it since the boys are way more then you girls and the old couple got the Corner of the V.I.P floor or House as we call it "he smiled and left after explaining everything and jazz like that after he left I ran for the Kitchen "omg foood I missed you my love "I quickly made me and NyNy something to eat but she hit the shower and walked into to the kitchen "I'm heading to Nash Byeeeeee my love " fine ill just eat the whores food then......


Its been two hours I have showered dressed and now was laying like a dead fish upside down on the couch watching TV ...."Aaaah screw this" I turned the tv of heading to the boys room I burst threw the Door "Hands in the air and Give me all your hair "I spoke in a mans voice matt who was so into the movie they where watching yelled "aaaaah take it all don't shoot I'm innocent Hayes fart man fart the Burglar is here use your force field"I jumped on to matt "your hairs mine"

"Aaaah oh its you Ash Taylor is in his room"

"Uhhhhm I wasn't lookinG for Tarzan"

"Mmmm sure you weren't "Jc said coming out of Nowhere I gave him a glare "I told you I don't like him"

"Keep telling yourself that "Shawn said coming out of the kitchen with popcorn "you shouldn't have " I grabbed the popcorn from him sitting on the couch "so ash wanna join our lazy day just watching movies all day "shawn asked "yesssssss"

All the guys came including NyNy and cameron sat down next to me but matt kicked him and dragged him to another couch Taylor came out of his room looking so gorgeous............he walked up to me and sat right next me grabbing the popcorn he whispered"close your mouth princes you might catch some flies or some of Hayes's stink...."


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