*Bunch of girls*Part 2 *

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*Ashley P.O.V*

I walked up to the guys who where still on the floor "Jack G man I don't think you hit them Hard enough bro ..."Jack J said "yeah man these girls needs some spanking "Taylor said smirking

I was in front of them both when one of them grabbed my ankle tripping me I hit face first on the hallway carpet then they sprinted of Jack G took the bat throwing it at them it hit the one's leg but he kept running half limping Taylor Came out of the room throwing a shoe at them it hit the one that tripped me right on the head "Hell yeah !!!"Taylor yelled while the guy yelled "whata hell dude shoes are flying at us ???"The other one replied with "Get up idiot !!!"

They sprinted of then Cam yelled "Get Them " all of us sprinted of after them in Pajamas and all like they gonna get away with trying to prank us oh hell no....we all ran after them we entered another floor when there was a trash can wait why is there a trash can???they knocked over the trash can and I tripped over it these Carpets are loving me tonight ...Cam helped me up Taylor took the trash can taking it Back a bit then it looked like he was playing Bowling with it and he launched it at them they ended up falling Backwards "SCORE"the boys yelled those minions groaned in pain but they got up again running of we followed them again they made a left turn into a room we entered it to the lights where of just when we entered we Heard the guy yell" I got the girl man I got her "wait I'm the girl he doesn't have me maybe he has a statue there "Guess again.... "Jack J said then the guy replied "O Shit" I heard a'Ooompft' and Jack J said "O yeah next time make sure its the girl you grab idiot "

I felt someone grab me "o but I got the girl " o great minion number 2 has me "Let go you pig ...."I said kicking "no can do ..." But then I felt the guy let go "dude you guys messed with the wrong people "Cam said

"Ooow oooW wtf you guys have night vision or some shit "the guy yelled "no we are werewolf's ......"Jack G said I saw a dark figure approaching me I tried to grab something then I felt an arm "who is this" I asked "Its Jack G Ash ...."Jack G said "okay great there's another figure in here "I whispered Jack G pushed me behind him but the figure was tackled to the ground "you guys are stupid getting Back up..."Taylor said and he pulled onto the guys arm "aaaaaaah"the guy yelled the guy got Taylor of him then he approached us again I felt around for something and I threw everything I can find at him ......wow this is heavy I picked the heavy crap up but as soon as I picked it up I dropped it this was way to heavy when it hit the floor I heard "OMG aaaaaaah she dropped a weight on my foot .....Help me omg you Fatass" he yelled at me uhm excuse me I took another weight "oh no no I'm sorry I'm sorry okay I'm sorry "he begged I was pushed to the ground and they lifted the weight of him and sprinted out of the room and soon we where up following again ....they sprinted to the pool and we entered the pool area one of the 3 minions slipped over the wet tiles" what a idiot "Jack G yelled they ran to the other side of the pool and we where on the opposite side of them "HaH now you Ugly's Can't reach us "the one yelled "yeah that's right now you can't do no shit ..."The other one yelled to I looked beside me wait where's Cam the boys all wore smirks "are you uneducated idiots sure!?"Jack J asked then out of nowhere Cam tackled all three of them into the pool ...."Whooohoo go Cam its your birthday....."I yelled and clapped but then the guys grabbed Cam but all the boys jumped in Helping Cam I was about to jump in when Taylor warned me "you better stay right there Ash...."

The one guy took Taylor dipping his head in the pool like hell no I jumped in onto the guys Back and pulling his Hair he screamed like a Girl Taylor got up the guy was about to hit me onto the pool wall when Taylor Grabbed us back the boy Ducked under water with me still Clinging to him Taylor pulled me up forcing me to let go the boy got up and got out of the pool while the other boys got loose from the guys to and they sprinted after the idiot I looked into my Hand "No way I got some of his hair!!!if I get more I can make a hat??? "I yelled we got out the pool I threw the hair on the ground and we sprinted after those minions again they ran up to the deck .....Aaron stopped us all "Wait that awesome security is up there guys let's let him handle them" Aaron said "besides we have been at this for a while guys we will get them one way or another but right now I'm hungry ......."Cam said we all nodded and headed off now to find the room again......

*Hayes P.O.V*

I felt something slide up my leg wow someone has big hands o no wait long ones ....."Guys stop it !!!" I said then the sliding went to my bum what that's a bit private who would slide they're hands up my bum...."Hey Hey guys that's very uncomfortable"I said then I heard Carter scream like a girl"Hayes Wtf is that aaaaaaaaah" I jumped of my bed holy shit a snake slid down my pants I screamed very loud with Carter joining me I jumped onto his bed holding onto him for dear life the snake approached us and we ran out of the room still screaming and we jumped onto the coffee table Shawn woke up but when he saw the snake his eyes where as big as watermelons and he jumped onto the Table with us we where jumping up and down like girls and screaming then JC and Matt came out but when they saw the snake the ran back into they're room with Matt yelling "call 911 the snakes breaking in !!" We heard them locking they're door then Nash and NyNy came out of they're room when they saw the snake NyNy yelled "snakes on the ship aaaah no !!!I'd rather be in titanic not a Horror movie !!!"

Then Nash yelled "we will be Jack and Rose aaaaah"NyNy jumped onto Nash Yelling and Nash screamed like a girl running with NyNy back into they're room and we heard the door getting locked and then Nash yelled"Help me move those in front of the door !!!"We all started to freak out when the snake came closer "Be gone you evil thing "Carter yelled it past us slide under Jc and Matt's door then we heard ear bleeding screams and we heard jumping noises then they're door bursted open and they joined us on the table the snake came out then it slid under Nash's door room we heard Screams again and stuff Falling and then Nash and NyNy fell throw the door and jumped on the table "don't eat us please !!!!"I yelled we all screamed as it got closer and Closer then the door burst open "wata Snake.... "Aaron said "what are you guys dancing on the table for???"Cam asked

"Why do you look like your gonna piss your pants ???"Jack G asked Jack J stared laughing taking photo's while Cam took a video and Taylor scrolled up to the snake picking it up we all screamed when he moved closer and we ended up falling of the table Ash burst out Laughing so Hard with the rest of the idiots at the door and Taylor picked up the phone "Uhmm Hi I'm calling from the VIP room I'd like to report a snake breaking in ......."He hang up in a few seconds time there was a knock and a security stood there Taylor Gave him the snake and he took it Apologizing and walking of....a snake touched my Bum.......

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