*feeling like rose *

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*JC P.O.V*

We are walking up to our room with Taylor still carrying Ash and we are still quite far from it since we where way down below so this is gonna be a walk I'm already tired I seriously need to gym more or just run more often pssst yeah right only place ill be running is to the kitchen and the takeaways store kind of think of it omg I miss Mc Donalds ..."Isn't there any Elevators???"NYNY asked "isn't there a Mc Donalds somewhere???" I asked then all the boys ran up to us "What's up Losers"Matt asked "do I know you? "I asked

"You should because your mother does .."Matt said I gave him the poker Face "yeah wat ever Matt"we all walked down the halls til Jack J broke the silence "Uhhhm Carter you said there is no Jack's on the ship earlier dude when your best friends with two jack's where's your brains o wait your still looking for those ???"Carter looked at him weirdly "yeah but there's no Rose do any of you two retards run around like happy inlove unicorns with a Rose ????no you don't even have Girlfriends and to me Jack is the handsome one on the ship and sadly you two lack in the handsome Category so end of discussion losers....." Carter looked between them

"What if I knew a Rose ???"Jack G said

"O you mean the one in your mothers Garden???doesn't count Jack...."Carter Replied

"I still think that tunnel idea is awesome though"Hayes said

"OMG No not again Hayes please"Nash said

"Hey Taylor want me 2 take over ???"Shawn asked "uhm no no I'm good"Taylor said

"You sure man I mean if she gets heavy I won't mind at all"Shawn said again "I'll let you know when she does "Taylor said and smiled at Shawn

"You know Carter I might have a Rose in my pocket for all that you know "Jack J said

"I don't care it doesn't count you don't count as Jack from titanic okay !"Carter said

"What if we want to count ???l"Jack G asked

"What are you guys kidding me you guys will let poor Rose go into suicide ..."Carter said

"Your right I would push her of the ship on the romantic flying scene then I would vine it because ain't nobody got time for that ....."Jack G said "and on her attempt of jumping of the ship I'd push her of and I'd throw her shoes of yelling 'you forgot the shoes hoe'"Jack J said

"Remind me to keep the girls away from you two "NyNy said "sure thing "they both said

"Uhhhm Taylor ???"Ash mumbled

"Yeah!?"He asked

"Can I like uhhhm walk please I'm awake now"she asked blushing

"Uhm yeah yeah of course "Taylor said putting her down slowly


*Ashley P.O.V*

Taylor put me down slowly and I tripped a few times but that's a normal routine for me "uhm guys I think we are lost "Cam said we all looked around yap we are so lost this is a new floor to us..."Wait there's stairs"Aaron said and we all walked up the stairs and we reached the deck and the night sky with the stars wow this is so beautiful"Wow"everybody said

"Who wants to be my Rose ???"Jack J asked

"Not me these are new shoes"Aaron said

"How about being my Rose "Jack g asked grabbing Aaron's Hand "no thank you I am in no need of flying lessons I like walking actually..."Aaron said grabbing his hand back

Then matt started singing "every night in my dreams ...."

"Matt"Shawn said

"Omg nooooo my ears"Nash yeLled

"Some one push him of "Cam said

"Stop it "Hayes said

"My gosh someone hand me frozen tomatoes "I said matt stopped

Singing "why frozen???"He asked

"Easy then it will hurt you more...."I said And shrugged I walked to the end of the ship with the boys following "WoaW that's high...like really high"Hayes said "I know right like dayyuuum"Carter said I moved backwards but I collided into a wall wait what I heard a throat clear "aaaaaah that's one big guy I'm not taking him on .....ill take my chances with jumping"Matt yelled "Relax kids just your not suppose to be out here ...."The big guy said "sorry we kinda got lost and well we wanted to feel like rose "Taylor said "sure you did ...Now I'm not gonna tell mister grumpy pants I saw you kids here okay bit you got to go ..."He said smiling he is so nice for a security "I like you we should be friends"I said

"Wait who is grumpy!!?"Cam asked

"Mister Head of security"he said

"O you mean headshit o we know him...."I said

"Very very well "JC added

"I have heard of you reckless bunch but you don't seem reckless since blondie was singing a love song ....but you need to go before someone sees and then you be cleaning the entire ship not just parts " He said

"Don't need to tell us twice "Jc said

"O and by the way the elevators on the left turn "he said winking and walking away....


We headed of to the elevator and all got in the old lady and man joined us they are everywhere ????"Hey kids "the old man smiled brightly "hey sir" we all said it was silence till the old lady said "I can't believe it the Captain treats us like celebrities while that coconut brain thinks he is the boss my handbag wants to taste him so bad"she said well I think she's warming up to us ..."Yeah I know right his a douche ...."Cam said we got to our floor and got out the old lady actually hugged us al we where all so shocked I swear all our eyes wanted to pop out I was about to go to our room when I was throw over a shoulder "whata who is this?!"I asked

"Its your Hero..."

"Omg Thor no ways you finally here for me with your sexy hammer and that body like...."

"No its me Nash...your sleeping over ......"He said

"O and who made you the boss of me ???"I asked

"NyNy did she send me to do this "he said walking in they're room/House dumping me on the couch "aaah yes thank you!!!! I love you couch you sexy thang let's sleep..."I said but JC sat ontop of my back "uhmmmm no your not sleeping on the couch.......you are sharing a room with....."He looked a round NyNy spoke up "well she is my best friend so she is coming with me into nash room ....."

"Please no dirty business while I'm in there okay you two "I pointed at them I walked into nash's room to be greeted by two double beds ???"Who's the other monkey" I yeLled

"That would be me "someone whispered in my ear I turned around aah great Taylor....."So ...."I said but NynY pushed me into the door followed by Nash "We are making a Family bed !!!!"Nash yelled looking way to excited him and NyNy got the fam bed ready while I went to our room getting pajamas and stuff I came back saw Matt on the floor I walked right over him"your Carpets are way to Comfy" I said "ASH"Matt yelled

"Ooops bye "I yelled run into Nash's Room

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