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*Ashley P.O.V*

"This is ridiculous really I swear Paris Hilton is laughing at us now..."NYNY said we are currently cleaning dishes and washing floors and all the dirty work around the dinning hall and afterwards we got told to clean the pools to and if that's not the worst part we have to wash the toilets to ....I'm already looking for a paper bag to throw up in o wait ill use the sink .....the boys of course are getting all the dirty dishes from the tables and stuff and mopping the floors "eeeew ewwww ewwww for rich people they are pigs I tell you bloody pigs"Matt said tapping me on my butt and walking by "Matt !!!" I yelled ..."Ooopsies hand slipped "he said and went out of the kitchen did I forget to mention we also have to clean the so called wine cellar all at night since 90 % of the boats already sleeping and the rest are in the so called Ball room so that gives us more space to do the dirty work .....how nice

"Aaaaaagh get it off you never know if a alien had it in his mouth"Hayes came in running to the kitchen with a wait is that a underwear "Hayes why would a Alien have a underwear in his mouth ..."Nash asked looking bored "you never know they might have a thing for undies dudes undies!! "Hayes yelled running right into a stove

"How did that get there "Hayes asked Nash looked super bored now "it flew "

"Oh shut up trash Nash...."Hayes said

Nash came up behind Nyny wrapping his arms around her waist and whispering in her ear here we go again "Okay you know what here !"I threw Nash with the sponge "you do this with your girlfriend before I puke in the sink" I stomped of out of the kitchen but as soon as I set a foot out the door I slipped "owwww"

"Omg Ash so so sorry that was meant for Nash...."Cam said "its okay no biggie "I said Cam. Came and helped me up "this is one Huge dinning hall to clean...."I said "I agree we haven't even cleaned half of it" Cam said I walked around searching for any dirty things ....*Smack* I yelped as something smacked my ass "Matt!!!!"I yelled "No guess again princes!"

"Taylor wait are you..."*Smack*i turned around and Taylor stood there with a wet towel ....

"O you little" he sprinted off with me following behind put he glided over the floor so I put my breaks on moving backwards and running and I glided smoothly over the floor and soon I caught up to him but I heard"Hey I just cleaned that I hope you fall on your ass and break it "Carter yelled I turned around to smiled innocently "wait ash no watch out !!" I turned back around omg I'm heading for the wall "How do I stop mayday mayday heading for a wall fill force mayday I repeat mayday!!! "I closed my eyes waiting for impact I would totally make a great captain I tell you......wait where's the impact I opened my eyes and I was ontop of Taylor "well I should use Mayday more often....."I said

He smirked but I was pulled of him "you okay ash omg you make a terrible Captain...."JC said looking for scratches or broken bones ....that could have been a hard crash but my Batman saved me ...."Jack-thats it !!!"Shawn yelled we heard tables flip kidding kidding I turned around o wait that was a table shawn tackle Jack J over the Table that made the table fall on both of them they should teach me that..."So I presume you annoying kids are-What Happened here !!!!!"Frank-John stood at the door he looked like he just saw a murder happening o yeah that be Shawn killing Jack J I looked around and there was flipped tables shoe marks on the floors and o there even was a creature named Hayes on the floor with a bowl of Juice all over him and a laughing Cam......o yeah you also see Aaron and Jack G ontop of a table doing some twerking with Matt recording them and Carter was singing wrecking ball on some curtain hanging of the roof swinging around and Taylor was still on the floor.......but he is doing some sexy pose and bitting his lip and looking straight at Frank-John wiggling his eyebrows "Hey baby" Taylor said Frank-John looked freaked out "uhhhm I'm just gona uhhhm excuse me ..."He cleared his throat heading. Somewhere in a rush I may I add JC came from under a table "hurry you guys let's clean Quick he is probably going to headshit and I don't need anymore dirty work !"We all quickly stopped the jokes cleaning in flash speed ....we where done in 30 min time sitting on the floor waiting "3,2,1"NyNy counted the door burst open "what is wrong with you idiots I told you to cle...." He stopped looking shocked "its Clean "he said confused...he gave Frank-John a evil look "go clean the pool and wine Cellar kids ....NOW"

"We all prefer please douche bag"Cam said with a sassy tone we all sat on the ground "we aint moving till you say please...."Nash said raising his eyebrow ...."Fine Please " Hayes threw the underwear at Frank-John "a gift my love for you from me enjoy"Hayes said winking headshit looked shocked "where did you ....?That's Mine ...." He grabbed the undie walking away with a red face ....Frank -John looked ut us weirdly before saying "you still have the pool and the cellar!!!".....then he stomped of to...."You guys don't you think it weird that we found his underwear in the ladies room???"Nash said

"I agree I smell a rat and its not Hayes"Cam said

"Yeah mysterious puzzle to solve !!!"Matt said looking way to happy "He could me gay or a women dressed as a man "Aaron said with a disgusted face Hayes looked like he is about to puke "I wore his Underwear over my face "


"There so many pools !!!!"Hayes yelled Aaron pushed him in the pool "No there is so many pools with only one Hayes in it...."Aaron said we heard a door open and in came hotshot and face cake and both they're minions "well well well what do we have here ..."She asked "a bunch of Cake's if you ask me "I said she looked at me "I wasn't asking you fatty ..."I am not fat what is it with her ???"She isn't fat...."Cam said hotshot moved closer standing right infront of Taylor "how's it going ugly???" WHAT"Excuse me did you just o hell no Hold my shit ...." I said NyNy came next to me I took my bracelets of with my jacket " I grabbed his ear when his friends was about to come for him the guys blocked them I took him by surprise kicking him right into the pool and I took the pools cleaning stick poking him with it "you don't know us okay !!!" I yelled he came back up grabbing the stick and I was still holding onto it so he pulled me in the pool and he swan down grabbing my waist keeping me under water with him what is this guy stupid he can drown both of us I saw someone dive in ripping his hands off me and pulling me up I came up and saw Taylor he helped me out the pool but when we came up there was this very very bad smell like a chunk couldn't beat this smell "HAYES"all the guys yelled while cake face and Hotshot with they're minions. Ran out the pool yelling "they got bombs run go go " Matt kissed Hayes on the cheek "I love you man your force field makes me cry but its amazing"

We all went running out the pool closing the door as fast as we could "Air beautiful fresh air "Jc yelled a lady walked by us "what is that smell you kids need at bath or soap???!!"She asked well ain't she a diamond..."No but I do like giving free hugs more then I like bathing"Cam said holding out his hands "oo goodness no no get away from me you Hobo"she yelled walking away"Hobo lady please ......I will use your dress to blow my nose with....."Cam said with a poker face now for the wine Cellar and "so we skipping the pool monkeys let's go..."Jack J said.....

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