*Cam blows it*

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*Ashley P.O.V*

"I can't believe this seriously put me down wanna be Hulk ....."I said me ,Jack and Jack are still on our way to the headshit but me getting carried of course the fun part is that he is getting shaving and whipped cream all over his Uniform ....I would laugh evilly right now but then they might think I'm enjoying the view .....which is awful by the way he doesn't have a cute ass at all like ewww anyways "I'm getting bored want me to count your toes Jack?"Jack J said "and I'm hungry want me to eat your arm"Jack G said the securities looked at them weirdly we finally reached the office Frank-John threw me on the seat "ooowwww this is a Sensitive body dude "I said Jack and Jack got pushed into the office "Don't man handle me I will put my lawyer on you grumpy"Jack J yelled and they slammed the door in his face "okay orange what do you want so we can leave..."Jack G said "well well what do we have here the 3 wanna be musketeer ......whipped cream really that's all you got come on you guys suck "he yelled wtf did he just o no no I stood up grabbing him by his tie pulling him over the table "listen here smartass we would never pull suck a lame prank in fact we invented the work awesomeness but we are not that lame and that little bit of sorry ass whipped cream was not us !!!!We can take down this entire ship with Madness if we wanted to so watch your words asshead...." I pushed him back sitting back down examining my finger nails "yeah we are not that idiotic ..."Jack G said" we consider ourselves evil geniuses..."Jack J said ...headshit looked shocked "o yeah if it wasn't you lame people that don't like rules or Discipline then who was it ??????" He asked "look for someone lame !!!do we look lame to you "Jack J yelled

"You guys are getting a punishment either way I know it was you the evidence is clear your punishment will be told to you tomorrow please leave ......"Headshit said "This is unfair we didn't do it" I yelled but Jack J grabbed my hand leading me out but both the Jack's stopped turned around and smirked "See you soon orange"they said .....we walked of I stuck my tongue out at Frank-John "you big loser !!" I yelled we walked up to the elevator getting in "why do people always think its us I mean we don't have that villain look do we ??"Jack G asked "yeah bro I know but don't worry we will get that orange back thinks he can do this to us ....." We waited in silence till we reached out floor getting out we reached the room and we where bombed with question the boys told them what happened and they where all shocked and Mad I headed for the kitchen I grabbed a juice box but then it was grabbed out of my hand "Hey I got tha...." But I stopped when I saw it was Taylor "hey prinCes !!!"He smirked walking over to me and blocking me with his hands on both side of me against the freezer"you gonna ignore me now ???I really wouldn't want that ...."He said "I uhm I uhhm....."I said but was interrupted "is it national hug a freezer day because I totally want to hug a freezer right now"Hayes said standing at the doorway of the kitchen looking amused ...Taylor to his hands down winking at me and stepping back grabbing popcorn juice and sweets "you coming ??" He asked me I stood frozen o wait I'm suppose to answer mm maybe he can read minds ??"O um yeah ...I'm just gonna ....."I saw a spoon "put this spoon away meet you in the uhmm room" he raised an eyebrow at me but walked off "Okay Stach Ash what was that!!!!???"Hayes asked "Nothing...he was hugging the freezer but I was in the way ...."I said "sure Ash .....just tell come on you can trust me ..."Hayes said "fine imighthavekissedtaylorandnowidontknowhowtoactaroundhim"I said all in one word and in fast motion.......maybe he would walk away and pretend I didn't say it usually people don't even understand one word I say..."You what omg Ash that's Great I mean do you like him and you should talk to him!!!!l"Hayes said grinning widely "wait you understood me !!!!?"I asked "yeah ash I talk like that more often then you think so I understand the language mumble in super speed .."Hayes said "and I do like him....."I said looking away"I knew you liked one of us at first I taught it was Jack J !!!"Hayes yelled "what about me ???"Jack J asked walking in "we where just talking of how you are so gonna put this spoon away " I plopped the spoon in his hand running into Nash and Taylor's Room I tripped over the massive Family bed falling right ontop of Taylor "WoaW Ash slow down where's the fire ..." Taylor asked Well the fire is so under his shirt..."Uhm pssst nowhere I was just testing gravity jap it still works" I got of him moving into the middle of the bed wait there's 2 aliens missing???"Where's the Couple...."I asked "they in the bathroom brushing they're teeth..."Taylor said wiggiling his eyebrows ooo this is gold I went up to the bathroom door banging my fist on it "I NEED TO PEE"I yelled "omg Ash are you serious o I hate you "NyNy yelled gold moment right there I the door opened reveling both of them looked annoyed bingo...... "So Nash can I borrow one of your shirts???"I asked "No ....."He said smiling why is he smiling at the answer no???

"Fine ill just go back to our room and find my own shirt jerk....."I was about to walk to the door "here borrow mine ...."Taylor said he is so not getting this back woaw since when did I turn into a creeper"thank you " I said going into the bathroom and cleaning up and changing I threw my whipped ft Shave cream right into the basket that would make a great remix I jumped ontop of Nash and NyNy smiling widely "Hello my Trolls "

"Uhm yeah Ash get off "Nash said

"Why would I get of ???"I asked

"Because we want to watch the movie ..."NyNy said "fine fine " I jumped under the blankets next to NyNy and I was in the middle of Taylor and NyNy


"Boo you whore look behind you omg just turn around....why are you so dumb ???"I asked this stupid girl in the scary movie and throwing popcorn at her "Run hoe Run..." I yelled but no she was scrolling like there isn't a killer behind her omg she's dead "told you but no......blonds always want to find trouble and do the opposite " I looked beside me they where all sleeping Traitors !!!!even Taylor!!! The door creaked open reveling Cam I raised an eyebrow at him "aaaaaaaaah wtf Ash why are you sitting on the bed like you are expecting me????"Cam yelled "well I was sir can I help you ????"I asked

"Yes can I sleep here the guys ruined my bed and no one wants to share with me and worst of all Matt and Hayes are sleeping on the couch with candy and popcorn world all around them...."He asked hopeful....."Mmm I don't know Cam can you????"I asked he scratched the back of his neck"uhmmm I ..."He said "I'm kidding Cam of course you can "I said smiling at him he plopped down next to Taylor taking the remote "Cam who said you can touch that "I asked

"I did we watch what I want "he said is he for real???"Uhm no we don't I pick "I said

"No you take this I will tell Taylor you like him o wait love him "Cam warned "fine keep the remote hoe" I said laying down and covering myself with the blankets a arm came around my waist pulling me onto they're chest then I heard spangebob play ....I was drifting of to sleep when I heard Cam singing ......"Taylor and Ashley sitting in the Banana true K.I.S.S. 'Ooompt '"something hit his head then Taylor spoke up "Shut up Cam or I will make you sleep in Candy world with Hayes and Matt and we all know how Hayes likes using his Force field "

"Fine Fine "Cam said wait how does he know what Cam told me when he sneaked in the room omg he heard everything why Cam Why o no he heard the part about me liking him omg someone help me omg ???I pretend to be fast asleep when his Arms came around my waist again and he whispered "Ash you awake ??" I didn't answer "guess not then ...."He said and he kissed my cheek before moving away and then him and Cam had a war over the remote "Give it here Cam!!!"Taylor yelled

"No Taylor No"Cam yelled

"Fine"Taylor said then there was a crashing noise "ooowwww man you should really not take the remote so serious seriously your a dangerous person"Cam said

"What ever Cam I won now I chose"Taylor said then I heard them getting back on the bed aaaw how I wish they can turn Teen wolf on...........

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