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*Ashley's POV*

I moved closer to Tarzan here "are you sure you want to mess with someone like me in the woods I'm not scared of you Taylor I will smack you the way you smacked that spider making him lose his sense of direction that will be you in a minute"

Taylor move closer and whispered in my ear"I would love 2 see you try I have a build in gps I can't really lose direction"

I moved backwards a bit "true but you need a charger to navigate some shit and right now Tarzan your a monkey without a charger "he stood there shocked and I walked back 2 the beach leaving Tarzan behind...I was walking peacefully till I met the ground "Wtf omg I am so sorry strawberry"I opened my eyes and saw JC on top of me"really JC strawberry!?" JC started smiling"You remind me of one sue me if you want just know I am a great lawyer " I pushed him off me "yeah yeah Smartass where's my lover ??"He looked at me confused "Your Lover?" I smacked him "yes silly that 2 legged best friend of mine Nydeen" "oooh her she's over there ..." I turned around and surely there she was ..."Thank you attacker see you in court" I winked and walked over 2 Nydeen.."What up losers??"Jack G looked at me weirdly and said"Uhm Ashley right???"

"Yes???that's my name don't wear it out!"

"Where's Taylor!?"I looked at Jack G "Ooo you mean Tarzan I left him with his monkey family in the woods where he Belongs "Hayes started laughing till he sounded like a dying whale Jack G gave me the famous Poker Face "Ashley??you know there could be wild animals"I stared at Jack G"why do you think left him there in the first place"Matthew stood up "ill go find the lost soul"both the Jack's Joined him Nydeen yelled "Find food or a wild animal we are all hungry and Ashley is the kind that eats humans friendly warning...."I looked at her and stood up and pretend 2 trip on her just 2 annoy the shit sticks out of her I rolled on her and Yelled "Camouflage bitch" she starting laughing "Get off Fatass gosh you making hippos Jealous!!?"I got of her.."Uhm guys its getting dark out and Cold "she said Aaron came up and said"yeah I don't think they notice our missing presence yet or they just so happy we not there not quite sure but I'm hoping it the first one let's all try and find things 2 make a fire and beds and what else your mind comes up with just don't go alone and leave people behind *cough*Ashley*cough*"I gave Aaron a death glare "he deserved it ..so who wants 2 team up with me???"*Silence* Nydeen stood up and gave them all a poker face "Pussy's!!!ill go with you Ash!!"I smiled "Thank you Nyde!!!ill protect you like your my own"Nydeen looked at me "that's what I'm scared of but let's go Biatch"

*30 mins Later*

"Ash I think I hear something shhh"

I looked at Nydeen

"OH sorry NyNy that's My awesome Stomach making himself know"

"No not that whale like something over there!!" She pointed behind me and I froze

"NyNy I swear if this is a joke your dead"

Nydeen started screaming and so did I "aaahhhhhh" then something Grabbing me I started hitting and screaming..."Holy shit that was priceless you guys are 2 easy" and behind me stood Taylor and the Jack's and Matthew .Taylor was still holding me I got out of his Grip "ewwwwww Monkey germs and we where just uhhhhhM.." I looked at Nydeen for Help she said"acting along with it we knew it was you guys Duh"I looked at them "yeah what she said" they gave as Smirks ..."Sure you did now let's go back 2 the beach please"

We all walked up 2 the beach and Matthew started running and yelling "This Is sparta!!!!!!!!"But sadly his sparta victory run was cut short by an invisible rope tripping him I stared at him "well sparta is so Screwed with you as they're leader"....

*Note or Nah!?*

Sorry if my writing is bad or if there's any mistakes ....I'm not a pro though....just saying *Wink Wink*

Matthew"You totaLly ruined my Victory run with your magical rope"

A"awwww you fall over it so no need getting over it fallings easier !"


Getting stuck on an island with the magcon boys(Taylor Caniff Fanfic)Przeczytaj tę opowieść za DARMO!