we both crazy ...

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*Shawn P.O.V*

We where all just chilling at the pool when the doors burst open and we heard a girl scream o wait that's Carter ...He ran up to us all but slipped and fell face first"owwwh that's gotta hurt"Matt said ...Carter got up again "guys guys we have a problem okay listen just listen "he yelled "uh Carter we are listening "Jack J said ......"Right its Tay there was a security and then Ash showed up .."He tried to finnish "wait you mean he has a thing for a security now?"NyNy asked "No OMG he is beating one uppppp"Carter yelled "ohhhhh" we all said and soon we all sprinted off

*Ash P.O.V*

Taylor jumped over me in no time and started beating this guy again I tried grabbing Taylor but this boy was seriously fast then out of nowhere I was grabbed from behind ahh great more security "Put me down right now!" I yelled "no can do sweety" did he just call me sweety o hell no I head budded him from behind and started beating him up What I kinda beat loads of people up....so I'm a pro then more security came and before you know it both me an Tay was being dragged of somewhere "why do I always end up in trouble "I asked myself but in no time we where both dropped into an office and by drop I mean like the floor met my face Taylor jumped up but they locked the door "great they locked us in why would they lock us in????these people are so messed up I mean we ..."But I was stopped in the middle of my rant when Taylor grabbed me and kissed me then he stopped "At least now we can talk and you can't run ...."Taylor said still holding my face softly "look Ash I know I'm not the greatest or the best guy and I know that sometimes I act all monkey Tarzan like but the thing is this last couple of days just being with you ....you drive me crazy but that's what I like about you Ash I'm just so inlove with you......I was gonna do this in a better way but I just can't keep this going anymore will you be my girlfriend ?"He said and asked I sat there frozen then I whispered "Yes"

*Shawn P.O.V*

"They where right here I swear"Carter said we all gave that are you serious look ..."Well Carter seems like you really are Crazy...."Matt said while winking at an old lady and blowing her a kiss then Carter looked at him "oh really Matt at least I'm not blowing kissy faces to old ladies ...."Matt looked shocked "what I wasn't .....okay okay we both crazy..."Matt said Jack G saw an Security then he grabbed him"so pretty boy you are gonna tell me where is my friends or we are gonna torture you until its only your bones left on your body "Jack G said then Jack J stood behind him popping his neck and knuckles"and we do play hard"Jack J finished I saw the security guy swallow.......

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