*Matt=007 *

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*Matt P.O.V*

I slammed the door shut "boys we have got a situation here"I said Nash and Taylor looked at me weirdly "you pee your pants???"Taylor asked "you on you period???"Nash asked

"What no and I'm a guy Nash..."I said

"Then what's up???"Taylor said

"Come on 007 hurry up would ya??"Nash said these boys so inpatient

"Okay so Jen and Brace they not nerds neither are they loners they best friends with Asshead I remember them from a while back when I saw them with him this is a set up....."I said

"Of course and the snake was to ?!!!!"Taylor said

"Maybe they want to get us in so much trouble ...."Nash said

"So we will have to leave the ship...."I finished

"If they only knew we invented trouble...."Taylor said

"So boys let our Sabotage 007 Game begin "I said they both slapped me and walked out the door

*Cam P.O.V*

We all headed to the line the dude was talking about we decided we are all gonna be like Dora the Explorer only we know no Spanish .....but Anyhow we shall do what we want ...."So Jen and Brace we are so glad you agreed on joining our group today we are so flattered...."Matt said smirking

"Indeed I feel like hitting my head on the wall ...none stop ...."Ash said Ben walked next to her slinging his Arm over her Shoulder "now now babe don't be like this I thought we had a connection ..."Ben said "please boy ....not even if Godzilla roamed the earth and pooped Rainbows and Handed out free ice-Cream ..."Ash said Taylor walked up to Ash grabbing her Hand and pulling her Away "Bye"Ash said to Ben"you stealing my girl Tay not cool...."Ben said "your girl ...."Taylor said o dear Taylor was about to grab him and beat him into a rainbow but the tour guide spoke "Welcome and Good morning Everyone please stay close and don't get lost we are gonna do a head count and then you can all get into one of those busses why does this feel like a school field trip??

*Ashley P.O.V*

The guy that was counting reached "wait I count as 5 ...."He froze "What???"He said

"I count as 5...."I said again very slowly.....he glared and walked on "I was being serious!"I yelled

After the head count we got into the bus our group to some of the seats on the top of the bus on the roof just kidding its a double bus ..."This is so cool with it having no roof like yesssss"Hayes yelled we took our seats then Shawn plopped down next to me with Ben on my other side Taylor walked by Glaring at Ben he must have stolen his cookies ..."So babe ..."

"Shut up Ben!!!!!"I said

"Wanna go out som...."

"No okay N.O. Kay Bye..."I said

"Your so mean today.....I like it ..."Ben said what ??then Shawn looked over at Ben....."Find another seat please ..."Shawn said "Why???"Ben asked "Because I asked you nicely "Shawn said ..."Sorry but no baby face "Ben said I glared at him "at least he has a face......"I said "Woa babe now don't go all Defensive...."Ben said I got up then one of the tour guides blew her whistle "Sit down !!!"She yelled

"Sorry miss I don't speak or do Dog ...kindly put your whistle away...."I said she blew it again"SIT DOWN NOW LADY" she yelled louder is she deaf??"I don't bark and lick Myself so No.."I yelled she glared and was about to blow the whistle again she's going all flo rida on me here

I walked up to her grabbing it and threw it of the bus "Oops ..."I said she looked shocked...."These kids are outrageous...."She said walking down then don't blow the whistle next time and ruin Flo Rida's Image ....

I sat down up front on an empty seat next to the old Couple "No honey we are not taking any Souvenirs do you know what happened last time so No!!!"The old man said

"I'm your wife and I'm always right I want a souvenir...."She said

"No okay ......"The old man said "how I wish there where Coconuts here ..." The old lady said

"How I'm glad there aren't you gave all your attention to them "the old man said I notice they wore the stuff me and Taylor bought for them aaah they where Matching so cute .....

*Hayes P.O.V*

I saw Ash sit upfront with the old couple this Ben Jen I don't like him "Stop it Nash..."NynY giggled

"Omg can you guys not .....I'm next to you ..."I said

"Then Move ..."Nash said

"There aren't seats left Mash!!!"I yelled

"Its Nash!!!!"Nash yelled

"Yeah I don't care Nashville...."I said he glared but soon he went on talking mode with NyNy

Ash Jumped up infront and yelled "I LoVe you Captain America Marrrrry Me !!!!!!!!!!!"We all looked around a boy stood there on the side of the road wearing a Captain America costume he laughed then yelled"When is the wedding ???"Ash ran to the back where most of the guys where seated and Jumped right ontop of Taylor if she only knew ...."Right now my love !!!!!"She yelled "Okay Love !!!"He yelled blowing her a kiss and the Bus moved away from him she blew him thousand of kisses ...

*Ashley P.O.V*

There goes my love I waved one last time then I was about to move of whoever I was strangling with my tights but hands Grabbed my tights keeping me in place "No Need you can stay right here Ash....."Taylor said I looked at him wide eye "I'd rather not I might uhhm kill your legs ...."I said

"Please Ash your not that Fat ..."Taylor said fine then bye Bye Taylor's legs sat on his lap with me facing him and I stared at everything behind the bus this bus has a nice behind Dayummmm the tour guide came back up and we made few stops she explained most sights and stuff we had to stay seated for most ....after most of the sights we where off on our own for a few ours own exploring "Yes let's go all Dora on these streets "Carter yelled

"Remember to be back at the ship by 5-6 everyone "the guide yelled Jack G yelled back at her "kay Dora you are the worst Dora I mean ....."

"What he is trying to say miss is that you suck......maybe you should have spoke Spanish" Jack J said "HotdogS!!!!"JC yelled she glared at us and walked away ...

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