*mission run away*

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*Ashley P.O.V*

Taylor has been doing his Guarding job pretty well I tried to escape more then 30 times he is way to good and fast my final plan A wait till he falls asleep and Plan B bore him to death till he falls asleep...."In the jungle the mighty jungle the lion sleeps tonight awhooo"I sang Oscar worthy

"Ashhhh shut up what do I have to do to make you shut up"Taylor Complained

"Easy open the door doggy Taylor"


"Okay then "I cleared my throat"who lives in a pineapple under the sea....blah blah Spange.."

Before I could finnish I was tackled onto the bed with Taylor ontop of me "bob"I said out of breath"no I prefer Taylor bob's my uncles name"

"Your way to fat Taylor please get of "

"Did you just say I'm fat???"

"Yes indeed my dear man shall I say it again something seems to be stuck in your ear"

He got an evil look"do you ever shut up?!"

"No its a problem actually because I am the kind of person that could win a talk war in no time since..."I froze when Taylor's hand reached up and stroked my cheek soon I found him moving closer and closer till I felt his breath on my face the the door burst open"Omg my Eyes aaaaahhhhhhh "we both turned our heads and sure enough Carter stood there shocked "wait is that Ash??" I pushed Taylor of me since he looked shocked himself and went up to Carter "yeah thank you for breaking me free!" I slapped him to?!what I almost kissed Tarzan I think and he ruined it"oooowwwh"

"Jerk" I muttered

"So I'm a Jerk ??but I saved you???"Carter asked confused

"Yeah excuse me got a cake Face to find "I pushed Carter out the way but I took a quick look back and sure enough Taylor was still shocked what's up with him???maybe it was the spangebob song???I knew I got it wrong ???o wait I did....he is probably a bigger fan then me !!poor Taylor !!!I headed for the door but before I could open it it smacked me in the face making me fall backwards....."Owwwwh"this door has aggression issues I tell you....

"Where's ASH!!!"Hayes yelled

"I'm right here Dumbass"he looked around confused then looked down "oooh what you doing on the ground Ash!!!?"

"Admiring the Carpet its so amazing ...."I rubbed my hand over the carpet but was Yanked up by Hayes "You need to Hide meet NyNy and Nash down at the dinning hall!??"

"Why????we playing hide and seek!!"I asked with a eyebrow raised ....

"No the security are looking for you and they're on they're way here !!"

"Why?? "

"Because of the smack down you had earlier "


"Ill distract them get to the dinning hall!!!NOW ASH!!!"Hayes yelled while running out...he is in a rush wait

"I don't know where is the dinning Hall Hayes come Back Nooooooooo" I was gonna run after him when someone grabbed my hand leading me the other way I looked to my left and there was Taylor Carter joined us by grabbing my other hand "you might need back up to this mission but I want to be Commander" Carter said and we ran off....

*Hayes P.O.V*

They like turtles really I'm in the Hallway around the connor waiting for them to arrive but I swear they found some cute bunny and now they're admiring its fluffy tale .......I heard footstep approaching so I got ready I changed my voice into a girly one"Someone help me I'm stuck in the ladies room the door stuck o please help me"then I heard a voice "is it just me or does that lady sound high???"Then there was a second voice "Let's go check it out "bingo they're coming this way I got the minion rubber balls ready and when I heard they're footstep close enough I threw the balls out"wtf owwww"

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