*Bad block part 1*

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*Shawn P.O.V*

"Nash I'm fine I promise "NyNy said Nash gave her the poker face "your kidding right you can hardly walk you need a hospital!"Nash said "No I don't !!"NyNy said "o holly cheese fine !!!"Nash said he picked her up "Nash I can walk! "NyNy said "does it look like I care "Nash said I looked between them "uh guys I'm just gonna go check those out ..."I said and walk of before I see World War III and I got no guns with me so I'm not ready.....I walked of and bumped into Ash and some redhead "so do you like one of the guys???"The redhead asked "uh ..."Ash said but then Taylor Appeared wearing some weird hat "Ola ladies .."He said

"Ola loser "Ash said

*Ashley P.O.V *

"Now now Ash I'm far from a loser you know I'm a Diva who loves Cupcakes ..."Taylor said yes and your a beautiful creature given to earth to be sexy and okay okay woaw there..."Please Taylor you are a baboon..."I said Kim looked between us and smirked "Hey I'm Kim and you must be Taylor Ash told me so much about you like you guys would make the perfect couple !!!"I started blushing and Taylor smirked looking at me "we would wouldn't we ...."Taylor said then he walked of while Ash stood there like a fish out of water "He is so inlove with you Blondie !!!"Kim yelled

*JC P.O.V*

"What no take the blue you ass it goes with that hideous shirt you own !!!"Matt yelled to Hayes "Its not Hideous My grandma bought me that"Hayes yelled "well yeah let's all go granny shopping "Matt yelled "What my grandma is an amazing women !!!"Hayes yelled "I didn't say she wasn't "Matt said making a duh face then Taylor popped up "guys guys I hear you from inside the bulletproof windows of the other store chill out and Woaw those are Hideous just like your shirt Hayes "Taylor said "OMG"Hayes screamed and slammed the shoes down Shawn came from around the Corner "Hey guys what happened to the Fangirls...??" Shawn asked "they had to leave early for another concert or something "I said

"They gonna drag that poor person out of they're own Concert while one of them bumps a ride !!!"Aaron said Carter came around the racks of shoes with Ash on his Back "where's Kim??"Shawn asked "she left its past her shopping time or its dinner time not quite sure "Ash said and then Carter started spinning in Circles with Ash holding on for dear life and Laughing none stop Taylor wore a smile when she started laughing but then he got this longing look "well guys let's get out of here"Jack G said while Jack J was half sleeping on a pile of clothes then Matt and Hayes both Yelled "Cannonball" Jack J quickly jumped up and they hit the floor "ya idiots think I will fall for that shit again heck no"Jack J yelled


*Ashley P.O.V*

We ended up lost and we have been searching for the ship for 2 hours .."Guys at least the ship doesn't leave for another few hours and I'm sure the captain will make sure not to leave us behind again...."Shawn said "Hey what happened to the two idiots ??"Matt asked

"Well we lost them way before we hit the mall"NyNy said "Good I was about to destroy them ...."Matt said "o where you now.."I asked winking "yes I Ash stash...."Matt said then he ran to me and picked me up and swinged me around "Matthew No!!!"I yelled a lady walked by "you guys make such a lovely couple "she said smiling "I know right ..."Matt said I stared at the lady but she walked off .....Matt put me down and I saw him smirking at something behind me I turned around and Taylor had his fist grabbed tightly at his sides "You okay Tay??"I asked he looked up "uh yeah of course let's go guys its getting late "then he headed of I ran after him but I lost him oh great now I'm lost......"Taylor please come out ???Tay??" I yelled then I heard voice behind me "Well well if it isn't cinderella lost in the city how sad..."Someone said while I heard laughs "I uh was just almost home "I lied "sure you where ..."Someone said again just so they know I'm bloody Batman.....someone grabbed me but I turned around and slapped him then his monkey grabbed my hair and I screamed bloody murder he turned me to face him and he hit me with his fist...


*Aaron P.O.V*

"There you are Taylor man where did you and Ash go on a honeymoon???"Carter Asked

"Wait you mean Ash went of on her own "Taylor asked "no Tay she went with a Polar bear to get some ice for the beer .."I said

Taylor gave me a glare then there was a loud scream Carter ran of first and we followed we turned a few corners and just as we turned the corner a guy hit a blond girl with his fist "Hey leave her Alone you Dirt Bag or I will Vacuum your dirty face away.."Carter yelled the guy looked up at his and his 3 friends smirked "aah look some kids ...."The one said "uh dude ill have you know I can keep your ass faster then you can say unicorn poop..."Jack J said the guys laughed and we had poker faces "Let the girl go fruit cake"Jack J said the the guy with the girl looked down at the girl and turned her face to us "You mean her ???"

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