LightS bannas Puma action part 2

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*Meanwhile on the other side of the Island*

Cameron's P.O.V

"Hayes stop being so slow you slowing us down "Nash complained..

"Aaah Shut up trash Nash I am not you the slow one here" Hayes yelled and this has been going on a long while now this is what happens when 2 brothers that likes 2 annoy each other gets paired up Nydeen came up next 2 me "do they ever stop??"

"No this is just the beginning so braise yourself " Hayes saw something on the ground and started running 2 it "ooooh Banana !!" Nash walked up 2 him "No its my banana monkey give it here " great they fighting over a banana they started a tag war with the banana "mine !!!" "No mine shrek go get your own " "I'm not shrek your shrek" "What ever monkey shit""if I'm monkey shit your horse dump" "What!!"

"Guys Stop Put the banna down please but very slowly"I looked at shawn and he pointed behind us and what do you know the money Family was here but the real monkey family!!!!!Hayes and Nash both yelled "No its Mine" Why why didn't they get paired up with JC!!!and before shawn could warn them a monkey jumped right on them trying 2 get the banana but they still won't let go what hell "Go away monkey its mine "

"No its mine I'm the oldest so its mine and money get your ass of my banana now" but hayes got a hold of the banana and started. Running Nydeen quickly grabbed him and the banana and stepped on it jumping on it them spitting on it "Now Its No oNe's okay gosh you like a bunch of babies"but before they could reply shawn yelled "Run" with the monkeys Behind us "feels like you just spitted on me and not the banana "hayes said while running Nydeen ran up 2 him spit on him"here you go now I spitted on you"hayes started yelling "omg my eye aaahhhh I can't see" *smack* he run right into a tree but he got up running in Zig Zags behind is trying 2 run straight we all looked back and I ended up tripping with hayes running over me !!!!"Hayes!!!"

"Oops sorry didn't see you there " I got up" no kidding you use me as a running course "

We started running again and before we knew it each of us crashed running right into a group of very big apes "oooow " and "Holy shits " was heard all over nope not apes ,Apes can't talk ...."Why are you guys running "we all yelled at the same time while we answered "Monkeys "and Hayes yelled "Nash's Uncle's" they yelled "Puma' and Carter Yelled "Jack " ok this is Confusing all of us saw carter and yelled "Carter"

But that yelled fest was cut short with all of us running 2 our "Camp site" ....I notice the old lady running with coconuts saying "Yes yes yes babies mamma's got you" okay not even gonna Question that oooh and Jack J is running with a chair???wait what!?and Jack J yelled "Don't worry baby I got you " I picked up a rock but when I bend down carter Ran right into my behind falling infront of me and trying 2 grab me but failed miserably shawn yelled "guys this is no time 2 play stuck in the mud "but matt ended falling over me 2 with JC joining him as well

And Jack G yelled "That's right Carter KaRMa is your bitch now"I looked down 2 see everybody on top of carter poor dude but I really wanted that rock so I picked up the rock and started running again but I reversed back seeing as we already at the camp site and the monkey's and Puma is nowhere 2 be seen.......

XxPeacexX:) again sorry if there is mistakes or anything :)

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