*pink headed Granny*

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*Ashley P.O.V*

We where all still running and the securities hasn't given up yet "what are they energizing bunnies????"Taylor yelled "they idiots "I yelled

I tripped taking Taylor down with me "oompft"

Then we where both grabbed and woaw handcuffs "I'm to young to die !!!"I yelled and I kicked the security that had me right where the sun doesn't shine ..."Aaaaah my ..." Before he could finish I kicked him again then I jumped on the ones back that had my man "get of girl get of "he yelled "run Taylor safe yourself !!"I yelled "I'm not leaving you here Ash"Taylor yelled he tackled the guy and grabbed me from under the buffalo "o yeah that's ass kicking baby Ninja turtles and suck it !!" I yelled we turned a few corners then my phone ran "uh Helo???"I said "Hey omg Ash meet us outside "and then my phone went dead we came outside and there where the awesome girls and everyone else we walked off ......


"This mall is better then the other one anyways "Matt said "yeah I agree "Cam said they boys agree to go clothing shopping with us since they can buy stuff to "Omg Justin bieber " Carter yelled and grabbed a poster rolling it up and stuffing it in his jacket "isn't that stealing ??"One of the girls asked "not unless a Camera saw it *Carter looked around* and there are none " then a lady appeared infront of him "aaaah Dragula!!"Carter yelled "no Miss Mandy to you and I want that poster "she said "ah how about no..."Carter said he flipped his imaginary hair and walked off Miss Mandy walked off and glared at all of us I walked to the ripped jeans then I saw the prettiest heals ever I'm not a girl for heals but those are dam fine!!!!I ran up to it grabbing one but I was about to take the other when a hand grabbed it "wata bubelgum..."I looked to my side there stood a pretty red head "uh that's mine give it "she said "no. "I said I grabbed the one out of her hand then I walked of but I was tackled to the ground and I saw red hair above me "that's it "I yelled I got up taking her by her hair and shoving her head right into the clothing rack she did a little ballerina move then she dove right into the rack "HaH bitches be yello because I'm Yellow ..." I yelled

Then she got out like lighting and threw with a hanger "you messed with the wrong red head blondie .."She yelled "Bitch please ..." I said I got up and tackled her to the ground 'oompft' I was about to knock the birds out of her when someone grabbed me "Let me go I have to set the birds free..."I yelled then JC laughed "Ash there is the exact pair across the store ...."Jc said me and Redhead looked at eachother "Oh...."We. Said then we busted out laughing "I'm Ash "I said "I'm Kim "She said I helped her up ...



"Ash makes friends so fast out of trouble"Jc said walking up to us Laughing "listen Matt I saw them first!!!"Hayes yelled "I don't give a flying pooh Its my size !!!"Matt yelled "oh boy "I said "well its my size to you Horse ...."Hayes yelled .."I am a Horse you know and you know what horses do???"Matt asked "What "Matt asked "This ..."Matt said then he kicked Hayes which cased the entire shoe shelf to tumble over "uh-Oh" we all said then we ran to another part of the store pretending to be looking at wait "Ladies underwear???"I said ....."Well boys I'm assuming its for your girlfriends or you play for your own team???"The shop assistant said raising an eyebrow at us "its for my uh Gran..."Cam said "She is so sexy like this is so her type" he said grabbing a pink Bra and underwear "yeah Cam totally is and she loves pink even her hair is pink"I said "Yeah her grass is pink to "Matt added looking the bra and underwear up and down...

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