his ass needs some help

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*Aaron P.O.V*

"ASH!!!"Hayes yelled the girl the guy was holding is Ash and she was unconscious "Let Her go you monkey ass "Carter yelled Hayes was about to run when Taylor grabbed him back "Okay here's the deal butt head you let my girl go and we won't hurt you guys or we can do it the hard way and make you look like girls???"Taylor said in a very angry tone the guy smiled "the hard way Cupcakes " Taylor gave us all the Nod and we where off I helped Matt and Hayes with the fat guy Matt ran into him falling backwards he looked up "you had to be fat???"Matt asked Matt was up in no time Hayes made a lucky swing while we kept him still and I might have kick him a few times and the guy was out..."O yeah Magcon Wins Biatches" we turned around and all men where down even mister "Hard way..."Please he don't know is we bloody Gangster as shit ...Taylor had Ash on his lap "Does someone have water "JC yelled "ah no but there's a big ocean right there Carter said Taylor pick her up ....."Please be okay Ash please baby girl ..."Taylor whispered we all ran to the ocean and dump her and ran Kidding kidding Taylor slowly put her down and splashed some water on her she screamed and jumped up punching Taylor right in the face "Holy ...Ash you can punch..."Taylor said she froze and jumped on taylor "omg Taylor and you guys saved me !!!I was so scared "she said "Hey guys there the ship....."Jack G said we all headed off "We totally made them look like girls......."Hayes said we reached the ship "Your late ...."The guy said "No I'm Carter ..."Carter said shaking his hand and walking past him


*Ashley P.O.V*

We walked around the ship for a while with JC and Taylor Catching me now and again when I lose my balance "Hey Ash you wanna go lay down instead "Hayes asked "uh if you guys don't mind??"I asked "No No not all ..."Carter said Taylor took my hand "ill walk you ..."He said smiling "Thanks " I whispered I scrolled behind Taylor until I lost my balance again Taylor quickly grabbed me "May I ?"He asked "yes you may"I said Taylor picked me up bridal style and I closed my eyes "You know Ash you scared me today ...I really never wanna see you hurt...I just I ...well I think I ..I'm inlove with you...."I heard Taylor whisper wow that guy must have hit me so hard ....Really hard !!!

*NyNy P.O.V*

Me and Nash went to the ship when the scream went off because I was in no shape for action so Nash said .....Wateva I could take on a tiger and after a while Tay came in with Ash and he was off into the room......"Nashy!!!!"I said "mmm"he answered half sleepy on the other couch "I'm bored ..."I said "well then I don't ca..."Nash said but the door burst open "HONEY I AM HOME"Matt yelled "Shut Up!!!!"Nash yelled back "OR WHAT!!"Matt yelled "OR Taylor will kick your Butt ...."I said

Matt smirked "why would he do that???"He asked "Because Ash is Asleep..."Nash said then Hayes Burst threw the door "I won I won hell yeah JC admit it your a fatass that can't even beat me around the Corner!!!"Hayes yelled then Taylor burst threw the bedroom door "that's it you mother ...."He yelled the I yelled "Beeepers run monkeys run save your bananas go!!! "They eyes went big and they ran with Taylor behind them then Nash looked at me "what did I do??"I asked Nash smiled "Nothing it just Taylor needs to wake up and we are gonna help his ass wake up!!!"

I am sorry for not updating in such a very long time please forgive #keepsmilling more updates coming!!!xxxx

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