island ..

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Ashley's POV

Sooo the boys are building and sos ...ok not really they are actually playing lord of the rings with they "swords". and Naydeen we are just watching from a distance 2 scared we might end up being trolls or something you never know ....Naydeen started talking "sooo this a fun vacation "

"yeah pretty much and the couple seems 2 be having fun"

O forgot 2 mention they left an old couple behind 2..

"are you kidding me they have been blaming each other for this and also how they don't wanna be stuck with kids ....if I get hungry I'm eating them first then Taylor..."

Taylor seemed 2 have heard me ...

"why me ???"

"well taylor you wanted 2 be a cavemen and the king of cavemen may I add you son need some help really a cavemen they didn't even have mansions back then..."

"you girl are undersetemating my brains ..."

"Sure I am...'

Naydeen looked at us both "well I think I'd rather listen 2 the old couple then you 2 .."

We both stayed silent ....all of a sudden Hayes came .."so Naydeen do you wanna go swim???"..."Sure Hayes " I sat there staring at this traitor choosing the man species over me well then ill just go for a walk ...taylor yelled " can I come???"

"no idiot you can't its metime okay not Ashley and the brainless baboon time"......

Getting stuck on an island with the magcon boys(Taylor Caniff Fanfic)Przeczytaj tę opowieść za DARMO!