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*fruit cake *

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*Shawn P.O.V*

"Yeah fatass get of me I'm trying to sleep aaah get of !!!"Matt yelled at Aaron who fell of the couch ontop of Matt "AARON!!!!"Matt yelled Aaron was still ontop of him sleeping after the eventful morning we all decided to Crash around the house and get some more sleep"AARON there's a spider !!"Matt yelled Aaron just rolled over and ended ontop of Ash 'ooompft' she opened her eyes "Aaron come on ...." She pushed him of and gave me the puppy eyes "pweeeease shawn ..."Omg no no "Fine we can share the couch " I said "yaaahhh "she yelled stepping on Aaron "ooops "she said "ooowh gfgd"Aaron said "your welcome" Ash replied I moved up a bit and she squashed up next to me oo how I miss my sister right now....I covered us both up with the blanket and she snuggled up to me after few min i knew she was asleep then she whispered "Taylor...."I smiled she so "Whipped"Cam finished for me he was about to jump on Aaron when the door bell rang and he ended up jumping miss and he smashed right onto the Carpet "Lovely Carpets these Material works are so fascinating I had to get a better look ....jap they're fantastic ..."Cam said then he glared at the door he got up and Yanked the door open "Yes???"He yelled "Uhm sorry sir I uhm well the tour starts in 2 hours please be of the ship at the front line after 2 hours to be part of the tour or stay onboard..."The guy said

"Thank you bye to you to grumpy...."Cam yelled then he slammed the door shut the Bathroom door crashed open and Taylor came out with a towel wrapped around his waste. He scrolled to the room giving all of us weird stares he got into the room and was gone few min later he Came out all dressed and done "well don't you look extra Sexy today "Jack G said "ye I mean no...."Taylor said "sure man we believe you "Jack J said Taylor glared at them then pushed Hayes of the couch "your so rude hope Godzilla finds you and eats you "Hayes said standing up then he went to his room Carter came out of the kitchen "num num num "he said while eating his sandwich he made

JC came past Carter all dressed and ready to then he looked between me and Taylor and smirked "well well well well and another well aren't you two so cute you'd make a perfect couple ..."We looked at him puzzled "who???"I asked then he looked down at me oooow then he made some weird face movements oooh he wants me to play along ...."Yeah indeed I was thinking of asking her out sometime" I said Carter chocked on his bread "omg that's some strong bread I got here "Carter said Taylor yelled "WHAT???"

Bingo "I mean it she's perfect for me maybe ill write her a song and you know ask her to be my girlfriend ..."I said and shrugged if looks could kill I'd be dead by now and I mean 10 times "No you won't ...."Taylor said

"Why not ? They're perfect for each other right boys??"JC said all the boys nodded in agreement

"No you guys aren't okay I heard she has a Boyfriend ..."Taylor said then NyNy came in "uhm no she doesn't ...."NynY said"perfect"I yelled

"No!!!!"Taylor yelled "I can buy her some flowers and start my song and also take her on a romantic dinner date then while we are all there ill start singing then I will..."I said in a Rush but I was cut of by Taylor "You Can't I'm inlove with her okay!!!!!"Taylor yelled everybody jumped up yelling "I knew it !!!!"And Hayes Came out of the room "yesssssss!!Goal" we all stopped and looked at him "what I scored a goal in the trash can..."Hayes said

"Well aren't you gonna ask her out bro?" Cam said "I want to but I just..."Taylor said but then Ash woke up and just stopped

*Ashley P.O.V*

I woke up and everyone was staring at me "I have something on my face don't I???"I asked touching my face "no no girl you look dammm fine "NyNy said is she for real I got up and I was about to hit the Kitchen then there was a knock on the door "ill get it" I yelled I opened the omg why?????"Well morning sexy..."Ben said with Jace next to him just great "uhm sorry girls we don't want any cookies "I said I was about to shut the door when Ben's foot stopped it he walked by me pinching my bum I yelped in surprise then Jace walked by winking that's it I am not staying in they're shit face one more second I slammed the boys door shut and went into me and NyNy's room instead I went to the shower and I finished cleaning myself and washing my hair I finished up then I grabbed a towel I went to my room grabbing so closet and finished up .....

I entered the boys room again and heard wolf whistles...."Uhm what Ben and Jace you guys think I'm gonna walk up to you and say nice whistle man here's my number????"I asked Ben smirked "no need sweet cheeks I already have it ...."Ben said wtf I wanna make a ice cream cake out of him and shove his head up a trash Can "you know Ben ...."Taylor said then he paused "don't mess with the wrong guy here okay Back off fruit cake ...."Taylor said "o she's your girlfriend ???"Ben asked Taylor was about to reply then NyNy stopped him "Hey Ben ???"NyNy said "yes cuteness???"Ben said Nash stood up "she's my girlfriend so shove your cuteness up your behind I won't hesitate to beat your fruit cake ass up like Taylor ...."Nash said Ben put his hands up in surrender then he sat down Matt stood up "Wait a Second ......uhm Taylor Nash can I speak to you guys I need some advice on my skin condition ??"he looked at Ben and Jace

All the boys gave him weird looks but Nash and Taylor followed him into the room ......

XxPeacexX sorry for super late update thanks for reading please share my book and help me get more reads :) also please vote and those who can comment ???:) #keepsmiling and your amazing I will update more during the day :) sorry for mistakes and spelling

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