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*Ashley P.o.V*

I felt like I was flying...... upside down wait wait What !?that's not right I opened my eyes and I was really upside down omg could this be I was really flying well upside down that is yeah that's right superman you got competition hah yeah that's right Ashley knows how 2 wait I was staring at a bare Back???aaaw dream crushed but what "aaaaaah let me down who are you no stop put me down aaaaah"I started hitting they're back may I add its quite sexy...."Nydeen where are you Help me a Aliens kidnapping me NyNy helooooo Ash getting carried away mayday mayday...."

I pushed my hands up so I could see who it was TARZAN!!!"Taylor put me down what are you doing this is no time for your monkey manners"he slapped my tight lightly and added "Just waking you up"

"Wait what do you mean how ar..."but before I could reply I was thrown off his shoulder into the water do I look like a fish 2 him I came up quickly before he could run of but he was already on the run so I did the only thing I could 2 get him down I ran as fast as I could and jumped on his back "Ash what are y...*Splash*" he hit the water with my weight on his back but I got of him and made a run for it

I didn't even notice the wall infront of me and ran right into it that's nice someone build a wall very considered 2 build it with Ashley around ..."Oww dam wall who put that there"

"Strawberry I'm not a wall and why are you running"

"Oooh JC ....uhm I'm you know taking a morning jog so uhm excuse me..." I pushed past him and was tripped by matt's Shoe ...."Whata hell Matt!!"

"Oops foot slipped" I stoop up looked at him and smirked "you Know matt you got guts " he came closer 2 my Face "what can I say I'm just not scared "He is a adorable this one "AHSLEY I SEE YOU" taylor yelled "Ooooo bananas No you don't its uhm your Dreaming your in Tarzan world"

I quickly scramble of with matt tripping me again and with taylor on my heels I ended up falling with Taylor ontop of me I closed my eyes waiting for his hippo weight 2 hit me but it never did "you know you can open your eyes I'm not that Ugly "Taylor said I opened my Eyes and looked up at him His eyes they're so beautif....what aSh stop I think the salt waters affecting me ...."Uhm I AM I Just.."

"Thought I would crush you like a KFC crusher???"

"Yeah only I would look like a pancake "

"You should be more scared when JC falls on you "JC yelled"I Heard That ass"

And before I could reply my hands was grabbed and I was drag away from under taylor on my back "ohhhh come onnnn people stop kidnapping me isn't anyone gonna help me ???l have rights 2 "

Nobody answered so I took my arms pulling that person over me and they landed infront of me "HAYESSS!!!"

"Oww okay Ash I need 2 show you something "he whispered yelled at me I smacked him "you could just asked me normally??"

"No Normals boring "He grabbed my hand making me half run and trip with him "Hayyyyyyessssss!!"

"Shhhhh Ash!!!"

He stoped walking slowly and pointed at something behind the tree we where Hiding behind and there was Nydeen Kissing a monkey oooo no wait that's Nash potatoes I gasped but was quickly pulled behind a tree with hayes covering my mouth I heard Nydeens voice "Did you hear anything "

Nash replied with"No..." I heard something the sound of a traitors Baboon butt banana shushed monkeys butt!!!that didn't even make sense !!!!she didn't tell me .....this is gonna be good Hayes Grabbed my Hand leading me out again "So you showed me why!!??"

"Well they did go missing a now and again so I followed them turns out they didn't go for treasure hunts or puma battles or sweeping the woods on a daily basses ....."

"Make sense "

"And I wanted 2 share it with someone that I think would want 2 know ..."

"This is gonna be good you gonna be in this with Me Hayes it's gonna be our revenge 2 them"

"Hell yes that's also why I shared it with you ...."

Jack G P.O.V

"O Come Jack let me have a seat man!!!I'm your best friend we are brothers man Batman and robbin .... Peanut butter and jelly and and and I can't think of any other ....!!!"I begged JacK J "No dude this is my Royal chair"

"If you don't let me sit I will tell the old lady you stole some of her bananas!!"

"You mean coconuts??"

"Yeah her Cocon...wait I taught she had bananas....." All of a sudden Carter pushed me away infront of Jack J and stood infront of him"Give me My chair JacK"

Jack J looked bored "No Carter for the 10000 time No wanna hear it in spanish Noh!!!!go away this is mine and its name is Royal !!""

"Why Royal "Carter Asked

"Because my amazing butt sits on it "

I got bored and decided 2 do something I grabbed Carter threw him over my shoulder "Come on love let's Go for a Swim"

"What hell no put me done my Beloved I don't have time for this ....I will divorce you I swear " all of a sudden we where both tackled into the water by Cameron "Don't worry love's ill save you"Carter came up from under water same time I did and gave Cameron a flat Look"You suck "

Cameron winked at him "Feisty I like I like " Carter was gonna reply but then said "uhhhm guys why is Hayes and Ashley holding Hands over there"but that was cut short when Ashley smacked the stars out of Hayes seriously I saw birds and stars dancing around him and not any dance they where doing the snake dance mixed with twerking ...

she walked a away giving him a thumbs up..."Never mind Hayes was probably trying 2 hit on her and failed she is quite feisty......."Carter said .....Taylor came out of nowhere joining us "why are you guys stalking Hayes I mean I know he is cute and all but seriously its kinda creepy look even he is freaked out by it"Hayes looked at us with big Eyes and looked for some place 2 hide....

He ran backwards and ran right into nash who raised an eyebrow at him and smacked him on the head while nydeen came out of nowhere and smacked Hayes 2... Hayes Yelled "Stop with smackingggg Okay geeez do I look like 'Slap me when your Bored'2 you guys " he stormed of tripping halfway and all of us shared a look before yelling "Hayesyyyy Booo we Love you!! " He turned around but tripped right infront of Ashley while she had an Evil look walked right up 2 Nash Slapped him and turned away o yeah she also tripped Nydeen in the slapping progress she is so violent .....she fist pumped Hayes flipped her hair and walked off while we all gave her An applause for this performance ..oscar worthy!! Aaron came from under the water making a "Raaaawrrr" sound which scared the crap out of all of us and we ended up screaming so loud from the distance I saw Ashley tripping and Jack falling of his chair Backwards and the old lady dropped all her coconuts yelling "Don't eat me eat my Husband he's fatter " the old man started running yelling "Earthquake hide find a table quick quic... " and then he tripped over shawn who was randomly laying in the middle of nowhere 'Tanning' with his own build leaf umbrella the old man took sand threw it over shawn "Braise yourself son Hide under the table "shawn looked at him weirdly "you mean the leafs sir??"

"No can't you see the table over you its a table that's wood "

"Okay then..."Shawn said

.....we didn't notice we where holding onto each other like a couple of wimps till Carter Yelled in all our Ears"That's right Baby throw his royal ass of you"....


Sorry for spelling or mistakes :)

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