*Cake face*

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*Ashley P.O.V*

"Can you not"I whispered at Tarzan


He won't stop poking me "STOP IT"

We are currently watching a scary movie well I'm trying to...."Why its not bothering me "Taylor said

I folded my arms and glared at the tv maybe that evil thing will jump out there and grab Taylor...

*Poke**Poke**Poke**Poke**Poke*i don't feel it nananananan when you ready come and poke me nanana Nash and Nyny was sharing this couch with me and Taylor so NyNy knew what Taylor is doing but she is trying hard not to laugh ....Baboon she's suppose to have my back

*Poke**Poke**Poke*Keep Calm Ash Keep Calm don't harm him you like him remember...."OMG Tarzan stop it I'm not one of your monkey friends you poke around for flies and shit"I said right after I shaved him just kidding I shoved him but he didn't budge wtf is he superman ooooh he might be Batman!!!!"No need for Violence Godzilla"Taylor said look at him omg he is so adorable pouting like that I just wanna ki......Woa ash slow down calm your horse brush his hair or something just chill....I started imagining Brushing a horse well the movie ended and we all stared at the TV"That was the worst movie ever it wouldn't even scare my grandmother "Matt said "yeah she would be laughing her Granny Panties of at this"Hayes replied"I say ....Let's HIT THE POOl"Nash yelled

"Me and Ash will meet you guys there kay!!!?"Nyny said she got up kissed Nash and pulled me out the door

"Let's Get you Smaxy!!!"She yelled dumping me in the Dustbin kidding kidding I tripped and fell over the couch

We got ready all dressed in neon green bikini's Matching ones while NyNy wrestled me till she got me pinned down to straighten my hair she so evil I swear I can hear my hair crying for mercy...

"Perfect" she said while my hair yelled "Nooooooooo"


"Bye Fatty "NyNy said before running and Tackling Nash into the water ..okay then don't mind me ill just look like a loser all alone .....All alone .....I looked around and these girls looked like models like Wow I look like a clown compared to them....but who cares I'm not volunteering for Victoria secrets soon unless there's food involved or Dylan O'Brien ...

I was walking to this nice open Chair when I caught sight of a certain Bandanna boy and I started a drooling fest but then it turned into Lava when I saw the Cake face clinging onto him like there's alligators in the water ....yeah right ill be the only Alligator she will be meeting....I was just enjoying of how terrifying she would look at me when I turn into an alligator when I walked straight into a chest how nice....I looked up and he was so gorgeous blond hair Blue eyes nice body ....like I would go all Dayuuuummm boy but that be awkward"sorry I wasn't looking "I said he smirked down at me scanning my body...smell that I smell Manwhore all over this one..."No biggie pretty lady like you can walk into me anyday"ooo I wanna make my fist me his face anyday wonder if that counts???but before I could reply I was picked ap and Throw over a shoulder "Who is this put me down and no harm will come to your Manhood"

"Relax Dragon its me"


"Yeah that's my name don't wear it out now"

"Can you put me down"

"Mmmm sure"

He put me down but I didn't miss the glaring fest him and hotshot was having ...what's up with him never seen him getting all well like this....."Uhhhm JC"

"That guy is bad news Ash"

"Don't worry JC I'm not planning on marrying someone that's ego is so big the wedding ring won't fit...."I tapped him on the head and scrolled down to an Empty Sunbed I plopped down and put my sunglasses on closing my eyes .....the sun is so amazing and Wait where did it go why is it dark????omg is it batman???I opened my eyes and Hayes was Standing above me "ASH STASH!l I grabbed him down to my face level "What Hayes what why when and where and why are you blocking my sun can't you see I need it??"

"Uhm yeah but matt asked me to ask you to hold this "he plopped a ball on my legs running of with matt sending me a wink ...okay what to do with this ball I looked up I totally know....I stood up throwing it hard and it hit Cake face's pie hole "BINGO WE GOT A WINNER "I yelled jumping up and down she started screaming "My face you Hippo!!!!" I gasped followed by NYNY Gasping as well "Excuse Me???"NyNy and mE yelled she looked at NyNy In the pool "o your her monkey friend want a banana "what did she just compared me 2 an animal she is to kind....

Before I could registered what happened Cake Face was dipping NyNy in the pool whattttt??I yelled "FoR Narnia !!!" And jumped in jumping onto of her dragging her down. I was about to swim up when she pulled me down by my legs under water this girl has a grip alright but she's dealing with Hulks Cousin here I grabbed her hand pulling it of me but she kicked me I gasped and water enter my mouth while NyNy dragged her up by her Hair and before I know it someone grabbed me by my waist pulling me up I coughed like I just saw Dylan O'Brien shirtless and it shocked me that bad his so hot ...."Hey Hey you okay look at me Ash "

I turned around and there was Shawn I ignored him where is that Cake I'm about to send her to the bakery to get some backing done I heard yelling "aaah Let me go someone get this monkey of me !!!"NyNy was till pulling her Hair while Cameron tried to get her to let go "Someone Get Nash!!!"Cameron yelled I swam up to them shawn tried to grab me but failed and i kicked her right in the stomach "aaaah helpppp do something "she yelled I smirked "Your about to get decorated " I grabbed onto her face but she kicked me in the stomach again o that's it I grabbed her face and Punched her right on the nose "Omg my nose " shawn tried holding me back but I was already aiming again she needs a few sprinkles "Get Taylor "Shawn yelled "Hurry"Cameron and Shawn yelled at the same time I took my knee slamming it into her side "oopsies sorry knee slipped" I said "You crazy Bia...."

But NyNy dipped her into the water so we heard sometime like hhgfgf with bubbles but I imagined it said Ashley you sexy Unicorn beat her Ass before we could finnish our Decoration Nash Jumped in getting NyNy of Cake face in No time "Let me Go Nash!!!"NyNy yelled punching his back while he scrolled out of the pool like its a regular thing to do ....weirdo but I ain't done yet I was about to turn around when a hand met my face my face turned sideways and I saw Taylor running to the pool I could looked back at her taking her by surprise I made my fist do a handshake with her face again HaH that's for trying to steel my man!!!!before I could grab her again I was pulled back I tried to fight the person of no use ...he pulled me out the water threw me over his shoulder "I'm not done with you yet !!!!I will find you and I will turn you into a pulp of rainbows!!!you'll be picking your teeth up like skitles!!!!!!"I yelled she got out the pool stomping off somewhere what a wimp !!! I decided to let this person just carry me off I will find her later she can't hide this might be a big boat but there's only so far she can run hey I know we can throw her off the ship.......a door was opened and closed with a another door then I was thrown on a soft surface I looked up "oo Taylor you ruined my cake Fest...jerk" he walked to the door locking it took a chair and sat infront of the door "want to leave this room you are gonna have to go threw me princes "

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