*tall dark and Handsome*

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*Ashley P.O.V*

"Give it Back Matt its mine !!"I yelled Nash and them send me to come get popcorn and sweets and drinks after we all got cleaned up and dressed in pajamas "no make new one's"he yelled running away with my bowl of popcorn "No Matt give it "I yelled throwing random stuff at him while the other boys sat around ducking every now and again but Jack G missed that part and I hit him right in the head with the remote "oopsies" I said when Jack G stood up looking evilly at me I started running when I was tackled to the ground "Ooomptff you will never take me alive Jack never !!!!!!!"I yelled he grabbed me throwing me over his shoulder "I just did "He said "emergency someone help very tall dark and Handsome guy carrying me away Helo he could be alien zombie vampire werewolf???" I looked up and all the boys they where wearing smirks wtf is it the smirk fest do I not look desperate enough??? My head smacked into the side of the wall "oowwww Jack be more careful would ya I'm just a girl you know not a sack of dead bodies you always carry around" I said "whoooopsie sorry watch your head then "he said he put me down right in the bathroom grabbing something from the Cupboard and spraying it all on me omg it shaving cream "Jaccccck aaah stop Nooooooo someone help getting attacked by a free shaver "I tried to run but he grabbed me back spraying everywhere I quickly got loose from him running straight to Nash and Taylor's Room but I was tackled again by Jack J "sorry got to help my brother out "he said smiling and taking something from behind is back omg Whipped cream "no Jack no its meant for eating "I yelled with Hayes running up to me "ill save you ash "but he was tripped by Carter "you can't even stay on your feet Hayes how do you wanna save a danzel in distress"Carter asked but soon Carter was tackled over the couch by Hayes with matt's popcorn flying everywhere and Shawn singing "I Believe I can fly "Matt looked very sad "my babies nooo"he yelled Jack J started spraying me with whipped cream"Hey Ash Guess what ??"Jc yelled while I tried to answer him threw my giggles "what!?" I asked "Now your whipped "JC yelled I pushed Jack J of me running to the room and locking it while yelling "the handsome one and his brother is Coming hide " Nash ,NyNy and Taylor looked pretty bored "who???"Nash asked "Jack and he has Back up its the shaving cream and Jack J they are serving him this is madness!!!"I yelled "whaaaat?and Ash did you roll in whipped cream for fun??"NyNy asked confused "open this door for the tall dark handsome guy Ash"Jack G said

"No your ugly now go away"I said

"What!? Handsome?"Taylor asked looking a bit woaw wait is that jealousy no no can't be Nash looked at Taylor and back at me "o ash do you think Jack is handsome now??"Nash asked

"No! "I yelled and Matt yelled "Yes I heard her compliment him"

"Yes me 2" Jc yelled what is it team up against Ash day?"I DIDN'T"I yelled "you so did look she is blushing" NyNy said "I AM NOT"I yelled grabbing a shirt and heading to the bathroom "that's my shirt you know "Nash yelled "who cares your dating my best friend and this is how I roll with her boyfriends so suck it up big boy"I said slamming the door but before I slammed it I saw Nash smirking what??I was about to turn around but there stood the one and only Taylor behind me......"Can I help you???"I asked

"You think he Is handsome???"He asked puzzled

"Well Yeah?"I said confused

Taylor went to the door locking it omg he is gonna kill me maybe drown me or slam my head into the toilet pool I mean bowl and Flashing it I can't go there...na uh ...I headed for the door handle but when I reached it I was lightly pushed up against the door .... wow for someone who is planing on killing me he sure is gentle..."You think he is handsome "he asked again what's up with him .."Uhm yeah???" I asked more as a Question he lightly brushed his Hand over my cheek guess who is getting shaving an whipped cream on his ass Taylor that's right not me ..o wait I'm covered in it ....he moved closer to me till his face was inches from mine is it hot in here or is just Taylor???I notice how his eyes looked way more beautiful up close and how my heart started to race overboard just as I got lost in his eyes his lips met mine the warmth of his lips sent a current running threw my body I grabbed his shirt pulling him closer getting so lost in his peppermint breath and his soft lips and out of nowhere there was a hard bang against the door we jumped apart "I NEED 2 PEE!!"Nash yelled what o I wanna go all Texas chainsaw on his ass right now I unlocked the door yanking it open and throwing Nash with his own shirt he wore a creepy smile I looked back at Taylor"I uhm I need to uhm go find uhm new pajamas"I said rushing out the room but I looked back seeing Taylor wear a smirk and winking at me ....I quickly ran out the boys room into the hallway when I crashed into Aaron "Ash??what happened to you ??you look shocked love struck and confused ??woaw that must be strong Whipped cream they used on you unless???did you roll in it???"He asked "uhm no I am....."I pushed past him to my door but I couldn't get the handle open "okay Okay what happened ???"Aaron asked I notice he carried some M&M's I grabbed a handful shoving it in my mouth...."Sjfhwuyfw"I said "your so doing that on purpose but its fine I will figure this out "he said walking into the boys room I was about to enter the room when Frank-John threw me over his shoulder I screamed yelling"aaaaaaaaah guys Help me !!!!!"

"O no sweety your coming with me you covered the entire ball room with whipped cream we know it was you!"He said

"What I didn't I was in there the whole time !!!!"I yelled hitting his back the guys door burst open Jack and Jack stood there with the shaving cream and whipped cream "oooi unhand that lady you savage ...."Jack J yelled "I am not a savage she was caught spraying woaW you two are guilty to!!!!!Boys get them "he yelled other securities grabbed Jack and Jack the other boys came running out of the room "whata ...."Aaron said

"Don't worry we can handle this we will be back soon guys Ash is save with us "Jack G yelled they looked confused but went back into the room I looked straight o my o no I was staring at this guys nicki minaj's ass......eww omg that is so gross "can I walk please I don't really have a nice view you know ......."I asked

"No I don't trust you"he said

"My poor eyes ...."I yelled

Well this should be fun I already hungry and ........I wonder when Dylan O'Brien is gonna burn all his shirts ??

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