Scary what part 2 ...

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*Ash P.O.V*

"I'm telling you guys we are lost and that thing is gonna come back then Hayes won't be able to fart us out of this it probably went to fetch some deodorant and soap for Hayes and it probably took a bath itself  " Matt said

So let me tell you guys we are trying to find our way out of this and we've only been walking in circles and Aaron was lucky enough to find a dollar.....
"I would be offended but I'm not and come on Aaron you know I spotted it first ..."Hayes said
"You didn't you where staring at the wall I found the dollar its mine"Aaron said "no no its rightfully mine you pineapple"Hayes said
"Did you just call me ....oh hell nah"Aaron said he was about to grab Hayes but Shawn stopped them "listen if you lady's keep fighting over a dollar I'm giving it to.....uh ....Cam"shawn said Cam wiggled his eyebrows "that's right lady's ...fear me ..."Cam said then Carter bumped into me "sorry I'm still blinded by Hayes awful disgusting bomb like how that man stinks like that from the inside I don't know ...."
Carter was still trying to get "fresh air" then Cam froze "do you guys think that was an actual ghost??" He asked then JC said "no Cam it was Cinderella on drugs and one of us probably stole her glass slipper to sell it for a new car  ..... this part of the ship was haunted so yes ...."
"Wait who is jeff?" I asked
"Its a new friend we made ...."Jack J said why am I finding this hard to believe the way I know these boys they tortured him for some insane reason
"I'm so hungry...and feels like we've been walking for hours in this stupid haunted part I swear I'm gonna eat Ash or the walls or cinderella on drugs  ..."Matt whined "what why me ???" I asked "well Ash you are the cutest...."Matt said then I saw Tay looking like a dragon next to me and Matt gave him a weird look and said "weirdow you just jealous because you not getting compliments..." I slapped Matt over his head "ooowh"
"Serves you right "NyNy said we where all walking so chilled when the ship started shaking like a earthquake "aaaah" we all yelled "no no no please don't let this be like titanic no..."Nash said holding onto NyNy for dear life I grabbed a hold of JC coz I couldn't find Tay and before we know it the lights where flickering ...."I will not go down with this ship this ain't right help us ! "Carter screamed "shhht idiot its haunted don't wake the boggy man " Shawn said "yes he is right we seriously don't know what else is down here "Tay spoke somewhere "so let's calm down and try and find our way out of here "Shawn said "and let's all hold hands " Carter said "what no we not gay...."Aaron said then we heard scratching noises "okay okay let's hold hands "Aaron said fast grabbing Jack G hand "you the strongest and scariest you will protect me "Aaron said Jack G smacked his ass "and I'm gay too bonus for you "Jack G said winking "whaaaat"Hayes said "he is joking we all know he is my boo alone "Jack J said grabbing Jack G other hand then the scratching came closer and we all turned around accept for Carter "I am not turning around I've seen scary movies let's pretend we don't hear it we are here to pick some flowers for my granny because she loves the smell and where are in a forest surrounded by cute little bunnies ...."We all screamed like very badly "Bunnies aren't scary"Carter said "that's no bunny...."JC "guys she upgraded her nails ..."Cam said and right what we where staring at is the white headed thing with long nails ....."she didn't have nails before "Cam said "run!"Shawn yelled and we blasted off in no time I felt someone grab my other hand and saw Tay and the one who grabbed the other hand was Matt ...Hayes just froze infront of us and started bending down so his bum was in the air and being me I ran straight into it and fell right over him "wata hell Haz!" Nash yelled "someone make me fart"Hayes yelled "Now !!!" Everyone looked panicked "and how the hell are we suppose to do that ???Play harry potter on your ass ???"Nash said "Yes what ever it takes stick your hand in if its a must " Hayes said and Carter puked I Guess he remember the taste but what was worse he puked right on me "CARTER!" I yelled while trying to get up but I failed and slipped right into his puke
again and Matt and Tay slipped so hard past the puke they did some slide right past me and into a door which they fell threw"I'm gonna .......!"But Tay didn't finnish he sentence we heard crashing sound and a loud "for narnia oompft " from Matt"Oh boy ...."NyNy said "Ash I am so sorry  ..."Carter said "Ash !!"Shawn yelled "No Shawn stay where you are I'm warning you" NyNy said everyone that tried to help me froze NyNy started backing up everyone else followed her while Hayes was still Bending infront of me we where face to face and I looked him straight in eyes I saw fear flash in his eyes and he farted  "Get out of the way Hayes ..."I said and he scrambled away with his stinky skunk ass eyes are actually watering ....I stood up and pointed at miss whiteness "You!!"I yelled she actually froze and pointed one of her fingers at herself I even saw her gulp "Yes you ....!How dare you huh shame on you !"I yelled I started walking towards her and she backed away "you know I should have the Jacks take care of you and those boys are masters at 'Taking care of problems' and you are starting to act like one "I said she froze and her face turned to the the boys  ..."Jacks come here "I turned around and winked at them they both walked Toward me cracking they're necks and knuckles they catch on quick I would high five them but my acting skill calls upon me "Now please be of service and act like some bleach and get rid of this stain ...." I said the miss whitey froze and then she got this scared look "Yeah that's right we ain't scared ...." Jack J said she sized them up and when they both ran towards her we even heard a fart and she was gone "who was that!!" Cam asked the Jacks came back "that was her ...."Jack G said laughing "Hayes you two would get along just fine ..."Nash said then Matt came out of the door but soon met the floor and Tay came out and pointed at Carter "YOU"Tay said "he means you Jc ..."Carter said and backed up...."Nah man he is clearly pointing at you idiot"JC said then Carter started running of with Tay behind him "now I stink all because of carter and Hayes " I whined "aww come here Ash"shawn said and grabbed me into a hug "now we both stink" Shawn said "Hey I see you Shawn !"Taylor yelled coming back and dragging Carter behind him "yeah and ?"Shawn said "She's mine ..."Taylor joked everyone turned to me "what???" I asked even Carter tried to look at me "is this true white girl???"Carters asked "Yes ...Tay asked me out and I said Yes ..." I said "finally " everyone yelled the boys high five Taylor and he dropped Carter and NyNy screamed and clapped her hands "YAY" "Okay okay can we please get out of here guys "NyNy begged "o yeah me and Tay spotted what we think was the exit....."Carter said we followed them and sure enough there was the exit Cam was about to reach and push the door thingy open (its like one of those basement doors that open like at the roof side ) when Tay stopped him "Wait look ...." And we all looked up and there was water dripping from the door "oh no ....."

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