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*Carter's P.O.V*

"No No Nah you listen here I want that ice-cream I don't care about no break you taking ..."I yelled arguing with this old man who sells ice - cream on the boat while everyone went to the pool earlier I decided to just take a scroll with myself "young man please calm down its just ice-cream"he said "ah hell nah its not just ice cream its heaven its Gold its Ash???"I said seeing Ash running for her life "what its Ash??? doesn't Ash taste bad..."The old man said "What I don't know if she does never licked her before ooi Ash wait up Ash!!!"I said started to run but froze "Ill be back this isn't over ..."I said to the ice-Cream man....I ran after Ash wow this girl is fast I was about to catch up when I ran full force into wait who is this "Taylor???"I asked "dude I almost had her ..."Taylor said "what do you oh ???you mean Ash ...dude like she is like some Turbo you ain't getting her unless you have some redbull maybe some vodka..."I said but was cut of "Alcohol freeze right there!!!!!" The security yelled"uh dude your not a cop..."I said "what no listen I need to find a girl please I don't have time for this "Taylor said pushing me of him "No you are coming with me ....."The security said stepping face to face with Taylor "Oh boy this is gonna end bad ....listen wanna be cop he has to find the girl because he just has to unlike you who are probably still single like me..... this guy has found love "I said the security turned to me "who said I'm single???"He yelled in my face "Does someone have a mint ????fine then I'm the only single one just room dude I can smell last nights dinner smells like chicken ....dead chicken to be exact ...."I said examining my nails he grabbed me by my shirt then Taylor saw this and he stormed to the guy....

*Ash P.O.V*

Maybe I should just jump of the ship or something???but that be to titanic like I reach some sort of top deck and what caught my eye was ...."Taylor don't !!!"Carter yelled but in no time Taylor was Beating the stars and unicorns out of a security guard while Carter tried stopping him but had no luck ...I ran back down getting in the middle when one of them grabbed me and pushed me up against the wall I slowly opened my eyes and saw Taylor Frozen in front of me with his fist in the air "Ash where did you ??How???and I need to tell you something ..."Taylor said dropping his fist then the security was about to grab Tay when I pushed him away and I kicked the security right where the sun doesn't attend to shine ....."Can't you see we trying to talk here ...."I said but the security grabbed my ankle yanking me down Carter's eyes went wide "Holy shit ..."He said then he ran of and Tay's Face turned into some beast like angry dude .......then a boy said "shits about to get real".....

*Next update tonight I promise that for sure tanx for reading so far sorry for my mistakes I do notice them...after a while ..... and I'm so sorry ....please forgive me I'm only human ......*as soon as my books done I will try and fix most of them ......and sorry for any spelling or confusion or anything in that line #StayBeautiful <3

Getting stuck on an island with the magcon boys(Taylor Caniff Fanfic)Przeczytaj tę opowieść za DARMO!