*Nash's Chocking machine*

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*Ashley P.O.V*

"JC stop please no Stop it"JC was swinging me around in the Air just because I told him he has a Fat Booty.....and that he screams like a girl "Say your sorry Dragon"

"Okay Okay I'm sorry now please I beg you put me down ..."

"Okay okay" JC quickly put me down "So asH??"


"Have you confessed your Undying love for Tarzan yet"Nash who was sitting near us choked on his fruit well he should be more Careful with fruit wouldn't want him being snow white and all...then Shawn scrolled by "you love Tarzan!"

"I don't love him !!!"

"You Do!!!omg you so do looked at that sparkle are you blushing omg you so are girl you are so inlove no wonder that shark swam away the feelings was to much for him he is probably crying somewhere in a cave on how cute you two are" this Time Nash chocked so hard when he saw my face he stood up grabbing some coconut cup with water in it "that's all lie's JC!!!!!!"

"They are so not"he can be so glad no one is here except for Nash but I don't think he heard us he couldn't right???why am I even scared if he heard its not like he would tell Taylor....nash got himself together sitting back down "wanna play some thumb war??"

"Yeah Sure Dragon let's Go"

I grabbed his hand by force yanking him of the tree stamp "who ever loses does 20 laps "He pulled me down on the ground "your so on blondie"

*Nash P.O.V*

Ash likes Taylor omg this is so gold but I was so shocked I almost swallowed my entire fruit!!good thing Aaron left some water here!!I wonder if Taylor likes her he would tell me right ???where like Brothers..."Ha Ha I Beat your ass loser now go do 20 Laps !!" Ash yelled "aaaa Man fine you cheated "JC complained but he got up anyways but we all know he ain't gonna be doing 20 laps he gonna be doing 20 feet walking ..... "So Ash !!???" She looked surprised "Yes trash Nash???"

"Want some water!?"

"No You might have some poison in there for all that I know who are buddy's with the shark and totally set that up!!"

"I didn't "I saw taylor and the guys coming perfect let's see

"So did"



"I like your face Ash"she froze


"I said I like your face"I looked up and was just in time 2 see Taylor smacking me on my Head Bingo he totally likes her he walked past us giving Ash a wink yeah he likes her alright "to bad I can't say the same Nash I'd rather complement the shark on its beautiful teeth and how your face would look beautiful in between them..."I smirked "you mean you would totally complement Taylor on his beautiful face"

"Yes I would tota.....hey what!no"I grinned"I'm so telling him"I got up "Taylor Man wait up "I starred running up to him but was tackled to the ground

"Have ever consider Football Ash???admit you like him and I won't say a word on what I've witnessed ....."

"Yes I have but I might just break a few boys Buffalo sized ego's when I beat they're ass in football!no I don't okay..."

"Taylor come here man I need to tell you something"

"Don't you dare Nash"she pinned me down even harder yap she loves Him Taylor looked Confused but started approaching us ...."I will believe me confess now and I won't tell 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3...... "

"Okay Okay I like him okay there you happy "

I smiled brightly and from the Corner of my eye I knew JC totally heard all of it since He was doing his 20 laps hiding around the bush....."Completely"

Taylor approached us "Yeah!???" I looked up at him"Your hair looks lovely as ever Taylor you need to give me some tips "the old man walked by "yeah me to son since all mines falling out...."Taylor looked Amused "uhhhhm sure Thing ....." Ash got of me half tripping past Taylor stomping her foot on my knee "oooooWwww Ash "

"Oops sorry Trash Nash"oooo she's mad !!"So explain ???!!!why is she mad"Taylor asked JC came out of the bushes "Because her hair doesn't look as good as yours!!!!"JC replied "please we all know she's no girly girl "I said Taylor looked between us then out of nowhere the old lady grabbed his arm "Let's go handsome young man you are gonna dig out a Coconut tree and bring it all the way over here so I don't need 2 have issues with having babies ..."Taylor looked at her "why not ask your husband to give you real babies ??!"

"He is way to old for those "

"But I need to...."

"No buts let's go ...."

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