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:)Ashley's POV:)

It was one stormy day and and omg I'm just kidding let's cut this bull okay so here's what happened I robbed a ship and died and became a zombie ...just kidding ...what really happened is me and my best friend nydeen I know she has a weird name don't ask left behind by I cruse ship with few other boys on an island that I really don't know where it is ..."Ashley don't just sit there dreaming about Taylor lautner do something" I starred at naydeen like she is crazy "I will marry him one day ...and what you want me 2 do turn into some asian ninja and create a boat 2 freedom ???" "yeeees" I jumped up "well then let me get my ninja on activation mode" all those boys from earlier yeah they where totally staring at me now "whaaat???" I said they all started laughing and came 2 sit by us ...they all started 2 give us they're name and addresses just kidding they just gave us they're names which where Nash then Cameron shawn ..and taylor hayes Aaron Carter Jc Jack and another Jack and Matthew ....and I remember they names wow I'm impressed really I am I need an award... Watch out red carpet her I fall ...omg I just fell on someone what if they're dead ...I looked down and saw I fell on Naydeen "well you can die" nAydeen looked shoched but then we both started laughing because of how awesome we are Nash came and helped us up how sweet of him ....I looked at taylor and he just started making noise and faces dam taught I was weird ...he stopped and said" guys I have an idea let's build a big mansion and life like cavemen " all of a sudden Aaron looked at Taylor "dude sometimes you make me wonder let's just build like an SoS and see what happens because I am not gonna become a cavemen like that retard "......

Note or Nah ...

So this is my first chappy I will write more !!!!and the story will get more magcon added 2 it ;) XxPeacexX

Getting stuck on an island with the magcon boys(Taylor Caniff Fanfic)Przeczytaj tę opowieść za DARMO!