*shocked*&Royal chair *

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*Ashley P.O.V*

"Dude give it Back or I swear I am gonna beat your ass up so hard you gonna see coconut's for birdies"Carter yelled while the old lady yelled "Coconuts where??"while Cameron looked at the old lady and said "WtF" Jack J looked at Carter "No I saved it so its mine Its my chair now build a new one !"

"It took me a long time 2 build just that one give it 2 me now its mine"Jack J pretended 2 look for something on the chair and replied "Nope don't see Carter written anywhere so snooze you loose bro !!!"

"Aaaah what eva just keep it I hope you break your fat butt on it"Carter said before walking away from Jack J

All of the sudden Carter stood infront of Jack J again "By the Way I farted on that chair so much so you gonna have my stink all over you !"Jack J looked at him "Rather that then your Fatass" Carter Gasped "fat!!??who you calling fat "Carter took off his shirt"This is pure muscle yummy Carter Reynolds muscle "I stared at his abs what its a free island can do what I want Jack J looked Bored"please step away with your nudity from me and my Royal chair "

"Fine keep the royal chair you Royal butt head "and with that Carter plopped himself down next 2 Aaron around the fire

I forgot I was still staring at Carter's abs till I felt a rock hit my head I looked away and saw matt with a smirk "oops Hand slipped "I walked up 2 him and kicked him so that he would fall over "oops Foot slipped" I plopped down next 2 Jack J "so your royal highness how's the royal chair sitting??"

"Quite comfy actually do you wanna sit"

"Yessss" I jumped up but was stopped when Jack J grabbed me and plopped me right on 2 his lap he smirked "I didn't say where though" I looked back at him "uhhhm nah its fine is better then the ground anyways as long as I'm part of the Royalness"Cameron sat next 2 jack J and they started talking about some weird gaming experience while I felt 2 arms wrap around my waist I looked down with an eyebrow raised this boys has guts I give it 2 you really......but aaah what eve its just arms .....

A shadow appeared in infront of me blocking my fire"and your blocking my fire with your body why!?" I looked up seeing Carter standing there "Carter Move"

"No I like this spot "


"No and No "

"Carter come on go away just move !!!!"


"Omg last warning move and all your limbs stay attached 2 your body"

"Not scared of you blondie"

"Well then sorry for this"I tackled Carter 2 the floor hearing a satisfying ooompf come from him while jack J landed ontop of me but quickly let go getting back on his royal chair while I was ontop of Carter "Damyum girl you heavier then you look but you don't scare me "okay he ask for it I position myself the right way while he started at me with a eyebrow raised "what you gonna sit me 2 death girl" and I started jumping on him "what 'ooompf' are 'ooompf' you 'ooompf' doing 'ooompf' !?" I looked at him "Say your sorry and ill stop "

"No" okay then his a stubborn one

'ooompf' 'ooompf'"okay okay 'ooompf' I'm sorry 'ooompf''ooompf''ooompf''ooompf' omg women I'm sorrry !!!I smirked and got of him "see it wasn't that hard now was it "he laid there for a while got up and went 2 sit next 2 Nydeen "good choice " he looked at me "this isn't over blondyy!!!" "What ever you say mister nudity "

just then I notice Aaron and Taylor did 2 because he asked "Hey Aaron where you when we had a search party???" Aaron smirked "JC asked me 2 gather some food and water and that kind of stuff for us for the night now that we talking of it wanna come help me bring some here buddy!?" Taylor stood up "sure bud" I looked up at Taylor and couldn't help but think how attractive he looks in that black shirt and WHoA asH slow down What back the monkey's the hell up before they take your brains here... No this is Tarzan Boy Here ....!!!

I felt someone poke me and next 2 me the poker was Shawn "uhm yeah Shawn?"

He whispered"You know I don't know if its me or did I just see a sparkle in those eyes when you looked at mister Tarzan??"

"What No No..."

He looked at me "Are you Sure He is a good guy you know he is not that bad"

"Look shawn there is no spark okay"

Shawn looked deep in thought "we will see about that"

Taylor and Aaron returned with some fruits and water cameron looked at the water Weirdly "don't worry its safe 2 drink "Aaron replied everybody grabbed a few fruits and some water "awww that's so sweet Aaron you made us some cups out of the Coconuts??"Nydeen said looking impressed "Yeah I did and your all welcome you know"everybody replied with "thanks " While Carter replied with "couldn't you get a bigger coconut and find a way 2 build a tap so we could drink whenever we want 2 you genius"and the old lady replied with "Hope you didn't use my babies " the old man hit his head with a fruit "omg women your holding your 'Babies'" she looked down "ooh sorry sweety here's my babies"and she started rubbing them Cameron looked at her with his mouth open a gab and his eyebrows raised and Hayes who was sitting next 2 her moved away really quickly looking scared for his life ......

All of a sudden I heard a ripping noise and Shawn spoke"Hey Uhm Taylor can I borrow your shirt mine is ruined because of today's Running can I like borrow yours I really don't wanna show my body you know and its cold and..."Taylor cut him of "Okay yes you can Shawn just stop explaining" I looked at shawn while he pushed the ripped piece under me and winked at me he stood up and so did taylor and when Taylor took his Shirt it was a way way better then any guys Body like Ever OMG what am I thinking what omg don't tell me I'm drooling I quickly whipped my chin and mouth making sure there is no water fountain exploding on my face while shawn returned with a satisfied look saying "I saw that but don't worry your secrets safe with me "

"I uhmmmm I...jusT " shawn put his finger on my lips "its okay you will admit it soon don't worry then ill be the one saying I told you so "he removed his finger winking and grabbing 2 fruits handing me one as well I was still in shock of what just happened .......

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