*Titanic ft the tunnel *

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*Ashley P.O.V*

"Stop touching me Cam!!!!"JC yelled"I know you like it "Cam replied "no I don't!!!"JC yelled then I heard a smacking noise so basically we are stuck in the wine Cellar in the dark no lights we cleaned it alright but matt taught he was a ninja and kicked the door it closed and this thing is so stupid it can only open from the outside "Soo any ideas who's the best Criminal in here ???"Jack J asked *Silnce* "okay then we wait"Jack J said again "I'm hungry" Matt said ..."Your the one that taught you know Kung Fu so now you should suffer the consequences...."Jack G said I went and plopped down very loudly on my butt "aaah what was that???"Hayes yelled

"An earthquake or Godzilla ???"Aaron said

"Hahahaha Funny Aaron I'm not that fat and ill eat you!"I said

"Oh its just you Ash...."Aaron said while Hayes left out a sight of relief

"Guys its been an hour ???" Carter said

"Well make yourself's at home !!!!"Taylor said and someone plopped down next to me with all the other's taking a seat to... I soon drifted off to sleep I know I almost hit the floor when someone grabbed me and put me on they're bed how sweet....


*JC P.O.V *

I sat next to Taylor and I know he put Ash on his lap can these two just confess they're feelings already "Hey guys let's dig an escape tunnel "Hayes said "yeah and while we at it Hayes let's sink the ship drown and then they will have a new titanic with a new annoying love song all over again making our ears bleed how's that???"Nash asked "won't we be dead so we won't hear it???"Hayes asked "OMG Hayes !!!"Nash yelled

"So we gonna dig a tunnel???"Hayes asked "NO !!!!"everybody yelled "How about now??"Hayes asked "NO!!"They yelled again

"And now "Hayes asked again"yes the I will use your dammm head as the shuffle "Carter said

"That's kind of mean carter don't you think??"Hayes asked "aaaaagh Shut up Hayes"everybody yelled.. "Hey guys why is Ash quite ???"NyNy asked "She is sleeping why" I said "she's never quite that's all"NyNy said

"Hey Taylor what about that Tunnel???"Hayes asked "How about NO!!!"Taylor said

"It won't be that bad to have a new titanic out maybe they will make Jack live???and maybe the song will get some beat in it "Hayes said

"Even if Jack lives Hayes its still a chick flick okay "Carter said

"Says the one that Fangirls over Justin bieber"Hayes Replied

"Well at least I don't wanna dig a Tunnel and sink a ship so Celine Dion Can make a new tear bursting song!!!and I don't even think there is a Jack or Rose on this ship ......"Carter said

"We could always make justin bieber sing the tear bursting song then you will fangirl over it and Nash and NyNy can be Rose and Jack...."Hayes said

"Hayes!!!"Nash said


"SHUT UP!!!"

"Someone Hit Hayes please "Shawn yelled

*Smack *"owwww"

"Thank you kind one "Nash said ......

"Hey guys..."Hayes said

"NO!!!"They yelled

"I.."Hayes said

"No "they yelled again

"Wanna..."Hayes said

"No no nO "everyone yelled

"Meanies you all couldn't wear beanies nanan "Hayes Sang

"What"Aaron yelled

"How??"Cam said

"Where does he came from I know its not earth"Shawn said

"Why are we related"Nash asked

"Well you see Nash mom and dad ..."Hayes started saying

"Shut up I don't wanna hear it Hayes ??!!!okay!"Nash yelled

"Kay so about the Tunnel???"Hayes said

"OMG !!!"Everybody yelled then the door opened

"This doesn't seem to be the bathroom"said the old lady "yes yes yes thank thank you omg I love you "Matt said running past her with most of the boys all giving her a kiss on the cheek running of

Carter bend down kissing the Carpet "free at last no more titanic or tunnels whooooaaaa but that justin bieber song could have worked "he got up running of "well that's was fun omg who am I kidding that was Awful!!!!" Nash said the old lady stood there shocked "I'm a dudes magnet told my husband I still had it in me I should open more random doors"she yelled what???she walked off leaving me Taylor Ash and nash and NyNy"she's lost it "NYNY said

"I can take Ash if you want Taylor "Nash said

"Uhhhm no no its fine ill take her "Taylor said

Nash had a evil look "are you sure I mean its a lot of trouble and you don't like her at all so ill just make your life easier you know"nash said

"No No I do lik......I mean its no trouble for me at all ..."NyNy smirked "we are sleeping over at you guys she just doesn't know it "she flipped her hair grabbed Nash and walked with Taylor and me behind them with Ash being carried by Taylor a man walked by us "Drunk kids these days there are no ladies left in this world"he said

"Actually sir she drank like a lady!.." Taylor said they guy walked by fast well this should be a fun sleep over .....

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