*Suprise punch*

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*Ashley P.O.V*

I woke up feeling all warm and cozy until last night struck me omg Taylor might know I like him I slowly turned around trying not to move to fast and bingo Taylor was still asleep I slowly put my hand over his to try and loosen his grip from me he grabbed my hand intervening our fingers and pulling me closer omg why me ??is he batman I know he is he hears stuff in his sleep now he feels stuff to omg he could be superman......I slowly wiggled my hand out of his and wiggled out of his hold I turned around and sure enough he was still sleeping I jumped of the bed but tripped but I got up again and started doing a happy Dance "you know that was fun to watch......."I turned around slowly and there on the other side of Taylor laid Cam looking quite amused"damit Cam I though you where ...."I said

"Taylor????" Cam said

"Uhm no I was gonna say a robber"I said

"Mmm you might wanna run now Ash Taylor's waking up"Cam said I sprinted out the door into me and NyNy's room I headed for the shower getting cleaned and dressed and I blow dried my hair with my mouth I'm just kidding I used a hair dryer .....I was all done when my door burst open reveling "Jack and Jack???"I asked

"Yap we have to go you look quite stunning madam but let's rol....."Jack J said

"Wait where we going?"I asked

"To do our punishment "Jack G said these boys look a bit excited for punishment...I was about to reply when Jack G grabbed my hand leading me out the door aaaw I didn't even get some food this is so sad "so what is our punishment ???"I asked "nothing yet......"Jack J said

"Okay now I'm confused ...."I said

"We are gonna find out who clowned us!!!and prove we are innocent!!!"Jack G said ooo this should be fun"is there violence involved ???"I asked "indeed ash indeed"Jack J said


We walked around this big ship looking for evidence or some lame people that could have done that stupid prank until a kid with glasses walked past us he looked down when he saw us what's up with him I mean I know I'm ugly and all but come on 2 hunks walking with me here....he walked past us then we heard up a big thump noise "get out of my way loser ???!!!"Someone yelled geez like does that person think they are king I will eat him and .."Hey that's not right !!"Jack J yelled I turned around and omg its Hotshot and his minions he pushed glasses dude down"yeah say your sorry!!!"Jack G yelled "I won't he was in my way ..."Hotshot said "What the only thing that's in your way is your ego it might end up throwing you off the ship"I said

"O yeah how about I throw you of the ship fatty "Hotshot said I am not Fat !!!!"She isn't fat what are you blind or is it your ego blocking your way "Jack J said "Excuse me smartass I will have you know I am richer then you will ever be I have more girls at my feet than you will ever have "Hotshot said Jack J and Jack G both raised and Eyebrow at him "he is for real right I mean that's not his fantasy or anything speaking because ..."Before Jack G could Finish Hotshot tried tackling him to the ground but Jack G got out of the way and I didn't see it coming so he ended up tackling me "ASH!!!"Jack J yelled then I turned my face and Hotshot hit me right on my left side of my face I swear I heard a Cracking sound ..."Wtf you Pig " Jack G yelled Grabbing Hotshot while his Minions grabbed Jack J and everybody started fighting I was still in shock a guy hit what???no guy has ever even got that close to beating me....I should go all Kung Fu on his ass...."What's going on here Ash why or you on the floor !!!"Someone yelled Shawn appeared above me helping me up while JC ,Cam ,Hayes,Matt helped Jack and Jack the guy with the glasses his eyes where pretty huge ....and he looked like a fish good thing we are on water maybe he is a Mermaid?? Matt was about to grab Hotshot when JC held him by his shirt "Let me beat him up come on let's make a Christmas tree out of him JC let me go I will show him"Matt said looking like he is on a treadmill while JC is holding him back ....the guys got the fight to stop and dragged us all back to the boys room Matt was pulled of course ...."OMG Ash your cheek is bleeding???!!!"Nash yelled NyNy came running out of the kitchen with a bowl of Cereal wearing half of the Cereal "Who did that to my Best friend Jack 's if it was you guys I will feed you to the sharks then I will....."Matt cut her of "they would never hurt her!!!Who hit you ash and don't make me ask again it was that blond Cupcake wasn't it??? !!"Matt yelled woaw he is so angry I didn't imagine Matt being this aggressive....John Cena has nothing on him right now...like matt can totally take him on right now "it was an accident "Jack G said then the bathroom door opened "what was a accident?? "Shit shit Taylor...the room went quite till "Helo who murdered who ???"Taylor asked "Someone hit Ash "Matt said aaa Matt...."WHAT???did I hear right ????"Taylor yelled he walked up to me turning me around "Ash look at that who did this??" I looked away turning the other way...."Come on let's clean that up ..."Taylor said grabbing my hand and leading me to the bathroom he took out a first aid kit "Taylor its not that bad I mean look ....."I turned around into the mirror my cheek was turning purple while there was a bit of blood and small cut"But How???" I said shocked Taylor lightly turned my face to him "well I assume she was wearing a ring ..." Taylor said "and how would you know "I asked

"Well sweet cheeks I have been in fights before. And I can also tell you that you can surely take a hit .... "Taylor said he cleaning my little cut I softly winched when he touched my cheek "sorry" he whispered"its okaY " I said smiling the door burst open and in walked Glasses dude ???What is he doing here and this a closed bathroom does he not see the closed door Taylor raised an eyebrow at him "And you are ???"Taylor asked he blushed "oo uhm I am uhm sorry I am Ben...I didn't meant to uh I just came to say thank you for well helping me ..."He said scratching the back of his neck"I don't remember carrying any grocery Bags for you ..."Taylor said "your welcome you can hang out with us if you like "I said "I uh thank you I would love to but I have to ..."He said but was cut of "Feed your fish Cat dog mouse dinosaur help your Grandma cross the street or read how to make friends !!"Taylor said ..."Well I mean..."He said omg this kid is more awkward then I am ..."Uhm yeah what ever Ben your Hanging with us like it or Nah..."I said "thank you "he said walking out ...what a strange boy "and he is???please say your cousin or brother "Taylor said "uhm no not any of those but he is the kid that Jack and Jack stood up for and that's the reason I got punched "I said "Next time Ash when you wanna let random girls punch you make sure I'm there to be Batman.."Taylor said "Actually it was a guy..... " I said"What who?????" Taylor yelled "I'd rather not....."I said Taylor pushed me up against the wall "Please tell me ...."He said brushing his lips lightly against mine omg I can't "It was ...."But the door burst open again Matt stormed in"I knew it was that blond Cupcake I am gonna Woah ...."He said shocked when he saw us Taylor quickly moved away while I just stood there "so who's the cupcake I know its not the one in the kitchen???he can't beat ash up ??"Taylor asked "well who is the guy that you would drive over with a bulldozer???"Matt asked

"I am gonna bulldoze him with my fist o he is so getting a knuckle sandwich that low piece. Of ..."Taylor said "OKAY Guys relax I will also love to beat him into a pulp but let's not okay we are already like criminals on this ship...when we are done they might end up dumping us in the ocean and we will end up like Titanic sinking and I still wanna Marry Dylan O'Brien okay???......."

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