*bunch of girls *Part 1*

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Carter P.O.V

I woke up to something poking me on my sides wtf ???I jumped but that was a very bad idea I jumped up right into the table hitting my head what am I doing under the table ???I checked my watch 12 in the night you have got to be kidding me....I looked to my side it was JC poking me I rolled out under the table feeling a bump forming on my head just great I walked it the kitchen when I turned the lights on a figure sat on the counter"aaaaah"I yelled "I've been expecting you young Grasshopper...."Hayes said the Fudge wonder who's the young one here "Hayes you scared the crap out of me !!!!"I walked past him grabbing some juice from the fridge and some snacks I pushed him and he fell of the counter oopsies I walked past him into me and Aaron and Hayes room like I'm gonna have a sore body tomorrow no ways....Hayes came in afterward Dumping himself onto the bed .....

*JC P.O.V*

I woke up next to the table how the hell.....but o well I need juice like now I walked to the kitchen but a hand touched mine before I could switch it on"aaaaah Zombieeee" I yelled "shhhh daaam man its me Matt"o its just matt..."O sorry" I said Nash came running in "what where who what time is it ???"Matt looked at him weirdly "uhm its a boat we are in the kitchen and its Jc its few min or so past 12 ...."Matt said "what are you kidding me screw this I'm taking my girl and we are going into my room ..."Nash said "don't be Dirty Nash"I said "o please Jc I am far from dirty..."Nash said winking Matt responded "yeah right and I like barbie movies....."I grabbed juice and headed out the kitchen "sppppt Baby wake up let's got to bed"Nash whispered to NyNy who was clinging onto Ash for dear life "hfhdge"NyNy mumble throwing her hands around Nash Neck he picked her up bridal style and went into the room then Ash sprawled onto the Carpet like a Starfish hitting Cam in the Face"ooow "Cam said waking up he saw me sipping my juice "what "he said I shrugged and walked of getting few blankets and pillows I gave Cam a blanket for him and Ash and two pillows since they're the only ones left on the floor Taylor ,Aaron and Shawn with Jack and Jack got the couches I threw a blanket over each of them ...."Aaah tanx Daddy "Cam said pretending to cry "Shut up Cam "I said I walked into me and Matt's room heading for my bed and falling asleep......

*Jack J P.O.V*

I feel something vibrating on my leg whata hell I jumped up......it was still on me vibrating I tripped over my own feet and the blanket that was over me made my fall even worse..... I put my hand in my pocket o wait its my phone my mom texted me is she serious its like 1 AM in the morning #Hey sweety just wanted to say sleep tight and I miss you tell the boys I say hi and kiss Jack for me #

Like I'm gonna kiss Jack for her no ways he is like my brother and all but no no I quickly texted her back and threw my phone on the table but I missed and it hit Ash's face "stop it weirdow"she said sleepy oops I picked my phone up putting it on the table and throwing myself on the couch again then I heard "That's it !!!"I looked to my side and Ash was strangling Cam "ooow I didn't do it "Cam yelled "you poked me 5 times I counted it Cam!!!!"Ash yelled "oops"Cam said o boy she is gonna eat him up she got of him lighty slapping him in his face she took her pillow looking around she saw me and Rose an Eyebrow "Jack what??"She asked "Nothing Nothing "I said smirking she plopped down next to the couch I was I started poking her to "aaaah no Jack stop ....."She said "aaawh Ashy Stachy what's wrong huh lil baby...."I said in a baby voice "screw you meany "she said pouting aaah she's another one this one I poked her again she slapped me getting up and laying down next to the couch where Taylor was ....I saw her staring him for a while then she smiled and touched her lips o no no she's inlove with Taylor why haven't I seen this before talk about being late I swear I live in another world sometimes .......I coughed she snapped out of it and looked surprises "o Ashy has a Crush aaaaaw "I said then Cam joined "aaaaw I see hearts Around your head Ash....."She glared at us and then turned to the couch so we won't see her we laughed and after a few min we I got up I saw her lightly snoring she sleeps fast I jumped on Taylor "Whata ...getf oft me ..."He mumbled mixing his words ...."Hey Taylor can I ask you something "Cam yelled "yeah bro just stop yelling gosh dgfgs" Taylor said "do you like someone you know blond hair and all??"Cam said Taylor looked so sleepy "yeah dgfg now leavge me alone "he said Sleepy ooo we got him Cam hold up his Phone "what you want me to sing the lion king song to it???" I asked "No let's make a Smack Cam "Cam said "Yeah and then we smack you Cam"Aaron said "oooo Aary is awake "I said "yeah losers I've been awake since Carter Face Bumped the table ..." Aaron said Cam stood up heading to the Bathroom them came back with shaving cream I held my hand out he sprayed some in my hand and Cam and Aaron got there phones ready "Fire !!"They both Yelled I Smacked Taylor Hard Across the face he jumped up bumping his head onto mine "omg Taylor your head is like stone shit "I moaned Taylor Glared at me "what what what is this "he pointed at his face "well that's shaving cream with my hand print why?"I said Aaron and Cam where Laughing so hard "ooi get of "Taylor yelled and pushed me of I landed ontop of Ash 'ooompfft' now the boys where laughing even harder while Taylor looked shocked "Ash .....?"I asked "Jack please get of me my Jelly Beans I am trying to sleep for the sake of all the Peanuts in the world get the hell of and your leg kicked me right in my rubs !!!"She yelled and helled her Rubs "my gosh what are you man of steel ...."She asked I got of her "no I'm the man of Fame " I said "who cares" she said smacking her head into the pillow and laying on her stomach Taylor glared at me and had a tiny smile he shook his head getting up and heading to the bathroom ....."Looks like a bloody tattoo Bro..."Taylor yelled he Came out of the bathroom cleaned up....he opened his and Nash's Bedroom door "omg can you guys not why are you sucking faces on my bed Nash!!!!!"Taylor yelled he slammed the door closed "bloody people that think they can suck faces all day....."Taylor said he went into the room we all heard "oooow Taylor "Nash yelled then he came back with more blankets and pillows "what Nash consider it free skydiving of my bed ...."Taylor yelled he walked back to us"so who needs more pillows or blankets"I grabbed a pillow Aaron grabbed a blanket and Cam also grabbed a pillow "thanks man "we all said "sure thing "he said smiling he bend down to Ash I just notice she is wearing Short Pajama pants she must be freezing "Ash do you want a blanket "Taylor asked "yes please" she said he gave her one "you can take the couch ill take the floor if you like "Taylor said "Nah its okay the floor is awesome "Ash said he sighted and got on the couch we all got Comfy again.....

It was quite for a few min then we Saw Jack G get up a throwing himself on the floor next to Ash woaw he looks sweaty .....he laid down like a starfish"so much better pweef..."Jack G said Ash turned to Jack and giggled "its looks like you just ran a marathon"she said "it feels like I did but it was way to hot on that couch and the blanket made it worse felt like I was being baked ..."Jack G said Taylor stared at the roof then we heard noises in the Hallway and a Smacking noise then I doorknob wiggled "its locked " someone said we all got up looking at the door then Cam went into his room and Came out with a Bat where the hell did he get that bat we all stared at him...."It was on sale at a store okay.....and I wanted it ..."Cam whispered okay sounds like Cam.....let's hope he can swing it ......the doorknob wiggled again "just pushed it threw under door"someone said we all looked under the door and something came sailing in its that a Snake !!!!Ash was about to scream but Cam put his hand over her mouth ...Taylor approached the snake then he picked it up.....it seemed friendly ......he took the snake putting it back under the door "Whata why is it coming back....go back inside you dumb snake go scare the shit out of them" the voice said he pushed the snake back in "are they stupid???who are they"Aaron asked Jack G took the bat from Cam while Taylor picked up the snake again then Aaron ripped open the door and Jack G swing ged the Bat and hit the one right in the stomach and the other one in the leg "good swing man even with our eyes closed we beat them to pulps "Aaron said we looked down "aaah Great Blake's Minions "Ash said "who's Blake ??"Cam asked "its blondy you know hotshot asshead duck face ...."Ash said ooooh him .... "Oww oww that hurt wtf don't hit us again dude that's hurts like what are you a marine?? ..."The one guy said ........."You guys are a bunch of girls "Cam said "Yeah and I'm not a marine I don't carry Fish Dip shits..."Jack G said

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