LightS bannas Action!Part 1

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*AshleY P.O.V *

I woke up 2 the sound of someone screaming like screaming scary movie tipe and it sounded like a girl"what what don't tell me its a puma?!!!"I yelled but notice I was alone and the one screaming like the inner girl he is was Hayes With Cameron on top of him"You never ever wake me up like that again Hayes !?" Cameron said Hayes looked pretty scared but still replied with "why not because I Scared the bananas out of you??"Cameron starred daggers at Hayes "next time I won't be so Forgiving"Hayes looked at him "mmm sure you won't Cam "

I just sat there really amused by this but kept my appearance quite ..all of the sudden I felt a kiss getting placed on my Cheek"Morning Strawberry Dragon" JC said I looked at him weirdly "uhmmm morning weirdo "Jc looked at something behind me and gave an evil smile before walking away ...I turned around 2 see Taylor there glaring at the Sand poor Sand know that I think of it I don't see Nydeen or Nash??she's such a fat traitor who am I gonna irritate now?

I stood up and Walked up 2 matt"Hey Mat have you seen a very harry person with Brown hair and brown eyes and she acts like a Ape?"

"Nope not at all she and Nash disappeared don't know where 2 but I'm not the F.B.I so yeah every man for himself"he Winked stood up and walked away WoW these boys are Weird ...

I've been sitting here 30 mins and yes I've counted and all of the sudden something jumped on my back my face smacked right into this beautiful sand "oops" I pushed Nydeen of me and pushed her she fell down I smirked and said "Oops" she kept laying on the ground and stared at me "that was not a oops blondie I looked at her "totally was Brownie " she glared at me and stood up we came face 2 face matt came walking past us and said"if this is gonna be cat fight ill be the referee" we both looked at him amused and burst out laughing Nydeen said "You know matt this is our usual stuff " she padded him on the head and walked away he looked pretty confused but just walked away .....


I stood Up walking and Yelled "Okay Listen up Monkeys gather around this big banana which is me of course.... time for our search party 2 start 2 Find Carter !!!"Everybody gathered around me and waited and I spoke "So time for the grouping"Matt gave me an evil smile which I returned .."So first Group will be Nash Hayes Cam Shawn And Nydeen and Second group Me Jack and Jack Matt Taylor Strawberry dragon and of course the lovely couple " they all walked 2 they're groups and Strawberry gave me a glare ....aaaw she will get over it ...I hope "So one group hit the one way and we hit the other let's go !!"

Ashley P.o.V

So we have been walking for a few min now with Tarzan keeping his Distance clever boy matt appeared next 2 me and pushed me right next taylor and he pumped right into a tree tarzan is gonna be so mad with me bumping him into his house "I'm so sorry " he brushed himself off and looked at me "No biggie I'm okay" I quickly moved away with him just walking behind me JC appeared infront of me just stopping and me stopping as well and Taylor bumping into and knocking me down "omG I am such a klutz "I said while helping myself up Taylor came up 2 me "I am so so sorry"

"Its Okay now we Fair " I looked around and Jack and jack came 2 walked on the side's of me "So How did you get Separated from the tourist group??"I looked at Jack G "well let's see Nydeen thought she saw something shining sparkly like Edwards twin or something then we went 2 see and ended up loosing the group and there was never an Edward ...."Jack J looked at me like I grown 2 heads "Edward really???" And then JacK G looked at the old couple so "how about you 2 oldies" the old man started looking mad " well son my wife saw a coconut tree and wanted a souvenir and she was craving a coconut so I had 2 climb on the coconut tree for her !!!! And I almost broke my body because I basically fell 10 times and she had no sympathy for me she wanted a darn coconut !!"She looked all innocent at her husband "you still didn't get my coconut!!!"

All of the sudden I heard growling like mad growling kind Matthews eyes looked like they seen a zombie "o come on matthew I'm not that ugly " JC replied with"ash what ever you don't move there might be A Puma behind you but don't move please " the oldies started running like lunatic's and so did the rest while Jc yelled "OMG Run!!!" I didn't wait a second before I sprinted of but as usual movies I looked behind me tripped and fell !!!but I was quickly helped up by someone grabbing my waist and taking my hand 2 help we run for what seemed like hours till we stopped I finally had a chance 2 see my hero ...omg no why Taylor???I looked at him "Thanx allot I probably would have been Puma breakfast"

"Its fine everybody needs a Tarzan a now and again" I smiled at him and heard someone yell "Coconuts Yummy Yummy hehehe "Wtf?who fangirls over coconuts and when I looked it was non other then the old lady running 2 a coconut tree...."Come back her Women !!!"The old man yelled following her as we all Joined....

And under the coconut tree sat a young boy on a chair Saying "I've been Expecting you guys "and he looked up while all the boys Gasped and they boy started screaming like a girl and jumping in a tree pointing at something behind us I froze but Jack G started laughing "its a baby puma Cate.."*Smack*a coconut hit Jack G right on the head jack G gave the boy a glare picked up the coconut and took a step back launching the Coconut right into the boys stomach and the boy landed on the old lady who was trying 2 climb the tree for some reason Jack G started yelling"that Carter is for hitting me with a bloody coconut pay back and its just a bab....omG no its Not everybody Run the mama is here and I'm not staying for dinner ..."We all dashed away with both Taylor and Matthew grabbing my hands so I won't do and Epic fall again......

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