Puma= Edward Cullen

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*Jack J P.O.V*

"Carter Go away okay "

"Why Jack am I getting on your nerves"

I have been trying 2 get this insect away from me for the last bloody 3 hours and I have a watch that's how I know you think I was counting no ways I'm way 2 cool for that o great now I'm talking 2 myself someone get the mental intuition on the phone book me a room ......then Hayes came scrolling down the beach like a boss so I wanted 2 ruin his boss walk so I picked up a rock and threw it right at his legs "aaaah Snake aaaah help !!!!" He fell right on his face HA boss walked ruined that's it bitches this is how I roll

Carter raised a eyebrow "A snake Hayes really " but Carter gave me a high five "Great throw man"


It was already getting dark out so we all gathered around the fire like we have done for the last few days grabbing some fruits and water then Nydeen spoke up "Where's Ash???" And Shawn looked at Hayes"I saw her with you last???!!!!don't tell me you left her alone" Hayes looked Scared but Replied with"Of course not she is perfectly safe..."I spoke "you look uncertain about that "Hayes looked anywhere but at any of us then Jc yelled "yo Taylor how do you feel about Hayes leaving your gi.....wait Taylor???"We all looked around and he was missing 2 please don't tell me there is a serial killer on this island I knew this was 2 good 2 be paradise......"Let's just all relax I'm pretty sure that Taylor is with Ash...."Matt said while Nydeen stood up"if my Best friend isn't back in an Hour in one piece Jelly beans help me I will rip you apart and kick your ass so hard you will feel your ass lift of into space and when you get back down I will be dancing on your leftovers and tearing you into tiny pieces and ...."Nash quickly stood up putting his hand over her mouth while she kept mumbling and pointing at hayes she Even kicked the Sand in some point making Hayes flinched ... then she sat back down glaring at him with Nash holding her ....Wait he is Holding her did I miss something???everybody looked at them the same way I did accept for Hayes who had a Smirk o he knows something....Shawn replied "let's give them an Hour the old couple is still missing 2 and it isn't 2 dark out ....yet...."

Matt spoke"well if there is a serial killer he is taking all the violent people first ....so I'm still save for last ...."Every body gave him a blank stare while Jc slapped him "Shut up matt or I'm gonna be the serial killers assistant going for the weirdos instead and we all know who qualify's as the weirdest around here ........"Matt stayed silent

*Ashley P.O.V*

I shifted a bit in my sleep and feeling a very warm and soft pillow underneath me ...I shifted so I was completely ontop of this amazing pillow and I soon felt this pillow wrap itself around me ....this pillow is amazing my bed at home has competition I may have found a new husband ....yes I know lame I am married 2 my bed but I might just divorce it soon...

"Do think we should wake them "a male voice said

"No we could leave them here I don't like kids they're like cockroaches"a female voice said

"O come on women don't be so mean "

"I'm not besides we need 2 get going my babies are getting cold "

"Fine you go then ill wake them!hope your babies can keep you warm tonight I just might join these 2 tonight they seem pretty warm "

The women replied again"They would make a cute couple....but they not coconuts so they not important chop chop let's go besides we need something 2 keep the puma away and they are the perfect treat"I heard footsteps walk past and then"fine ill do it you go then "then I felt a light tap"kids come on time 2 wake up helo" who ever this is I'm so not waking up they can drag me ....I felt my pillow move "mmmm mom is that you 5 more minutes please "another voice said " no son its the puma here 2 give you a warning that I will eat you if you don't wake up ..."

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