Fire....and ??

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Ashley's PoV

After matt's Awesome sparta fall we all got our things ready and now an hour later here we are sitting around the fire in silence ....makes me feel like we are in a scary movie waiting for something 2 jump out of the woods.."Well I think they forgot about us "Nash said I looked up "or they really glad we not there anymore"I said it was silent again till we heard noises we don't have any light accept for the fire so its pretty creepy all of a sudden there was growling I freaked out and just grabbed who ever's hand was next 2 mine I didn't really care who it was but I was Squeezing the life out of it..."OmG you guys what do we do feed it???"Hayes asked freaked out then Nash replied "Hayes shut up okay let's just keep quite and hope it goes away or something.."Hayes looked at Nash"Yeah right or eats us and use our bones 2 pick its teeth with"JC looked at them and said"Maybe we are lucky maybe it just has gums??? "

"Yeah it could gums us 2 death !!!!"Nydeen said the noises got louder and louder I actually started shaking all of a sudden everybody started arguing about possible things it could be ...and out of nowhere Taylor's voice boomed "Shut up guys "he yelled they all shut up and the sound came closer and everybody gave out a sight of relieve I didn't wanna look up but next 2 me someone whispered"You can let go now it was just the old couple look "I lOoked up and it was the old couple

The old couple gave us weird looks and whispered and then the old man yeLled "Fine ill do it Women just stop with the treads dam old lady's" then they walked 2 us" so we where wondering if we could join you guys its pretty cold and we don't have a fire!?"We all replied with a"sure"or "yeah" they went. 2 sit down next 2 nash who was sitting next Nydeen for some weird reason the traitor chose not 2 sit next 2 me....

we made the circle a bit bigger and I looked next 2 me and saw JC then I notice something I was still holding the person on the other sides hand I turn my head 2 side and my eyes almost explode omg no no no why could I have grabbed JC's hand instead why why!!I quickly grabbed my hand away from Taylor putting it on my lap and whispering a quick "sorry" 2 which he Replied "No biggie its cool" lucky nobody noticed I hope.....

I looked at Nydeen who wiggled her eyebrows me which I replied with giving her my Favorite finger 2 which she gasp at all of the sudden she got a very evil look omg no what's is she gonna do "So Taylor right???"She asked he lOoked up from the ground "Yeah!?"She looked at me and back at him "I was Wondering ???"He looked at her weirdly"yeah???" She smirked at me "Are you Single??" Wtf what's she thinking I know who I'm stabbing with a stick in they're sleep tonight bloody hippo..."Uhhm yeah I am ..."Everybody looked at her weirdly....she said"uhHhm what about the rest of you ???"Nash looked at her "why you want 2 play the bachelor game ???" She looked at nash with a smile "No......I think Ashley would want 2 though"I gabbed at her "what noooooo I'm fine thanks I wear my single title like a prize !!so NyNy??" "Yeah" "Please stop or you regret it soon enough because I'm really good with sticks!"

The old couple just sat there weirdly while nydeen started 2 talk 2 Nash she better ill bring sparta's army with sticks and banana's for her Tonight I mean I don't even like Tarzan Boy next 2 me ....... We sat in silence again till Jack J broke it "wait someone's missing guys???"We all looked around and then Aaron replied"its shawn???do guys think he is on the ship??"Taylor looked at Aaron "No we aLl got separated from the group together???" Then matthew looked like a light Bulb went off"He went 2 Pee and we forgot about him because mister Aaron over there got distracted by a flower on the other side"all of them looked super worried now "omg we such bad friends you guys what if he is a skeleton by now???"Hayes said I stOod up "so you guys left your poor friend in the woods all alone ??"

And then shawn spoke"uhm you guys I'm not a skeleton I'm right here!!!you guys left Carter out there idiots not me you guys blind??"All of them turned 2 shawn"ohhhhh daaam he is gonna kill as then hang us then do a hula dance on us in some weird snake style then spit on us"Cameron said in one breath Nydeen looked in thought "we could go look for him tomorrow I'm sure he is fine since Cameron makes him sound so violent I'm sure he is wrestling with a puma for a bed and then he is probably eating the puma's Puppy's ..."They all agreed then the old lady spoke"we will help you kids tomorrow let's all get some rest but its very cold so I suggest you guys sleep in a bundle or something or you will catch a flee or wake up as ice berg's"

Nash replied with"Or a puma for breakfast righ Nydeen" Nydeen gave him a glare "Shut up Nash potatoes"he turned around 2 face her and she just jumped up and started 2 run with him behind her I stood there "well then ........are you 2 gonna join us then ??"

The couple looked at us "nah its okay thanks sweety" so we made a big line which is shawn Hayes Jack and Jack Cameron matthew Taylor me Jc and then Nydeen and nash we decide 2 do what the old lady said so we would freeze because this weather is beating my freezer at home we all lied down in this big line I turned 2 face taylor "You touch me Tarzan your dead " he Smirked "Noted " I then closed my eyes but someone's feet hit my face I then see Nash tackling Nydeen on aLl of us and guess who's got the feet few "oops " they said all of us pushed them off yelling curse words ....


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