*whats is this court???*

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*Matt P.O.V*

That poor soul that hit the wall earlier looks like his out of coordination......he keeps running in Zig Zack's "Left John no wait Right no no Left "Aaron yelled mocking the guy "My names Not John"he yelled back "Okay then Frank keep left ..."Aaron yelled back "ITS NOT FRANK!"

"Why are you following us John you such a creep!!!"Cam yelled "Yeah John " JC said

"My name isn't john are you deaf !!???"

"No I'm JC ...."

Hayes quickly grabbed a few more rubber Balls throwing it on the ground behind us they all slipped and fell again and we sprinted of to the pool and soon enough John and his minions was onto us again Jack G and Jack J looked at the scene but soon enough Jack J put his foot out tripping 2 minions while Jack G tackle the rest into the pool well they are running in a line so its Quite easy to do that and Shawn yelled"Touch Downnnnn!!!!"Before throwing a ball at John's leg making him fall into the pool as well "Goal!!!!"Cam yelled while they joined our running fest.... We ran out of the pool into the Dinning hall Hayes ran to the Freezer ???what he wants us to freeze now so smart

*Ashley P.O.V*

The freezer opened and in came the rest of the boys but Carter started yelling "Intruders" throwing random stuff at them "Carter "they all yelled and he stopped "o sorry my bad I'm taking my commander job serious here"he said

"Right I think we slowed them down let's all hit back to our rooms now and lock the doors ..."Matt said we all agreed and got up we where just close to our rooms when we where surrounded oh shizzzz......."Lovely day for picking up securities "JC said "follow us please "a very big guy said he must slow down the donuts maybe I should run and see how far he can go??? ....

"Fine" we all said ........

We have been walking for eternity I swear we got so bored that Hayes even stole one of they're hats with Aaron poking a so called John or Frank

"Stop it boy"

"Told you its Aaron Frank-John "

"My name isn't FRank-John "

"Whatever you say Frank-John "

We all came to a stop infront of a door saying 'head of security' nice ......"Okay go in there and wait no touching no shit " Frank-John said

"Kay Frank-John" we all said .....

"Aaaaaaghhh"he said stomping of with all of his minions we walked in wow this looks like its needs to get cleaned up donuts everywhere "No wonder they are so fat......"Carter said a guy walked in the door with Cake Face and Hotshot.......WHAT o I'm gonnna!!!!but Aaron grabbed my hand pulling me back I saw Taylor about do finnish his decoration to when Carter hold him back .....the old couple came walking into .....wonder what they did "Okay everyone take a seat......" Mister headshit said ....

We all took a seat but there isn't enough chairs some of us stood there "Like what you want us to sit on your donut Carpet???I don't think so "Nash said ......."No you can just stand then " Headshit said ....

"So nice " I muttered Taylor stood next to me while Nash stood next to him followed by NyNy and Cam and Matt with Shawn the rest got a seat I hope Cake faces chair breaks ......just saying would be such a beautiful sight.... "So all of you think you can do what you want and ruined this ships Disciple and Rule's Mmmmmm????"He yelled but got right in Jack J face ..Jack J smirked pretending 2 dry his face "Sorry got some shit ...o I mean spit on my face "headshit looked shocked and moved back in surprise he cleared his throat "Let's Start on the beginning on the line and you are all gonna tell me what you did ....go ahead madam..." The old lady gave him an evil look "your. Pig of a man ran into me and I beat him with my handbag easy as that.....and if you want to treat me like a child I will kindly beat you up to..."She said ....I like her "Next" he said the old man looked mad "I have nothing to say ....thats all ..."


"Well you see sir....that blond over there beat me up because I swan on here 'side' of the pool then her monkey friend pulled my hair and they beat me up so bad they almost drowned me "she pretended to cry what a wimp Wait Wait wait what the actual snot sticks he is hugging her ??l"there there you can go I believe you..."She looked at me and NyNy smirked and walked out the door ......what!!!!!


"Well sir that mean boy over there just came into the Hallway pushing me then him and his friend ganged up against me and they beat me up when I said I was sorry they just would accept it I just... "He started to 'Cry' to !"Its okay don't worry boy I got them they will never touch you again bullies are douche bags ...you may leave"

Taylor was boiling next to me he looked like he could take on Hulk.......I grabbed his hand squeezing it and he calmed down .....

The headshit said"well its so clear that you are all guilty I don't waNna hear anything from you guys I find you quilty"

"What's is this Court???"Jack G replied

"Okay listen here Headshit ....I don't care that Cake face or Johnny Bravo just lied and got away with it but if we can't get out of here like they did you will be very sorry "I said and Nyny continued "we are also not gonna fake tears like a bunch of pussy's so either you let us go to or ......"

"Or what.....???"He yelled

"Well if not you will see sooner then you think "Cameron said

"Yeah because clearly your not gonna listen to our side of the story......"Matt said

"Can I beat him with my Handbag "The old lady asked

"Well since you are all right about that you guys will be helping in the kitchen for a week and you will also be cleaning the old wine cellar we have down below now of you go bye bye "he said smirking evilly jerk face

"I wish I could kick you down bellow "NyNy said ..we all walked out with the old lady almost beating him but she decided not to .....he is so gonna pay this Headshit..........

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