cupid hires new assitants

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*Ashley's P.o.V*

I've been laying here for 2 hours not being able 2 fall asleep imagining how a puma could be walking out the woods like a boss and imagining us 2 be Sausages that's been laying here waiting for him 2 eat us and also the fact that I'm freezing since I am only in shorts feels like torture really and 2 put the cherry on top I'm shaking like I have a built in vibrating system in me and the worst part is everyone's asleep....and Jc's is snoring is causing an earthquake around us with some of his buddy's joining in these boys teamwork is just 2 darn beautiful

All of a sudden a arm wrapped around my waist pulling me closer "May I?"I turned around 2 see Taylor giving me a slight smile and he was waiting for a reply but all I found myself doing is moving closer 2 him and turning around so I was facing his Chest which made him pull me even closer in a few seconds time I wasn't even noticing the coldness anymore in which the polar bears would dance 2 but a warmness spreading all across my body I whispered a small "thanks" before I knew it I fell asleep feeling safe and warm in a boys arms I considered an idiot at times....


I woke up 2 sound of my own snoring scaring the daylights out of me"please don't eat me I taste terrible oh its just me and now I'm talking 2 myself ... " I seriously need 2 get this animal sound checked out really I almost taught it was some weird new creature standing above me imagining ways of how he wants 2 cook and then eat me and what type of ingredients he would use 2 make me so much more tastier than I really am !!!

I could have sworn someone was next 2 me when I fell asleep why is there and empty space.. I turned The other side to face the blank space and when I did I chocked on my own spit !!!Whattt?

Taylor never Gets close 2 a girl and by never I mean never because how does he state it "He is 2 Fucking weird for that" and he doesn't actually find interest in a girl ever and here he is keeping a girl warm instead of me I feel alone now and no omg is that a smile well...

Our Bromance is so gone now but I really don't mind Strawberry seems like a great gal other then the spit fire she is maybe I should call her Dragon?? Suddenly I felt breathing on my neck wtf??

"Are you okay man why you shocking and why does it look like your gonna pee your pants???"

"Whata Hell Matthew!!!! Dude I thought your where an animal ???how did you come so close 2 me last I checked nydeen was and Nash??"

Matt chuckled "well my dear friend this beast got tired of Cameron using me as his Blanket and he drools like me when I see food and that's disgusting it looks like a waterfall so I decided I want 2wake up next 2 you the guy who chocked on his own spit and I also didn't wanna bother Nash and Nydeen's little cuddle fair why where you cho...o mY Puma hair shaver no way Taylor never ever gets this close 2 a girl other then his amazing fans???"See even Matt agrees here ...."Well Matty I think Cupid needs some assistance!!"Matt got this evil look like I did "Indeed he does for sure because that boy is more stubborn then my lazy cat at home!!!"


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