*Matts Evil*

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*Nydeen P.O.V*

We where all still around the fire making jokes telling stories and the boys even shared most of they're embarrassing moments it was pretty amazing Ash was still asleep but after A while I Saw Taylor put his arm round her so she is Sleeping on his chest ....she has this cute smile on her face and I can't help but smile 2 she is my other half since we where in diapers and its not everyday a boy can make her smile or touch her ...I'm serious this ones a boy accidently touched her hand at school and let's just say he got pretty bad injuries and she got detention for 3 weeks she's pretty violent sometime but hey so am I .....we where born this why "you okay you seem far like even further then Neverland???"Nash whispered "yeah I'm okay thanks was just thinking "Hayes heard and said"your probably thinking of dating someone better than Trash Nash ...."

"About?? and Hayes sHut up in the future I might just have you work in my garden"I looked at him then at Ash and he got the memo"oooohhhh yeah they pretty cute 2 bad they're so stubborn"

"Yeah Ash is the kinda girl that would totally beat any boy up in no time ..."

Hayes replied with"you got that right she slapped me so hard I saw birdies twerking around me ...."

"I knew you did!!!I saw them to"Jack G yelled..."No way !!!!!dude where awesome omg we could be twins..."

"Hell yeah...."Jack G replied Jack J spoke"let's not get carried a away my minion servants .."They stared at Jack J with Poker faces......

"Aaaah Cameron EwwwwwH dude you just didn't "Carter yelled "what I have 2 show some love towards you"

"Not by sticking your shitty ass finger in my ear with your Sylvia all over it !!!" These boys are something else Cameron talked in a girly voice"I know you like it baby..."

"Uhmmm yeah I would 100 years from now ....when I'm bones...or sand ...or Grass.....or jelly Beans ..."

Matt looked confused "what???"

"Its 2 high for your intelligence level Matt oh wait you have none..."Carter said Matt looked at Carter"Yeah right like you have Any ???"

"Ohhh I have a lot ..."

"No you don't"







"OMG shut up I'm trying 2 sleep" we all looked shocked then ash stormed up slapping Carter and matt "Jerks" she muttered Carter Rubbed his Cheek "feisty feisty I like I like girl you got me on fire literally my cheeks stinging " Ash plopped down next 2 Taylor.....

Muttering "if I where a bee I totally know who I would sting ...."

*JC P.O.V*

"The Dragon has Awoken From Her Cave Now we shall all be Dammed with fire for eternity!!"I said looking straight at Ash

"Alright who stole my Babies !!!!?????Give them back"we all turned 2 this Crazy yelling 2 see the old lady approaching us "Who was it???" Jack G replied "aren't you a bit 2 old for babies right now??!!!"

"Noooo I am not I just got them "

"Wow that old guy moves fast"Carter replied ...Cameron look at her weirdly "they're not real they just Coconuts ...."

She looked taken back"Not Real Not real boy they are real they the only thing that keeps reminding me of what love feels like"Carter whispered "Whaaaaaaayyyyttt???is she for real I think someone needs 2 hand her a brain...."Matt stood up oh no no what is he gonna do he picked up a rock"there you go miss ..."

"What's this"

"Something that has more brains then you....."She looked mad o boy she slapped matt but walked away with the rock"maybe you can give me some of your intelligence "she whispered 2 the rock "OMG we need to get of this Island"Aaron said "I agree I mean do they really not notice 14 people missing and we really aren't that hard 2 miss .... "Shawn said "you got that right "Ash Replied....


After a while most of the guys went 2 sleep so its just me Ash ,Nydeen and Nash with Shawn

"So aSh uhmmm me and uhmmm...."Omg this is gonna be good nydeen trying 2 get the words out someone hand me Popcorn Ash looked Amused "Go on ...."

"Well uhhhm well kay Uhm ..."

"Come on can't be that bad unless you stole money from the old lady that could be so bad her coconuts might come 2 Haunt you...."

"No no why would I steal her money.....Me and Na...."

"I know your dating the rude guy next to you happy for both of you ..."

Wait Rude????nash quickly spoke up"Look I'm sorry abo......"

"No need nash its Fine we all know some men acts like Females sometimes going all bitchy and Godzilla like on innocent girls no biggy"

Nydeen looked between them "I don't even wanna know"


Matt P.O.V

I saw Cameron about 2 lay down next 2 the open spot next 2 Taylor...."Noooooo Doooont "Cameron looked at me weirdly "I want to lay down next to Taylor Matt now go hand rocks out to old ladies ...."

"No no no you can't lay there kay???"

"Why Not???"

"Because that's spot taken !!!"

"Yeah by who the invisible Women???"


"I'm laying here and that's final"fine ill just drag his sorry ass away from that spot when he is asleep damm Cameron I hope he gets sand splinters!don't even think that exist but who cares ....

I'll make them exist.....

*10 min later*

Finally this mops asleep I went up to cameron taking both his legs dragging him next to Aaron but I accidently stepped on Aaron "oooowww What hell matt ???why are you dragging Cameron around by his feet???!"

"Oops sorry and no reason ....."

"Ohhhh really!? Tell me or I'm waking him up Ca..."

"Okay Okay he took Ash's Spot!!!"

"Her spot???"

"No Dumbass he took her shoes and went all ballerina on them yes her spot ....."

"Uh huh....not even gonna ask just put the animal down.... "

"Kay there we go nice and warm "I wanted some revenge on Carter to so I dragged Cameron right ontop of Carter"perfect couple ladies and Gentleman now Cameron let your mountain drool fest begin...."Aaron smirked "great job matt just make sure you go missing tomorrow morning....night "

I laid down on the other side leaving room for Ash 2 sleep I just hope she sees this big open room ...wait I know I stood up wrote on this big empty space ....tada kay now I can go 2 sleep....

*Ashley P.O.V*

We all decided to go to sleep we came to our sleeping spot when I saw this big open spot next to Taylor and on the sand Was written 'Lay on Me Fatty aka Ash' Wow so nice.....but if you insist I stepped on matt "oooooooooowwwwppps "

"Hgfgyfbe "I could even make out what he said he was 2 asleep.....I dropped down on my fatass spot while Jc dropped next to matt who was next to me and then next to JC was NyNy and then Nash and Shawn went 2 the other side to sleep next to Aaron.....I was just dozing off when I felt a leg get thrown over me I shot a glare at matt in my mind I know its him its from his side I felt a hand slide down my leg pushing matt's Leg of and 2 arms wrapped around my waist pulling me closer to them and by the tingly feeling that's been a pain in the ass the entire day I already knew it was Taylor ....

XxpeaceXx tanx for those who are reading so far !!!please Share my story if you want or make your grandma read it ;) ;) sorry for any mistakes or spelling #KeepSmiling !<3 thank you for reading will update double tommorow!!!!;)

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