*cookies and some rats*

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*Ashley P.O.V*

So after Taylor Matt and I where done arguing in the bathroom we decided to join the rest I saw Ben laying down on the couch wow he sure warms up to us fast and he isn't wearing his glasses o wait Hayes Has them "WoW dude how do you even " Hayes and he tripped right over the table

"Even without those Hayes you would still would have tripped over the table..."Nash said

"O yeah sure Nash because everybody wants to hear what you have to say shut up okay ???"Hayes said they are such lovable brothers I tell you..."O hey Ash you look rather dashing in your new shade of Purple..."Carter said "I know right new fashion I can help you get one to I give these stamps for free..." I said

"No no nah I'm good no need for the purple stamp..."Carter said

I headed for the kitchen and saw Ben standing up to follow me I opened the cupboard but I stopped when I saw two hands blocking me "I can help if you like ...."Ben whispered in my ear...uhm how about "No thank you...."I turned around and pushed him away he stumbled back and soon Matt entered the Kitchen "you know Ben if I wear you I would watch on who's property your stepping......"Matt said "she's your girlfriend ???"Ben asked "oh no no someone way worse then me owns her heart....."Matt said

"Last I checked Matt I am still single and I'm also in a relationship with food and if its food your talking about then you are right food gets dangerous when it comes to me....."I said

Ben looked at Matt "see I can step on it if I want ...."I pointed a finger at him "there is no stepping on anything accept for the floors and Carpets boy so watch it......"He's smirked "sure"He walked out the kitchen "isn't he suppose to be nerdy and shy???"Matt asked "yeah well he was at least I think???"I said Matt jumped onto the counter "So Ashy ???how's Taylor mmmm?"

Matt asked I smirked "Taylor!!!" I yelled he came running into the kitchen "yeah ???what's wrong"Taylor asked "Matt wants to know how you doing ???"I said he looked between Matt and Me "uhm I'm doing good Matt"Taylor said "o that's awesome man"Matt said Taylor looked amused "you two know something I don't ??"Taylor asked I found a pack of cookies "other then Ash munching your cookies no"Matt said "Ash that's mine ....."Taylor said like I care foods food ..."So ???"I said "you can't just devour them ..."Taylor said "or what?mmm?" I asked I ate another one while Taylor looked like he was gonna cry "don't do that Ash...."Taylor said "o you mean this "I said biting another one

"Don't "He warned I saw Matt leaving the kitchen in a hurry wonder where's the fire ?

I stood there looking at him "or What???" I asked Taylor moved closer blocking me against the counter his Hands moved down slowly stopping at my thighs and squeezing a bit "Or this" then Taylor planted his soft lips on mine his lips movement was slow I felt like I was flying with all those amazing unicorn and pooping Butterflies and Rainbows , I felt him push his tongue past my lips and into my mouth he picked me up onto the counter and I grabbed him by his shirt pulling him closer omg wait I still have cookies in My mouth I froze he chuckled and pulled back and said "I just got some of my cookies back"he winked and kissed my purple cheek lightly and walked out the kitchen I touched my lips he kissed me again!!! I was about to take another cookie wait where is the cookies ????o that cookie Steeler!!!"That's cheating "I yelled

"Is not!! You got distracted not my fault "he yelled I took out a bag of chips instead... heading for the living room Matt was Smirking at me and aah great the only seat open was next to the lovers time for so Ash Annoying time I squeezed in the middle of them NyNy Gave me a glare I smiled popping open the bag of chips "mmmm Yummy these chips are so amazing just so sad there's more air in here then chips...."I said looking into the bag of chips "I wonder where's the chips"I said Nash looked at me with a poker face ..."Ash really is it not clear that I want to sit next to my girlfriend "Nash said

"Not really you should make it more clear wash it out with some soap or water you know.....write it down maybe ...."I said and Shrugged

He looked at me evilly and then at Taylor and then back at me then at Taylor "oooh Taylor want some air I asked "showing him the pack of chips "nope thanks anyways cookies are way better "he said winking at me o gosh ......"So Taylor"Nash said o my flapjacks....."Fine Nash take your none existent ass and plop it down next to monkey face ...." I got up laying down on the Carpet chewing like my life depended on it ..."You know guys we are on a cruise ship and we are this boring ..."Aaron said "yeah well we end up in a fight or some disaster everytime we step out that door bro..."Cam said "yeah I agree with Cam there "Carter said "we are trouble Magnets "Jack J said "they haven't even called us for our punishment guess headshit forgot or he is to busy leaving his underwear in the ladies room"Jc said

I looked up and saw Ben staring at me what's his problem......he started roaming his eyes slowly over my body I got up sitting on Cam lap Ben snapped his eyes away "I saw that "Cam whispered "sorry he was creeping me out "I whispered back at Cam "its okay I got you "Cam said "thank you "I said back and started eating like a pig again .........

Taylor Glared at Ben ouch what's that about Matt looked between them smirking Cam stole some some of my Chips "had to have some air "Cam said I smiled "next time pay " I said winking at Cam there was a know on the door wow who would wanna visit us .....NyNy jumped up "ill get it "she yelled I jumped up following her what I'm curious ...she opened the door and there stood another boy "Hey uh I'm friends with Ben and WoW you are so Pretty "Hey said looking NyNy up and Down"and your point is !!?"I asked

"O yeah right uhm can I hang out with you guys to he texted me and said I can join??"He said

"Sure "NyNy said I don't trust these kids....he past me smirking wtf I gave him a glare oo I know ran past him accidently tripping him "oopsies sorry I am such a klutz "I said sitting on Cam's Lap again the new kid plopped down next to NyNy oooo this should be fun ...."So umh space I mean uhm dude what's your name !!"Nash said

"O hi sorry my name is Jace hey everyone"everybody said hi....I just glared I smell a some rats *cough*Ben*cough*Jace ...

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