*some Farts*

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*Ashley P.O.V*

We all decided on watching some movies Jace was trying to get super close to NynY and then I heard "screw this "Nash grabbed NyNy and headed to the door "don't be back late kids mamma will come for you with a sword lovies !!"I yelled "watever" NyNy said I was still on Cam's lap Cam took his hand moving it slowly to my leg "uhm Cam what are you doing ?"I asked "well Ben's undressing you with his eyes so I might show him to back of "he said "ooo go ahead as long as creeper backs off I'm in ...."Cam put his hand on my tight... Taylor was laying infront of us with his head on Cams legs his hair that I so badly wanna touch .... I reached forward but quickly grabbed my hand back and Cam chuckled "I dare you Ash..."Cam said "what you talking about ..."I asked "touch Taylor's hair" he said well if he insist I slowly moved my hand forward but stop again few Centimeters from his hair then Cams Hand found mine pushing it into Taylor's Hair and he quickly let go and my Hand was still in his Hair he stiffened at first but then relaxed well I started drawing patterns threw his hair and playing around then the door Burst Open "aaaaaah that scary thing is here save me Cam " I yelled grabbing onto Cam

"Uhm we bought Pizza???"Nash said "I LOVE YOU " I yelled Nash rose an eyebrow "not you Nash the Pizza don't look to happy now"I said getting off Cam's lap I walked to the kitchen to get drinks when I tried reaching the glasses but I'm to tall kidding to short..."Omg Santa Clauses Elf's are taller then me ....screw this..." I said and I climbed onto of the counter then I felt a hand pushing me up by my bum "WoaW there don't fall now...."Omg this guy is gonna make me poke him to death "Can you not touch me Ben "I said "nope I can only touch you ...."What can he leave where's Narnia when you need it ???"Listen here get your hands of me or I will make sure you'll be flying of this ship !!!" I said he smirked picking me up from behind "Put me down you jerk let go!!!I will polish the floors with your face let go!!"His grip tightened then he put me down turned me around and tried to kiss me I bit him "oooowwwh what was that for???"I glared at him"you ever do that again I will kill you "I pushed him onto the ground just when Aaron entered the kitchen"hey ash can you bring some plates to for the woaw what's going on here ????"Aaron yelled I looked at Ben in disgust "I was just leaving "I said I stormed out of the kitchen past the guys and out the door well I tripped out of I heard Aaron yelling my Name I stomped of to nowhere ....then I reached a connor and smacked into a chest I saw the old man "sorry sir didn't mean to look like a speedy on drugs ..."I said "its fine sweety I'm still in one piece so no worries"I smiled at him and walked past him then I saw a cute little clothing store that looks nice I walked in and to the back of the store searching around ...then miss Cake of the year walked in I hid behind some clothing and then I heard "so Blake send in two of the boys to ruined them and steal a bit of love I think he is so clever like o wait my nail polish is coming of girls let's go to the spa come on my treat daddy will pay "she said doing some chicken walk that's suppose to be a sexy walk a sales lady stood behind me looking at me weirdly "omg like these shirts are a total yes yes I must have them "I said "she looked at me strangely "that's the Granny Section...."

She said "right more of a reason to have them I feel so old ......and !"I was gonna Finish then I saw Taylor scrolling in I duck into the pile of clothes "I'm not here "I whispered to her she walked away saying "this girl is the mayor of Coo-Coo ville...."For her information I'm the Queen she better get her facts right study her Coo-Coo Ville History!! I saw Hotshot Approaching the shop and he walked in with his minions and then they walked up to Taylor he stood infront of the pile of clothes I'm hiding in "well well well if it isn't mister wanna be Famous ugly face....how have you been ??!"Hotshot asked Taylor "aaah its been sad till you showed up now I'm thrilled "Taylor said o he is good Hotshots smiled drop "what did you just say???"Hotshot asked I jumped out of the pile of clothes "listen here Grandpa the Grandpa section is over there okay this is the Granny Section and unless your a women you better move your gay asses over to the granpa section and buy your self some new grandpa panties yours is to full of shit already its pouring out of it like a rain storm "I said Taylor looked amused while Hotshot didn't look to happy he was about to grab when Taylor grabbed his Hand ..."Look man I don't want trouble and I don't know why you don't like us but I will not let you touch my girl okay so run along now and now broken bones will come to your body kay???"Taylor said and he squeezed his hand pretty hard you can see the face of Hotshot is pretty pained looks like he is using the toilet for a big number.....he pulled his hand back from Taylor "who to you think you are ???"Hotshot yelled "well I'm Taylor Caniff"Taylor said and I added "super famous vine star slash singer actor to if you wanna know a lot also the king of bandannas ....." I said Taylor looked super amused now what I might have stalked him on the internet the other night ....."And I should care why!!!???what is vine anyways "Hotshot said "its something you can eat ..."Taylor said with a poker face the sales lady appear "I'm gonna ask you to leave nicely Blake you and the rest ....."She said he is Blake???I wonder what cake face was talking about .......Blake smirked winking at me and then leaving"sorry if you to aren't gonna buy anything to I'm gonna have to ask you to leave "she said nicely wait "actually I wanna by something for a special old couple ....."She smiled nodding and walking away I started going to the clothes "no no no aah what is that ?"I asked Taylor Chuckle "its called clothes here let me help look for something for them "He said helping me go threw all the clothes "so Ash do you like Cam???"He asked "uhm no are mermaids real???"I asked he laughed "no they're not Ash..." I smiled at him then I found a nice matching shirts for them and I bought them both a nice pear of shoes I walked up to the cashier I took out some money but Taylor stopped and he paid I pouted "you didn't need to Taylor ..."He smirked "yeah but I wanted to...."The sales lady looked between us two I grabbed the stuff and taylor followed behind I saw Cake face threw the spa's window she was yelling at the poor girl that's doing here nails ..."And that's why kids we don't go into spa's we might Catch arrogant walking Cakes there ..."I said the people around me started laughing Taylor smiled at me "aren't you a funny one "He said I saw the old couple the where about to walked past us "wait" I said they stopped "This is for you guys from us girls and the boys ....."I said the old man smiled taking it the old lady look threw the bag "o my goodness its so pretty thank you kids and look at those shoes we are gonna wear this tomorrow on the trip to the island.... "O my does she not know we are on a ship?"Wait what do mean "Taylor asked "well dears we are heading to a island tomorrow not sure what the name is but its part of the tour of this ship "me and Taylor starred at them "not again last time they left us behind ......."Taylor said "yes they did......"I said the old couple nodded hugged us and they where off we still stood there a girl walked by "we are going to Europe tomorrow not an island ....." She said Well that's just weird we headed for the Elevator and let me tell you it was Crowded Taylor ended up blocking me behind his back that's how Squished we where this should be fun I blew onto my arm making a Farting noise all eyes turned to Taylor he looked at all of them "what like you never Farted before ???"He asked they all turned back with the one guy saying "rude much "then I did it again "omg that cheese was good..." Taylor said

"Dear Heavens Boy ...."The one lady said I did it again Taylor said "sjewww glad I got that out of my system ....." Everybody pressed the nearest button the one lady smacked Taylor with her Handbag and her face was red "this is not the Bathroom boy"she said "it feels like it "Taylor said she look shocked and sprinted out of the elevator .....

*Matt P.O.V*

"Uhm do you mind ????"I asked Cam who Kept stealing my chocolate....we sound like a couple ...Jace was sitting next to Nash who looked like a time bomb while Ben was on the floor with his phone the funny part he isn't even wearing his glasses and Aaron has been rude to him ever Since Ash ran out of here makes me think of a Runaway bride....Shawn was on his phone then he said "Hey guys let's make a video???like a question and Answer Vid but a live one ???"He asked "yeah great idea then Jace and Ben can leave "Aaron said ....."Your nice dude I agree "Nash said shawn sat the Camera up while we all tweeted our Fans saying we gonna do a life chat ......the door burst open Ash came in Laughing with Taylor struggling to breath "they're Face was Priceless in that Elevator omg that was gold"Taylor said Ash nodded "Hey it was like a surprise Fart that lady with the bag and the Tomato face ....."Ash said they must have some fun when there's farting involved we told Taylor our idea he agreed the girls said they would let us do our business and they will be on the other couch out of view and Ben and Jace finally left ....

*Ashley P.O.V *

Me and NyNy was sprawled out on the other couch behind the Camera while the boys where talking to some Fans they are truly so sweet...."Oooh here is a good Question Where are you guys??"Matt asked "well guys we have been kidnapped by titanic force to be on the ship....and me and Jack well we have to be twin Jacks ...."Jack G said "But Rose well she won't come near us we way to normal for her "Jack J said my phone rang 'My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard ' the boys looked around confused NyNy burst out laughing I picked up the phone "good day its the gay strip club speaking how may I take your order ....."I said "uhm Hey its me Ben ....and can I place a order for you ...."What how did he get my number ..."Sorry sir that order is invalid please go back to school and get some intelligence if that is possible goodbye ..."I said and hung up the phone all the boys where laughing they're heads off with NyNy on the floor the boys all stopped the laughing then Shawn smirked "here is a nice Question who was that ????"He said Matt Yelled "Ashy come show yourself ...."He said I shaked my head no "ahhh Ash don't be shy "Taylor said he came up to me picking me up "no no Taylor put me down I have my rights !!!"I yelled I he plopped me down on the couch "This is Ashley and this is Nydeen ....."Nash said Grabbing Nydeen we waved awkwardly well maybe I'm lucky and Dylan O'Brien will see this .........

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