49 - Epilogue

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"Sousuke, I can walk on my own," (Name) giggled. Sousuke shook his head, fixing her position in his arms as he bridal-carried her towards her room.

She had been in the hospital for a day, getting her wounds checked and patched up, and he had been beside her the entire time. Keitsu was gone elsewhere, dealing with the perpetrators of the kidnapping.

(Name) did not know much of that happened after the kiss. She only remembered Sousuke carrying her out of the woods before she slipped out of consciousness in his arms. Safe and protected.

Keitsu had filled her in on the details after she wakes up, after introducing himself, of course. He told her Ashiro was arrested first, since he was found on the location where Sousuke had fired the flare gun. His friend was found shortly afterwards, stumbling around near the entrance of the woods alone and drunk.

This brought immense relief to her. She is safe at last, and for sure this time. Ashiro is behind bars with his friend, so no more stalkers, no more need for excessive protection. She is free again.

"Wait here," Sousuke smiled, gently placing her on her bed.

(Name) smiled up at him and watched as he walked out of her room. She couldn't wish for anything better than this. Her freedom and a boyfriend.

She giggled silently, remembering that one moment in the hospital.

"Sousuke its okay, you can go and get your shoulder checked. I saw him hit you there." (Name) insisted, but Sousuke only shook his head as he clutched her hand tighter in his.

The two were in a hospital room, still awaiting the nurse to come back and stitch up the gash on her arm.

"I just got you back again, (Name)," he gave her hand a gentle squeeze, "I just want to stay by your side and know for sure that you're here. You're really here.

"but I insist!"

A few more minutes of bickering, Sousuke sighed, giving up. "Alright, I'll go get it checked. But when I come back you better have an answer."

She blinked at him confusedly as he rose from his seat and went to the door, "Answer to what?"

"(Full Name), will you be my girlfriend?"

At that time, she felt as though the question would literally stop her heart, but even so, her answer was clear.

She looked up when she heard footsteps coming. It still made her shiver when the sound of footsteps were all she heard without knowing who is coming. Perhaps the incident left a mark in her after all?

She shivered as her teal eyed boyfriend entered the room,  a cup of hot chocolate on each hand. He noticed and looked at her with concern, sitting down beside her.

"you cold?" Sousuke asked, giving her one cup of hot chocolate.

She shook her head, hugging her blue bear tighter.

"No.. I'm not cold. Its just..." (Name) sighed, taking a sip, "little things keeps scaring me, it takes me back to that small room I was confined in."

Sousuke nodded understandingly and wrapped a blanket around her, followed by his arm. "The doctors did mention that," he kissed her cheek, "but I'm here for you, okay? No matter what."

(Name) smiled and nodded, taking another sip.

"How's your shoulder?" She asked, "does it hurt?"

Sousuke rotated it slowly, grimacing as he did. "It does, honestly. But less than yesterday."

(Name) frowned, "but you still want to compete at Nationals, do you?"

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