12 - This is Not a Date... Right?

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(Name)'s was going to grab her jacket from inside her wardrobe, but hand stopped on the handle. She made a flitting glance towards Sousuke, his back was turned, helping her tidy her desk.

She quickly opened the door and grabbed the first jacket she can see, while angling her body to hide the wig, very similar to the one on the picture Sousuke held moments ago. She couldn't let him know. Not yet. She needed to be sure-

"You ready?"

His voice jolted her out of her train of throught. She hurriedly closed her wardrobe and threw on her jacket. "Yep."

"Alright, lets go."

They made their way to the her front door. (Name) locked her door before the two walked towards the train station. They planned to go into town for dinner, as there are more options there.

When they got into the train, (Name) found that it is pretty crowded. People seemed to be heading to the town for dinner after work. She looked around for an empty seat when she felt a tap on her shoulder.

She looked over and saw Sousuke, who gestured towards one empty seat beside him. (Name) smiled looking down, before she went and sat down. "T-thanks."

"No problem." Sousuke stood in front of her, teal eyes on the window of the train, watching the sun sink lower and lower in the horizon.

"What do you want to eat?" Sousuke asked after a few stations.

"Hm.." (Name) thought for a while, "I dunno.. Maybe that place we went to after joint practice? Anywhere is fine really."

He smiled, "Alright then."

Sousuke and (Name) got off at the station closest to their destination and walked side by side towards it. The night was rather cold, and the sun which had disappeared altogether was not helping the temperature. I'm lucky I brought my jacket, she thought. Pulling it tighter around herself. Sousuke did not seem to be bothered by the cold, despite the fact that he was only wearing a simple black t-shirt.

After a bit of walking, they arrived at the cafe. Sousuke held the door open for her while she entered, and he followed her as she went over to a table for two and sat down. He sat across from her and the waiter came, handing them the menu. Hungry already, they quickly ordered.

While they wait for their food, Sousuke tried to pick up frm where they left the conversation. "Um.. (Name), do you mind if I ask how you got your leg injured?"

(Name) waved him off, "I don't mind at all," she smiled looking down, "I just think you might not like my answer."

"What is it?" He was curious now. Why would he not like the answ-

"My knee cap got injured on the day I broke up with him." (Name) looked up, meeting his teal eyed gaze strongly. It held a familiar emotion. "I told you he hit me right? Well that hit actually also made me trip down some steps."

Sousuke kept his face expressionless when he was actually livid. Why would anyone do that? She is really nice and friendly, so easy to be with. She was right after all. He certainly did not like her answer.

"How did you meet him anyway?" Sousuke asked.

(Name) fiddled with her hair nervously, and took a deep breath. Once she began there is no going back. She looked up and met his teal gaze, and she knew she can trust him, even with the darkest moments of her life.

"he was a good friend from middle school," she began, "I actually liked him first. I mean he was very sweet and he pays attention to every little detail."

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