07 - I Swear We Keep Meeting Each Other Lately

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After the joint practice with Samezuka, everything went back to normal. Gou was pretty much busy reviewing the swimmers' training plan for the upcoming competition. She barely paid attention to what the teacher was droning on in front, only looking up occasionally to make it seem like she was paying attention.

It was the last year for Haru and Makoto to swim together with Nagisa and Rei in a relay, and as their manager, she wanted them to win. She was still scribbling some notes even after the bell rang, signaling a small break.

Gou heard her name getting called and she looked up. It was her classmate.

"Gou, someone is here to see you."

Who could it be? Gou got up and walked towards the door of her class. Outside, she saw a mop of (hair colour) hair, immediately recognizing it as (Name).


"Ah, Gou, there you are."

"Its KOU," Gou huffed, "so what brings you here, (Name)?"

"Uhh right," (Name) looked down nervously, "I might not be able to join practice today, I have something important to take care of. Is that alright?"

"Its okay," Gou smiled reassuringly, "I can go hard on the boys then. With the competition coming up and all."

"Ah true, I forgot all about that." (Name) looked away, and Gou just realized what she said might seem a little harsh.

"No, no you were not disrupting the club or anything by being around. You really motivate the boys!"

(Name) looked back at Gou, her (eye colour) orbs searching Gou's, "really?"

"I mean they can see you working hard and all, I'm sure that motivates them even more."

"Alright if you said so.."

Just then, the bell rang, signalling that their break was over.

"Okay, I think I'll go back to class," Gou waved as she turned.

"Bye Gou!"


Classes are finally over and Gou was excited to show the boys what new training she came up with for them. She knew they wouod be surprised at first but it will be alright once they actually do it. Nagisa would need some pushing but in the end he also would do really well.

Soon enough, her predictions proved right when she showed the boys.

"This is very hard, Gou," Nagisa whined, reading his paper.

"Its KOU!" Gou huffed, "and besides, regionals is coming and I want all of you to make it all the way to Nationals at least. See! Even Haru wasn't complaining."

Gou pointed at Haru, who was already in his swimsuit. "I just want to swim free. I don't care how much I have to," he deadpanned before he dove in.

"Haru, you're supposed to warm up first!" Makoto shouted, knowing Haru probably wouldn't listen anyway.

"Mako-chan! Where is (Name)-chan?" Nagisa asked, "she is in your class, right?"

"About that... (Name) told me she have other stuff to take care of."

"Same." Gou chimed in.

"Oh well, lets just start!" Nagisa tackled Rei into the pool, with Makoto shouting in the background telling him it was dangerous. Another typical day at the swim club.

Everyone trained with Gou's new plan. Everyone was very tired by the end of the day, except for Haru, who still needs a lot of convincing to leave the pool. He only got up when Makoto promised him mackerel.

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