40 - A Pleasant Trip Indeed

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"Guys! Over here!" Nagisa shouted from the top of the steps, waving widely. He was so jumpy and impatient, waiting for everyone else to join him. People were already seated or standing around the area, awaiting the burst of colourful light that will paint the night sky.

"The fireworks will be starting pretty soon, Nitori grinned at Rin, who nodded and looked around, sesrching for a spot for them.

"Haru and Makoto are not here," Rei noticed, "also Momo and Gou, and (Name) and Sousuke."

Rin tensed up after hearing what Rei said. Momo and Gou. Momo and Gou.

"That brat is after my little sister!" Rin growled and scowled as he looked around once again, his red eyes sweeping the crowd in sesrch of his sister's familiar maroon hair, only to find none.

Calm down, she probably is on her way here. She isn't even interested in Momo... Right?


"Haru?" Makoto paused, watching Haru concernedly as he walked slowly catching up to him. Haru had been acting rather distant eversince that day the principle came to the pool. Makoto was worried about his friend.

Haru looked up at his best friend, eyss unreadable, "Hm."

"Lets go! Everyone else is waiting." Makoto tried for a smile, to shich Haru did not reciprocate.

"Can we just... Watch the fireworks from there?" Haru pointed at a different direction. Makoto followed his finger and saw a less crowded area in the distance.

"Eh?" Makoto blinked, "Is there something wrong, Haru?"

The freestyle swimmer paused for a while and shook his head. He then sped up his pace so that he walked ahead of Makoto, who only looked at him worriedly. He had a bad feeling about this. A really bad feeling.


"There they are," Gou said to Momo, pointing towards the familiar figure of her brother, who was currently talking to Nagisa.

"Hm? Oh right!" he laughed nervously. A part of him was actually disappointed. He had wanted to watch the fireworks alone with Gou, but perhaps this isn't the right tome for him.

Both of them then walked up to jon the rest to watch the fireworks together. However, she knew the moment Rin made eyecontact with Momo, there was something that flashed in there. She was not sure what it was but she felt Momo tense up beside her.

"Gou!" Rin sighed in what she hoped was relief, "Where have you been?"

"Good to see you're having fun, brother dear." Gou nudged his arm, "I'm just going around the festival and enjoying it in general. You?"

"With Momo?" Rin asked, completely ignoring her question.

"Thats because its dangerous for cute girls to wander alone, Rin-senpai!" Momo pouted, "I had to make sure she's alright."

"Heee... I think the danger in here is you, Momo." Rin smirked, watching as Momo pouted.

"Brother be nice." Gou slapped his arm, earning a glare from Rin.

"Gou-chan!" Nagisa came over to them, " have you seen (Name) and Sousuke? I haven't seen them since hours ago."

"I'm not sure.." Gou's voice trailed off, "I saw them together a quite a whie ago but then they disappearded into the crowd."

"Give them some time alone," Rin chuckled and winked at Nagisa. The blond seemed confused at first, but then a look of understanding passed over his features.

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