11 - Secret Admirers Are NOT Supposed to Send Creepy Emails

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Finally back in her room, (Name) immediately started cleaning and organizing her things, which were spread all over the room. Its not like she cares what Sousuke thinks, he's just a friend, but she felt like she just wanted to be her best for him. Somehow.

She started with sorting through the piles of books and papers on her desk, then continued down to the floor where music sheets, music instruments, and CD's were spread about. Her bed was rather neat, except for the blue teddy bear doll sitting on the middle of her single twin-sized bed. It was a gift from her cousin when-


She froze. Oh no he's here already.

Looking around, she caught sight of her wig, a black curly wig dyed blue at the ends. She took it and quickly shoved it into her wardrobe, which she then locked quickly and placed the key in her pocket.

"Coming!" she shouted as she ran over to her front door. She opened it and there stood Sousuke, towering over her thanks to his height. His intimidating expression broke into a smile as soon as he saw her there.


She couldn't help but notice how muscular he looked wearing a simple black shirt. It fit him perfectly and clung to his skin, outlining the muscles he have. She looked away, "C-come in."

She led him to her bedroom, where they will be studying. (Name) hoped that he would not notice how her room was actually hurriedly cleaned.

He looked around her bedroom. It looked neat and everything seemed to be in place. He inhaled, and noticed that the room smells really nice. It smells like her, he thought, glancing at (Name).

"Well.... Here are my notes.." She placed a notebook on her desk, grabbing an extra chair and pulled it beside hers. Sousuke sat down and opened her book. "I'll g-get you something to drink. Anything you'd like?"

"Anything is fine," he said, reading her notes. It was written very neatly in her handwriting.

(Name) went to her kitchen and made some tea, before bringing it back to her room and setting it down in front of Sousuke. She took her own cup and placed it beside her.

"So...." Sousuke grabbed a pencil lying on her desk, "which part do you not understand?"


They studied side by side for a while. Sousuke was a really good teacher, very clear in explaining. He even showed her a couple of shortcuts to finish some problems faster and easier.

While she did some math problems, he took out his homework and also started working on it, only stopping when (Name) called him to ask.

She was halfway through when she heard the familiar ringtone of an email from her phone. It was on her bed so she had to stretch out to grab it and check it out. It was another anonymous email, from a different but similarly creepy address.

This time it contained a single sentence.

How strange to dream of you, even when I'm wide awake.

Goosebumps prickled all over her skin. She knew this was a poem, only that she did not know who the author was. It was supposed to be romantic but to this from someone she doesn't even know.. It was very creepy.

She deleted the email and put her phone kn vibrate before tossing it back to her bed. She glanced over at Sousuke. He haven't noticed anything wrong. Good.

She picked up her pencil again and went back to work. However, a few minutes later, her phone vibrated. She ignored it, but it kept vibrating every five minutes or so. This time, Sousuke noticed and he looked up from his homework.

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