37 - Can't I Hang Out with My Cousin Without Any Misunderstandings?

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Sousuke and Rin had just arrived in their dorm rooms when Momo and Nitori burst through the door. They seemed to have ran all the way here from the mall, seeing as they were both out of breath.

"What are you guys doing?" Rin frowned at the sudden intrusion. He was planning to do his homeworks, and he really did not want to listen to Momo ranting about his beetles. Sousuke only raised an eyebrow and looked over Rin's shoulder.

The firey haired beetle lover raised his hand, indicating Rin should wait while he and Nitori tried to catch their breath.

"(Name)! It-its (Name)!" Momo half yelled, eyes wide and frantic.

A million thoughts raced through Sousuke as his eyes widened and a cold feeling of dread settled at the pit of his stomach.

Did her ex... No.. Impossible. He could not be here. He couldn't have found her already. She should have been safe.

He stood up abruptly, his expression dark. Rin was no better, his fists were clenched and red eyes wide.

"What happened? Did someone-" Rin's voice was steely. Momo gulped and looked at Nitori for reassurance.

He didn't know what aggravated his two senpais so much. He haven't even told them the story.

"S-she was out walking with another guy, she was laughing and p-pulling him along behind her. T-they seem close."

Dread soon turned to confusion on the third year's faces. They were both still on alert, but they looked at each other confusedly.

"With another guy?" Rin raised an eyebrow.

"Yes! And they seem really close."

3 pairs of eyes turned to look at Sousuke.

The poor guy only stood there looking more confused than ever. Does she have a boyfriend?

He sat down on Rin's bed, a million thoughts racing through his head.

What's going on?

He heard Rin growl and run a hand through his hair. Oh course! Sousuke isn't the only guy here in Iwatobi. It took so long for him to confess so perhaps another guy beat him to it already. This is some sick love story.

"Who is this guy anyway?" Rin looked down dejectedly, clenching his fists, "what uniform is he wearing?"

"Umm.. He wasn't wearing a uniform."

"Damn it! I couldn't tell what school he's from. Mayne he went home from school and changed or something?"

"Actually," Nitori fidgeted nervously, "he seemed to be older than her."


Rin looked dumbfounded, while Sousuke had his head down, his expression hidden.

"L-like.. An upperclassmen?"

Momo thought for a while, "he looked like a university student, or maybe he works already? I'm not sure."

Sousuke took a deep, shaky breath. This does not seem like (Name). She is not the kind of person to lead someone on like that. With doubt in his eyes, he raised his head to look at his two underclassmen.

"Are you sure its (Name)?" he asked softly.

They all looked at him apologetically, as both Momo and Nitori said it at the same time.


Another stretch of dumbfounded silence fell over the four.

However it finally broken by Rin, who growled and clenched his fists again.

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