04 - ...Haven't We Met Before?

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"Hey," Sousuke started. He wanted to look friendly, so he gave her a smile. He knew very well that his tall build and frown can look intimidating

"H-hello.." (Name) said, smiling shyly back at him. She reached over and closed her music book.

Both were silent then, that is, until Sousuke blurted out, "Are you at the beach yesterday?"

(Name) tucked a stray strand of bair behind her ear, "Yeah, I was. A-are you that swimmer yesterday?"

"That's me."

More awkward silence.

"Anyway.." Sousuke rolled his shoulder, "you write music?" A pretty obvious question, but he wanted to clear the awkward air around them.

(Name) beamed happily, "Yep! I write music a lot. It helps me relax somehow, and it also helps me clear my head."

"I know exactly how it feels," Sousuke chuckled, "I feel the same way when I swim."

"Is that why you're at the beach yesterday?" (Name) put her guitar and music book away, and scooted over to give some bench space to Sousuke, who gladly sat down, tired after his long jog.

"The beach outing was because some friends of mine asked me to join them there, and I agreed. But yes. I decided to join them because I figured I could use a break from competitive swimming."

"I swim too, but not competitively. I'm not that good actually," (Name) smiled, gazing out to the sunset. It will be dark pretty soon, and she would have to go home.

As if reading her mind, Sousuke asked "Aren't you supposed to be going home? It will be dark soon."

"I supose I should." (Name) stood up, guitar case in one hand, music book in another. "Well its been fun talking to you."

"Same here." Sousuke got up and looked down on her. Their height difference was quite a lot so he had to look down at her. "I guess I'll continue jogging for a bit. Be careful on your way back."

"Thanks. You too."

(Name) turned and left. She walked a few steps ahead when she heard him again.

"Hey, What's your name?"

She turned, smiling shyly, "(Full name). What's yours?"

"Sousuke Yamazaki."


Once home, (Name) stowed away her guitar and music book, and grabbed her phone. She haven't checked it for a while that day. There are numerous new emails, but most of them are not important. What caught her eye was a message from (Cousin Name).

He occasionally would come with her aunt to stay at her place (back then in Tokyo). Sometimes for business reasons, sometimes just to keep her company. It has been this way for as long as (Name) could remember, which makes her pretty close to her cousin, who she treats like her own big brother.

(Name) opened the message from her cousin.

Osu! How are you doing in Iwatobi? I'm sure you fit right in the school. Did you join the swim club? The doctor highly recommends swimming to help your leg heal.

I will probably come visit within a month or so. I'll tell you if anything comes up.

Oh and... Found any cute guys yet? ;)

(Name) smiled, and told her cousin about her day. She told him about Haru, who seemed expressionless 90% of the time, only smiling when he saw the pool. She told him about Makoto, and how his friendliness made her feel roght at home in Iwatobi High School and the swim club. She also told him about Nagisa and Rei, and also Gou. In conclusion, the "cute guy" might be Makoto, since he is the perfect boyfriend material, but it would be too soon for that.

She sent it, knowing her cousin will probably read after a day or two. He was a busy man, a fresh graduate working as a manager for Azure Beats, and part timing as something else. He is a workaholic, just like her father.

(Name) was just about to go and shower when her phone rang. The number flashed on screen, and it was an unknown number. She was a bit weary of this, but picked up anyway.

"Um.. Hello?"

"(Name)! Its me, Gou!" Upon hearing that, (Name) sighed with relief.

"What's up Gou? When you told me you'll contact me for club activities, I did not expect it to be this soon." (Name) got up, phone in one hand and her clothes in the other.

"I just wanted to inform you that we will be having joint swim practice two days from now. Iwatobi and Samezuka, so after class, we will all meet in front of the changing rooms."

"Oh.. Sure," (Name) thought for a while, "but Gou, I'm not that good at swimming yet. Makoto still needs to teach-"

"Don't worry about that!" Gou chimed in excitedly, "Makoto will teach you when he's not swimming. But when he does, you can sit beside me and watch all the amazing muscles in the room. You'll love it! And I should probably introduce you to my brother. He goes to school in Samezuka."

"Alrighty then," (Name) giggled, "see you tomorrow at school, Gou."

She hung up, and went over to her bathroom. It had been a long day, one which she greatly enjoyed.


Sousuke continued jogging around the park for a while after the sun went down, then he decided to return to Samezuka, as he have classes tomorrow. He almost got lost a few times trying to return to his dorm, but he made it anyway. About 30 minutes later than he planned.

When he got to his room, Rin was sitting on the floor, talking to someone on his phone. Sousuke said nothing and took his shirt off, planning to shower soon.

"Sousuke, you're back," Rin hung up his phone.

"Who was that?"

"Gou. She told me that she was planning for Iwatobi to have a joint practice with us. Two days from now."

Sousuke paused. "Will Nanase be there?"

"Of course he will. Nothing comes between him and water. Perhaps mackerel, but you get my point."

Rin noticed Sousuke's deepening frown, and quickly added, "Anything wrong between you two?"

"No. Its nothing." Sousuke went out to his bathroom, leaving Rin unconvinced.


- Author's Notes -

Hey guyss! Roschea here, finally done with my mid term projects and writing more chapters yay!

I hope you all enjoy it, and I promise, it will get more interesting, stick with me! Because more drama is coming!


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