14 - The Planning

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"Good work everyone!" (Cousin's Name) shouted, looking at his clipboard with ansd smile, crossed out the last item on the list. "We are done recording for the newest album."
(Main Vocalist Name) took he headphones off and fixed her curls. Her bandmates had sent the song instrumental version to her and all they had to do was record her singing. It was all going very smoothly.

"Thank you so much (Cousin's name)!"

"No worries, (Name)." The last part was whispered, he knew she wanted to keep a low profile, after all.

"I think I'm going to get some dinner after this. Wanna come with me? You haven't even seen my house in Iwatobi yet!"

"Aww I would love to but..." (Cousin's Name) looked down at his clipboard and flipped the page, "I would need to take care of some other stuff. I might be able to stay over at your place in... About two or three weeks? Maybe sooner if I'm lucky."

"Really? Okay but make sure auntie comes along too!" (Main Vocalist Name) grinned and tidied her stuff.

Looking out the window, she noticed it was dark already, probably way past dinner but she is hungry so she planned to go get dinner anyway, wherever she can find an open restaurant.

"Alright. Be careful okay?" her cousin called out from behind her.

"Okay Cuz, see you around!" she called back before exiting the recording studio. She had a black coat on, and she quickly slipped out of the building and to the night.

She stopped at a restaurant and ordered her favorite food, planning to just bring it home rather than sit and eat alone. She immediately headed off to te station, food in her bag, planning to just go home and perhaps call her friends.

Once she station, she quietly slipped into a toilet and changed back into her regular civillian clothes. She took her wig off, and (hair colour) strands tumbled out from under it. She shook her head like Haru for a bit, then smiled at her reflection. It felt nice to be able to sing again. It was her dream to be famous worldwide, but she would need to take baby steps first and perhaps get famous around Japan first.

Placing her wig back into her bag, she walked out and took the train towards home. Somehow her mind went to Sousuke. She wanted to tell him about herself being the main vocalist for a band that he likes, but a part of her still wanted her to wait. She really hate lying to her friends, especially him.

Friend huh?

Before she realized it, (Name) was already standing in front of her front door. She took out her key and unlocked the door, going inside and went to her dining table, where she sat and started eating the takeout.

She quickly finished her food and decided to videocall her bandmates.

(Name) took out her phone and opened facetime, however, only Aika, the lead guitarist was online. She called her and Aika immediately answered after the first dial tone.

"Heyy!! I missed you so much!" Aika practically shrieked to her phone. (Name) held it further away from her face, giggling.

"I miss you too, Aika! How's everyone?"

"School or band?"

I thought for a moment, "okay start with band."

Aika grinned, "Everyone is excited to hear the song with your vocals. I mean we were happy enough with just the instruments but it would be so mych better when you sing it."

(Name) blushed, "t-thank you.. I guess.."

"I bet people will love it omce we release them," Aika sighed contentedly, "feels like a dream come true huh?"

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