08 - Wait What About the Other Exit?

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Makoto was always one to pay attention to his friends. He was one of the few people who can understand and read Haru like an open book, and that requires serious skill. So when it comes to (Name) disappearing again during swim practice, he knew something was up. She haven't been to practice since she told Gou she would be busy days ago.

"Makoto-kun," Gou sat down on the edge of the pool, "(Name) is in your class right? How was she? She haven't came to practice since back then."

"She kept saying she is busy lately," Makoto frowned, "she did seem pretty unfocused in class. I think she was writing a lot."

"Sometimes I wonder if she transferred to the music club," Gou paled. Was it something I said?

"Let's go take a peek in the music room then!" Nagisa suggested.

"No." Gou stood up, brushing her skirt of any dust and dirt, "everyone stay here and practice. I'll go look."

Gou left as soon as she said that. She walked quickly to the music room to sneak a peek inside. She saw the regular music club members inside, but no (Name). Strange.. Where is she?

Upon returning to the boys, four pairs of curious eyes met hers. Even Haru stopped swimming, and was standing inside the pool looking at her expectantly.

"She's not in the music room."

"Huh?" Rei looked confused, "then where can she be?"

"I have an idea!" Nagisa got out of the pool. "We should follow her next time she disappears!"

"Hold on Nagisa doesn't that make us look like stalkers? I mean theoretically speaking, if you folow someone-"

"But, Reiii..." Nagisa whined, "aren't you curious?"

"W-well..." Rei pushed his glasses up, "I would love to investigate further but.."

"Nagisa, you can't just spy on someone," Makoto got out of the pool, trying to ignore Gou's eyes on him (or his muscles), "like Rei said, it makes you a stalker."

"Hehhh. Alright." Nagisa pouted. Makoto decided to drop the subject, although he had a fleeting suspicion that Nagisa was still up to something.


The next day, (Name) did, in fact, skip practice again. However, this time Nagisa and Rei were also missing. Gou was especially frustrated since competitions are coming and yet here are two of the competitors, and basically half of the swim club gone to who knows where. Only the three knew.

Nagisa was actually putting his plan to action. Rei only came along to help keep him in check, knowing how Nagisa could be. The two followed (Name) to the train station, who seemed to be waiting for the train and being very oblivious to the two. It was surprising that she had not noticed yet, since the two were very poorly disguised.

Rei had switched his glasses with sunglasses for this occasion. Sure, he was forced along with Nagisa for this little outing, but he was going to give his all for it. He wore a dark blue jacket and ripped jeans, giving him an altogether different look. It did not suit Rei at all, but he learned all the theories, and he definitely stuck to it. Nagisa, on the other hand, was ultimately worse.

He donned a stereotypical long black coat and a hat sat on his head, casting a shadow over his eyes if he looked down. He even stuck a fake mustache which does not even match his blond hair colour. On his hand was a bundled up newspaper, with small holes on certain pages for him to look through while he pretended to read.

At least Rei blended in well enough, Nagisa stuck out like a sore thumb. An out of place cosplayer in the midst of normal people (as normal as it can get).

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