38 - It All Begin at Nightfall

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"Mom can you help me tie her obi?" Gou called out, her hands gripping confusedly at (Name)'s sash.

She was invited by her maroon haired friend to come and get ready at her house that Saturday afternoon, which she gladly accepted knowing how hard it was to tie a yukata sash alone.

When she got to Gou's place, she was greeted by her mother, who looked very similar to Gou, perhaps slightly taller. She noticed that her mother, like Gou, had normal looking teeth, so perhaps Rin got his shark teeth from his father?

She was then pulled in by an excited Gou and dragged all the way to her room, where she insisted that (Name) show her the yukata she bought.

One thing led to another and soon enough, the two girls were already dressing up and applying light make up. They did each other's hair, making them both look spectacular for this occasion.

Gou's mother had also asisted them in various parts of the process, especially when it comes to tying their sashes.

Rin had not been home that day, which was a relief to (Name) because she did not want him to spoil her surprise for Sousuke. She wanted to impress him that night, even when she was still unsure of what he feels towards her.

(Name) could feel her cheeks heating up.

Sousuke. Will he be wearing a yukata? Or casual clothes? She really wanted to see him wear a yukata, but if even if he didn't, he still looks really good in normal every day clothes. The sound of her name being called brought her back to the situation at hand. Gou was asking how she looked.

"You look cute Gou!" (Name) chirped, "that yukata really complements your physique."

"Thank you!" her friend grinned, "by the way, I just want to point out that the shade of blue on your yukata matches Sousuke's eyes."

"Huh? Really?" (Name) did not even realize this. She looked at herself in the mirror and saw that Gou was right. "I... Just thought it looked nice so I bought it, I wasn't even thinking of Sousuke."

Gou raised an eyebrow, "Oh really? So maybe your feelings creeped into your subconscious already."

"N-no way. I'm not that cliché lovestruck type of person," (Name) huffed, making her friend giggle again, and then looked down shyly.

Gou glanced around, and luckily, her mother had already went back to the kitchen, which gives them both a bit of privacy.

"I haven't told you this but.. There is someone I like.."

(Name) let out an excited squeal, "Okay Matsuoka, spill. Who is the lucky guy? Or girl.. Not gonna judge."

"Its a guy, of course," Gou rolled her eyes, "its... Well.... Momo."


"Achoo!" A certain firey haired male sneezed for no apparent reason.

"Is someone talking about me?" Momo thought out loud."

"You sound just like Haru." Rin raised an eyebrow. He was thinking of the plan he and Sousuke devised just for tonight as he looked at himself in the mirror.

Rin donned a summer yukata, knowing that his sister would probably be going traditional too. Sousuke, on the other hand, needs a lot of convincing to agree. That is, after a certain someone's name was mentioned.

This brings him to this situation, he had managed to convince Momo and Nitori to come with him and Sousuke to the festival. The two agreed immediately, and even volunteered on wearing yukatas. The four of them were in his dorm room getting ready. Sousuke then went out to grab some drinks from a vending machine for them.

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