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First love! Makoto x reader [COMPLETED] by fairy_tail198
First love! Makoto x reader [ Ellie Tachibana
(F/N) recently moved to Iwatobi from the USA. She moved there because of her dads job but her dad started living back in America because there was more business. (F/N) q...
Best Friend's Brother : ||Rin Matsuoka x Reader|| by AnimalCrosser11037
Best Friend's Brother : ||Rin Animal_Crosser
||(Y/N) is the best friend of Gou Matsuoka. The two have been close ever since they were kids. They also are a part of the Iwatobi Swim club, managing for the boys. It w...
funny anime memes by livvyg1
funny anime memesby livvyg1
these are the memes that you want to keep in your phone gallery but they take up to much space. 😂😂😂 Also when I found these and wanted to show them to my friends they...
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A Dolphin or a Shark  (Rin x reader x Haru) {COMPLETED} by big_phat_uwu
A Dolphin or a Shark (Rin x Mele✨
You finally come back to your home town ever since your father's death. And your mother's. Your forced to live with an old friend of hers and you get super pissed. You...
Love Is FREE! (A Collection Of ReaderxIwatobiMember Fics) by beabei__
Love Is FREE! (A Collection Of beatrice
The best things in life are free. So are you and the Iwatobi Swim Club Members. -- A FREE! Iwatobi Swim Club fangirl? In for being paired up with your favorite bishounen...
Free! x Reader by ricechan
Free! x Readerby ricechan
Free! Iwatobi Swim Club x Reader-chan One-shots! Put yourself into the anime! Fall in love with the characters all over again.
Legacy(Star Wars Clone Wars fanfic) by OceanEmily13
Legacy(Star Wars Clone Wars fanfic)by OceanEmily13
Amber Hasmota is a 15 year old human and a loner. She's been alone on her ship 'The Fighter' traveling the galaxy. She's been alone every since her father had been bruta...
Free! x Reader Oneshots by meisakamaki
Free! x Reader Oneshotsby Mei
(Formally known as Free!xReader Scenarios/Oneshots) These are random Oneshots and I have thought of >w< Or you guys! Requests are open!
cover shop. by Ethereal_Solare
cover empress
where a stressed teen creates a cover for your wonderful stories
The third, final edited version of BDSM Academy/Free in Chains (hopefully). Carissa Gayle doesn't understand why her family is so obsessed with BDSM. Submitting has neve...
•◇Heavenly's Graphics Shop | Open◇•  by Heavenly_10
•◇Heavenly's Graphics Shop | Open◇ Heavenly_10
•◇Welcome To Heavenly's Graphics Shop◇• ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~◇◇~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ •◇Open |✔|◇• •◇Closed for catch up | |◇• •◇Closed | |◇• ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~◇◇~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ •◇Cover by...
Miss You (Larry Stylinson) by cliffordsmess
Miss You (Larry Stylinson)by Excuse Me
Breaking News! Louis Tomlinson finally reveals the heart-breaking truth behind "Larry Stylinson" in an interview with US Weekly! Harry Styles, a pop-star and...
Wonder & Mischief: A Book of Poetry by Skywalker15
Wonder & Mischief: A Book of Poetryby ✨Sara Wingfeather✨
Poetry written about my life experiences. And Poetry written about worlds far away. Life is full of WONDER. And (&) Stories are full of MISCHIEF. . . . [Previously titl...
Emy's Cover Shop  by MilkweedSintheSky
Emy's Cover Shop by RainVaRac
|| QUICK DELIVERY || Custom-made book covers, anyone? ▫▪▫▪▫▪▫▪▫▪ I do not own any of the pictures I use. All credits belong to their respective owners.
The Wattpad Luckydraw Awards 2020 by Pritika1106
The Wattpad Luckydraw Awards 2020by Pri
(NOT ACCEPTING ENTRIES) Want recognition on your book? You've come to the right place!
longings. by alltheloveforhaz
#17 mal
poems by malia d :) #48 in poetry <3
A Little Secret by Jerriesgirl
A Little Secretby Tigger💕🙈
Perrie Edwards, shy and anxious. (also a little) Jade Thirwall, popular and caring. (also a caregiver) Dormates. How will they work together?
CYRUS | 2020 by EthrealPrincess
CYRUS | 2020by EthrealPrincess
After Cyrus's parents pass away after getting into a car crash, the Sykes take him in and treat him as their own. He grows up alongside his childhood bestfriend Rosie in...
«Character × Male!Reader» by AnimeForLaifu
«Character × Male!Reader»by DazaiAwesamu
Can request stuff, but only the animes that I know, I only make Fluff, Angst and can request lemon I guess. Just some warning, this book is full of gay stuff aka Yaoi. R...