10 - Rumor says..

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The next day, Gou was pacing beside the pool, timing the boys as they practiced for the upcoming competition, many of them improved, Rei especially. She smiled looking at Rei's time. He had come a long way, from sinking like a rock "unbeautifully", to actually swimming the butterfly stroke quick and beautifully.

Gou glanced at the time, it was halfway through the club time but still no signs of (Name). She didn't say anything to her about skipping practice today like she did yesterday and the days before that. But where is she?

She sighed, "I wonder where (Name) is, I miss having her around."

Gou did not realize that Nagisa actually heard what she said, which remind him of a certain news he needed to tell everyone. Nagisa whirled to Rei, who gave him a look that said should we really?, to which Nagisa looked back at him with an expression that shows how he reeeaaalllllyy must let everyone know.

"Guys, I have news. Terrible news." Nagisa climbed on top of a diving board to get everyone's attention. Makoto and Rei stopped swimming and looked at him, even Haru stopped too.

"So yesterday me and Rei followed (Name) and.." Nagisa swallowed, "there was a period of time where we lost track of her and decided to go back home. However, after walking around together, we stopped at a supermarket and thats when we saw her."

"Guys.." Nagisa's voice seemed to go up an octave or so, "(Name) is dating Sousuke!!"

A collective gasp and unbelieving noises erupted from those who did not know of this. Haru scowled at the water, and swam away quickly to the other end of the pool.. He never liked that Yamazaki guy after that time he confronted him, why is a member of their club dating him?

"B-b-but.. Since when did she.." Makoto was still surprised.

"Since when did she what?" A new, calmer voice rang out. Everyone turned and there stood (Name), already in her swimsuit. She eyed everyone while her head was tilted to one side, a clear look of confusiom on her face.

"Uhh..." Makoto laughed nervously and turned to Nagisa.

"Nothing, (Name)-chan!" Nagisa fidgeted nervouspy as well, "Uhh... We were talking about.. Uhh.. (Main Vocalist Name)! Yes her. We saw her yesterday around town."

The look of surprise on her face is actually convincing this time. "What really??? Why didn't you tell me I would love to meet her!"

"Aaagghhh I was to excited to think of anything else yesterday!!" Nagisa was slowly entering his fanboy mode, but the sound of Rei clearing his throat brought him back to reality. He had sometjing he wanted to ask from her.

"Oh by the way, where were you yesterday, (Name)-chan?"

"I went to the hospital," her answer came instantly, no trace of a lie.

Nagisa searched her face, but also couldn't find any telltale signs of a lie. "Oh.." He wasn't about to give up now. "And... Are you dating someone?"

"Uhh... No?"

"Okay thats enough Nagisa, you're bothering her," Gou blew her whistle, "Go on do some laps for me, I'll time you."

While Nagisa was doing laps, (Name) and Makoto did their usual routine, namely Makoto correcting her form and (Name) trying to do her best. She did not make any progress these few days since she's been skipping practice, so she had to repeat some things. Makoto was very patient with her, and for that she was eternally grateful.

After that, however, all the guys were called out to practice for their relay competition. (Name) figured she was done for the day and she went to take a quick shower and change. She felt rather excited. She have some time left to review her music while waiting for everyone else to finish. Then she can walk home with everyone.

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