28 - If Girls Have Girltalk, Then Surely We Can Have Boytalk

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Sneaking around quietly, Sousuke peered over the corner of a wall. He is currently somwhere in Samezuka grounds, just by a garden in who knows which part of the academy. He couldn't exactly tell since he was pretty sure he got lost (again).

He watched carefully, seeing the bushes rustle. He jumped back behind a corner and hid.

The only ones left in the game right now are just Nanase, Rin, and him. So far, he haven't seen Rin at all. He peeked around the corner when he heard footsteps, and a beam of water narrowly missed his face. It was his teammate.

"Oi Nanase!" he growled.

"Yamazaki?" Haru replied, watching cautiously as Sousuke came out of his hiding. He knew Sousuke doesn't like him much.

"Have you seen Rin?"

Haru shook his head mutely.

Sousuke sighed, "he is the only person left of the red team. If we take him out then our team will win."


Haru nodded mutely at this, eyes darting around sesrching for a certain maroon haired friend. The place where they both stood were eeriely silent, but the two of them knew Rin would have to come out of hiding soon to get them. But where is he?

Out of no where, Rin seemed to materialize and run towards the two of them, who were standing back to back. Sousuke noticed this first.

"Nanase, look out!" Without thinking, Sousuke pushed Haru out of the way, the water from Rin's gun hitting him full on the chest, soaking his shirt.

Haru looked up at Sousuke, who was looking down at the wet spot on his shirt. "Heh.. Looks like I'm out now. I'll leave it to you, Nanase."


Practice was going very well for (Name), eho found that she could focus a whole lot better once she came to terms with her feelings.

I like him.

The words felt foreign yet it also felt... Right.

I like Sousuke Yamazaki.

She strummed her guitar while singing as her thoughts flew back to the teal eyed man she came to like. She would have to personally thank Aika later. That girl really knows her like the back of her hand. She grinned as she sang. It was the song she composed last. It compiles all her experiences in Iwatobi ever since she first came here.

For the first time, (Name) realized she was singing this not for herself, or her friends. She was singing this song specifically for Sousuke.

Her bandmates also seemed to take notoce of the change in her energy, not that they were complaining. In fact, they were happier about it, and they followed through with whatever spontaneous changes she makes as she sings.

Despite realizing her feelings, however, a part of (Name) still needs some time. She still had to tell him the truth, and this might or might not ruin their friendship, muchless a romantic relationship- if there was any to begin with. Perhaps she needed to talk Aika about this. To plan something out, to make it easier on her and Sousuke.

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